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  1. I was already aware of the full story of Marui R/C cars released, and about the Pajero. What I find interesting in the cluster story, is that it tends to show evidences that there was potentially different plans for this chassis... And while searching for idle gear options, I read somewhere that there is actually a second iteration also for the Big Bear. I was not able to confirm this (still searching on this, but I do not know the model as precisely as the Hunter / Galaxy, specifically because I never got my hands on one) but will definitely search information on this... And I agree, it's a shame that Marui left the R/C market prematurely. That being said, there is lot of people saying the "Marui cars where nice and fast, but the GH and Hornet were very likely do round around them as the Marui were unable to reach the five minutes mark"... I've talked with one guy in Netherlands who is searching for a single part to finish is red Galaxy : he is missing the right rear roll cage stay. One single part. And the guy has searched for months, to the point it'is frustrating, apparently... I start to believe the last missing part will be the Radio box cover in my case... And it's a shame that there were loads of them unused on the clusters delivered with Galaxy and Galaxy RS... Ok, I'm kind of joking at the end, it is only a few weeks I started to search for this, and I have good hope to reach some good progress in order to be able to do a rebuild. Have to start focus on the parts cleaning now. I won't start with the proper chassis, I'll start with the broken chassis as I want to test the products first before applying on a chassis in proper state...
  2. Funny things how having a full cluster on the table 35+ years after reminds few things. First, there is parts on this cluster I did not used when I mounted the Marui Hunter. That is what I said the other day this got me thinking Second, I know the cluster delivered with the Galaxy/Galaxy RS is slightly different : Front Bumper is different (only front bumper is different). But even on the Galaxy/Galaxy RS, the same parts remain unused. I was not 100% sure so I went to download a Marui Galaxy manual, and checked the manual of both cars and confirmed it Then I also saw that the Galaxy/Galaxy RS was delivered with the same clusters (minus the front bumper difference) and additional ones. And in the unused parts of the Galaxy/Galaxy RS, there would be the radio box cover, the roll bar, the body mount and the fog lights of the Hunter That doesn't solve anything to the mystery of the additional parts in the Hunter cluster... The thing is the suspension rear links where not in any cluster, as well as the triangles that link those, the damper and the shock towers. and if I count the remaining unused parts and look at them, I believe they initially planned for different suspensions for both Hunter and Galaxy, likely with springs only, probably at a lower price point)... No parts today... But lot of thinking on how to reinforce the shock towers on a good chassis and other things, as you may see in this post. @yogi-bear, out of curiosity, among your Galaxys, are you among the lucky ones to have both red and blue?
  3. Few other parts arrived today! Fog Lights, servo mount and servo saver (did not know before I would find a full cluster), and a broken and unbuilt MSC Will need to understand how to make it look like a functional ESC again, but at least I have a good basis for working my "wireless" MSC to hide an ESC :-D That being said, two servo saver is what I needed anyway to build two Hunters. On a side note, I just ordered a Creality Ender 5 plus. I'm looking at 3D printers since quite a long time, but wanted one which would be able to Print large projects, being quite polyvalent in terms of filament (thinking about TPU and tires), and that I can enclose easily, as some of the projects I have in mind may require it... Maybe overkill for Hunter shock towers, but not necessarily for a full Hunter chassis (could be a fun and interesting project)...
  4. Well, this will be the type of things where you know when it starts, but you don't know when and where it ends :-) Expect this to be a long running thread :-)
  5. Some parts arrived in the mailbox today... A full Nylon reinforced cluster for the Marui Hunter. That is the only place where you can find the under gearbox cover which was not detailed by Marui. I was surprised to see this available on a website in France, and ordered it, as it was including the part that could have saved my original Hunter: the oilless bearing ate this part, and next it was differential, idle gear and the chassis (did try to fix it in some way, but it did not work)... In any case, I have now a servo mount, a servo saver, and some additional new parts for the restoration.... And this cluster costed me less than just a single servo saver NIP on ebay. More parts for this project expected to show up in the next days/weeks. I may have what is needed to build one nice Hunter, and one with a broken chassis. And as for the broken chassis, I believe I have some ideas on how to repair it. My project just transformed itself in a double project :-D (shelf + runner HunterS)! Now, that being said, this Marui cluster got me thinking. There is parts I never used on this cluster while building my original Hunter. I checked the manual and their is actually parts remaining unused. I'm not sure if they were planned for usage on the Galaxy, but it may not be the case. I don't even think it is the case, as the Galaxy did have a different Bumper... Maybe there was initially a plan for a lower range model or something different based on the same chassis... And this got me thinking about this for the last 2 hours :-D
  6. Started to build the Super Hotshot. As expected the two gearboxes are exactly the same as the Hotshot ones. I've not opened the B bag yet, it will be for later...
  7. Some of the realisation we made already my son and myself with the Silhouette Cameo 4 : Plain tinted vinyl cut: - The Barbapapa's Lunchbox for my daughter - The Super Storm Dragon of my son And with masks and paint job : - my Turbo Scorpion (only the white "California Motor Sport Club" and pilot sticker were used on the body, rest is paint only) - My Hornet (only sticker is on the wing) Yes clearly, a cutter open a lot of possibilities :-) Regarding the details on the vinyl cut, we found a trick with my son : we remove the unused part of the vinyl directly on the body, it works best this way, as you may see on the Super Storm Dragon, you may have a lot of details produced...
  8. I see this is definitely professional equipment. You definitely don't buy this just for printing stickers for your buggys :-D. I also guess reading your post about MCI Racing decals you have a business in relation to graphics, so it definitely makes sense, I guess. I recently invested in a Silhouette Cameo 4 because to do some paint details, I needed to do some heavy details masks (see my Turbo Scorpion pics - beside the wing and the pilot details, there is only a single sticker on the body, and that was my first try in this extend). This opened a new world of possibilities for me, but not to the point it allows me to replace completely stickers... Hence my question about this, as I was expecting some more affordable solutions :-). I believe you just killed my hopes :-D Anycase, I really appreciate the exchanges on this thread :-). By the way, coming back on my idle gear concerns, I'm currently looking within Tamiya range to see if there is some .6 mod idle gear (I confirmed by the measures and calculation) which could make it. My brother also started to think about this, and proposed to skip idle gear completely and replace it by a a different transmission, using a pulley. This doesn't look like a dumb idea, but I don't like it as it would not be in the spirit of the original build (ant it may also cause new problems within the chassis, while removing the iddle shaft issues totally)...
  9. That looks very good already! By the way, what type of printer do you use? I've tried to print on some vinyl with my laser printer, and beside the fact it doesn't print white, the print is not really attached to the material...
  10. Have found the video I was mentioning : MyチューンドRCカー夜話・第三夜:ホットショット - YouTube
  11. Awesome project. This Hotshot with 4 dampers remind me one I saw on a video with 5 dampers: It was made by a Japanase guy, probably a designer from Tamiya, it kept the orginal external design from the front, but had 2 dampers hidden in the chassis with pivots. But yours is already a great one :-D
  12. Continuing my search for a proper idle gear. The kit Marui 024 - Pinion gear set seems to be depleted everywhere. I should have ordered the one which was on my wish list on ebay the day I found the Hunter. As said earlier, i found mentions of a Ricoh part for copiers that may be of use for us. 20T-50T gear. Here is the reference: Ricoh AB01-0174 The part is inexpensive, so I will order one to check if feasible. It may require some modification to reinforce it and add ball bearings, and may not be as solid as the original part. But I believe it worth trying. Will update on this as well later on. While I may have proper solution for some of the parts, I still have some difficult points: driver radio box gear covers (the one I got have holes, unfortunately) and the idle gear, but as mentioned earlier, i'm still trying to find an alternative option For the rest, I'm awaiting the parts to arrive... Let see what happens in the next days... Adding some elements as I unbuilt the broken chassis earlier this afternoon Some parts are in better state than expected, some in worst state than expected. The other one needs cleaning, but for what is mounted on it, it seems in much better shape (I did not unbuilt yet, and do not think I'll do it right now). At least, I have now a better view of my main issue: the idle gear 20T-48T is apparently in mod 0.6 (to be confirmed, but I checked already it is already smaller than the mod I have on a DT03 pinion which is 0.8) Here is the measurements for the idle gear This parts is now very rare. There was one remaining the day I found the chassis on ebay, and I didn't buy it unfortunately (Marui 024 - Pinion gear set, generally includes the 3 pinions size, the idle gear, idle shaft and spacer. The bad news is also that with the closet inspection, the gear is much more worn than I initially expected (there is even a broken tooth on the biggest side). To complement the data, I also measured the differential: With those elements in mind that should allow to consider different option Idle gear with 20T-"something close to 48"T being the easiest option, as it doesn't require to change everything. Any other manufacture option could do it changing the couple of Idle gear and differential with some other parts that use the same axle distance. On the first option, since this morning, I ordered some to experiment. I believe this could be an easy option as the motor mount was thought with different pinion size, and therefore the motor can be set on different postions (and continuous ones rather than discrete ones)... Time will tell about the solutions. If you have any ideas or options I did not thought about, please speak :-D
  13. Today, I received a Mabuchi 540 RS motor which one day was in Samurai Marui's box. Ok, this one may need a bit of work, new wiring and so on, but it's nice to see how internet and forums can help (that was not on this forum but another one)...
  14. Thanks. I have spares already for this one, as the 2 triangles were present with the broken chassis.
  15. And the solution might come from other areas than just R/C While searching for equivalences, I already identified a 20T-50T gearing in Ricoh laser printer (and with the price of the parts, it may worth trying)... It's close to the 20T-48T from the Hunter, and the motor position is not fixed. It may be a solution, if there is enough space for it to work. There is also a Canon 20T-48T, but the 48T side is to thin fro what we want to do...
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