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  1. Okay, so all is up and running. New ESC installed and the old parts removed. However, now I have some a couple of new issues: • it runs perfectly but much faster in reverse than forward (a common problem it seems) • forward needs a pause and then a gentle start and runs more slowly • the wheels spin but the tyres don’t! Am I doing something wrong? Not sure if the two pics help or not
  2. Thanks. I've asked the seller how many splines his has. I hope I don't need to make anymore changes, I'm desperate to get it working and have a play …er, I mean let my son have a go!
  3. That’s helpful, thanks guys. Do you have any recommendations for what servo to use?
  4. Hi, I have recently found my old Monster Beetle and would like to update the MSC to an ESC because it doesn’t work properly - constantly over shoots and always has - but am unsure what’s required aside from the ESC itself? I still have all the original parts: Acoms Techniplus AP-227 controller with no 4 Crystal, Acoms IC ARC-227 receiver, Acoms IC AS-7 servos and standard MSC. Do I need to replace any of these or other parts to make this work? Any help is welcome, thanks.
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