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  1. Arent Lipo more problematic, will they run with my old gear now issue?
  2. This is a great thread...I have too just come back into this world and the old batteries certainly dont charge and more. I did get a newer battery (still old) and that worked but i think my older charger burnt it out.... So i have a thunder shot, Hornet and Peugeot 406 ST, what battiers and fast charger would people recommend? Overlander NX-20 NiMH 20W Compact Charger ? Nimh Battery Pack SubC 3300mah 6v Flat Premium Sport (overlander.co.uk) ?
  3. Yup is has every all the radio gear and works when i manually mover the servo. I am a bit lost on the matched pair? Ii have two other cars and they have a band 2 and 4 and work okay (thanks to the other thread). I didnt get a controller with the hornet or its got lost. How would i go about matching them with what i have currently? Although the hornet has a futaba receiver and my thunder shot (other car is a MC version) has an acoms - is this the issue?
  4. Sorted! nicely reacting to the control now after a break down, clean up and tighting a few bits up
  5. Assume contact cleaner = WD 40 or something like that?
  6. I have my dads old hornet but no controller. I have a controller and two crystals, how would i go about making the hornet work ?
  7. I actually did that and the motor behave the same. Ill try and clean in up
  8. Only because things look out of place and held down with sticky tap...or not secure such as the switch which floats...
  9. Can you suggest something? Would like to keep as stock as possible for now.
  10. Hi All, My old thunder shot. From my very poor memory i have a mate who had the version up? And i think i must of had some pieces from him and started to add them on to it...So not sure its a true thunder shot any more. I have tried get it going (had to use a different control with the crystal from the l in it) and it wont go....everything work but it struggles, hopefully you can view the video? https://youtu.be/xTBde-9QNwA
  11. Thank for the reply - Ill post up the T/shot later tonight. There isnt any metal left on most of them. I have another version of the controller that work and i can swap the crystals, but that another thread...If i wanted a new controller to replace this AP-27 5 - What would you recommend?
  12. Hi Guys. Bought this as it seem like a decent deal i have no idea what it is and i have a view questions what the chassis is - does anyone? if so, looks like its been modified? What was the body for it?
  13. So i dug out my older thunder shot and the controller. However, i had left the batteries in the controller and the contact point are knacked and breaking off - can this be saved?
  14. HI all, My 6 year old boy got a QD car for xams and made me think about my old thunder shot out and see what is was like. I also have a hornet that i think was my dads and i bought a working chassis of ebay...Going to be firing off some questions as need some serious help it must have 30 years since i last did any of this.
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