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  1. Kids playing with their DT03... No damage today... Still I think it is a carnage :-D
  2. Installed light buckets on the Lunchbox body shells of the kids... Now, small comment, having a reflector around the led lights make them really lightning the path. I did a small try yesterday evening outside, and it works surprisingly well.
  3. To be clear, I started to store those few months ago, after I painted the Lunchbox bodies using mask to be able to keep the lights clear. I had this idea in mind, but was not sure it would work. I started another try with some silver paint, but it was not giving the result I expected. I did keep this on the side for quite a while... Found out the Molotow Chrome Liquid very recently as discussing this with my friend. Not sure if hot glue will be resistant enough, however. I'll see. If it doesn't work, I'll try other combination (my concern is that other glue than hot glue may have solvants that could eventually damage the paint)
  4. Yes it is. I had those stored on my desk precisely thinking about this use case, but did not make this until I found the proper chrome markers (https://www.amazon.fr/Molotow-marqueurs-liquide-Chrome-Pointe/dp/B07JJFPBDW)... The tip was shared by a friend who is posting on Tamiyabase, and decided to confirm feasibility. That works much better than expected.
  5. I generally balance charge them, and I'm getting used to check the cell voltage at the end of each runs. And I can say that even when it was balanced in the beginning of the charge, it happens for some Lipo packs there is a difference between the cells at the end of the run... And it doesn't seem to to be systematic either... Ultimately, I decided to play on the safe side. Lipo cutoff/alarm are set around 6.8V in my case after I sense that potential issue. I run with 4000+mAH batteries, and this is largely enough (specially considering I have multiple ones) to play....
  6. It is quite low. if your Lipo battery is not properly balanced or a cell slightly more used than the other one, you may very well have one cell at 3.3V and one à 2.9V which is lower than 3.0 you should never go lower than... At the end, if the car has room to install a lipo alarm, I'm just adding one. If there is no room, I replace the Tamiya ESC by something else with a lipo cut off that can be set more precisely.
  7. This is a Kamtec lexan body, not a Tamiya hard body. and basically, it's painted (just did masking and painted after the black - I think it is bright silver). For the small story, I prefer Lexan body to run and keep the ABS body for the shelf..
  8. The post was not a success, it was failing to refresh page and were posted miultiple times, sorry for that
  9. Couldn't wait to see the final result, I installed on my Lunchbox body (will have to do the same for the kid's ones)... And the result is beyond my expectations... This is a success
  10. Prototyping some light buckets for a Lexan lunchbox body (Kamtec)... Decide to use some lenses container I have available at home in quite good quantity... I drilled them at 5 mm to be able to place the led inside, and then used Liquid Chrome paint marker (Molotov is the brand) to paint the reflector... Next steps : cut a little bit around the reflector, position them and use hot glue to fix them to the Lexan body. I would then use hot glue to fix the led in the reflector... Results within the next days...
  11. Yes, exactly, this is well integrated with the original Marui design... I believe we may see other interesting parts from him, as he started to digitally reproduce a lot of the emblematic eighties buggies like the Marui Samurai and some others... His digital reproductions are all great work...
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