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  1. I went over to the quarry today to remind myself how off road it is and on the pathways the stones are like an inch. I doubt a rally car will survive this. Any recommendations on what be best? I'm not really feeling a crawler tbh
  2. There are some like tracks where some boys take their bikes so the gravel is quite nice
  3. I'm thinking of taking it over the quarry nearby and a rip round the garden. I'm split between a lancia delta and the gazoo Yaris
  4. Hi I am looking for my first build, I was originally looking at the aqroshot but I also am drawn to a tt02 rally car. I'm aware that the rally cars fill with grit and stuff which puts me off slightly so is these hard to cut out? Or is it a case of drive, rebuild and so on?
  5. I was also wondering about different shells for it. I have done a search and can't find much different to the original. But I guess once I've got it I'll probably want more 😂
  6. I haven't owned a "proper" car, I've had drones, and toy buggys. I'd like to use it on tarmac and take it over the quarry nearby so need something quite tough. I'd love a rally car but doubt it be any good off road
  7. Hey newbie here just after some advice for a beginner. Was thinking of a aqroshot at first but any other recommendations would be great thanks
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