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  1. Very cool... how well does that front fake chrome hold paint? Just curious cause it’s a slick shiny surface.... and where did you get those tires?
  2. Just noticed you have a driver in there... awesome. I just put one in last night. Was quiet the project fitting him in.
  3. Thanks I’ll make note of that... it’s just annoying.
  4. Thanks I’ll make note of that... it’s just annoying.
  5. Yes but they’re not sideways in my phone.... weird
  6. All Tamiya kits should come with a driver ha ha
  7. Sorry I dont know why the pics are sideways
  8. Well it took some doing but he was installed with all leftover parts from the build.... wow did that take some engineering.
  9. Yes I’m aware of that... I’ve played guitar for 25 years and Vacuum tube amps are the same way. Same model built same day with same tubes and can sound quiet different. Automotive same too, one that rolls off the line 1/2hr after the first could be a lemon....This must be a good one I got tho the sport tuned cause holy crap that little hornet moves with it. I think I should have a spare set of rear tires on hand cause I don’t think they’re gonna last long. But that’s the problem lately there’s not much in stock anywhere.
  10. Well either way I am super impressed with the Tamiya 23T sport tuned mtr. I mean it’s no 8T brushless but what it does to a 30 year old Tamiya RC is pretty impressive and I think that’s what I’m gonna stick with on these Tamiya legends.
  11. So it doesn’t matter that it’s a Dynamite 20T? It’s just the count that’s a dog? An axial 20T would be the same? Regardless it’s getting a sport tuned now but that’s interesting.... kinda like certain engines are just a dog by nature I guess.
  12. That one takes the prize for me, mostly cause I love that show... 👏 awesome.
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