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  1. I received some parts for the Samurais from 2 different origin. A NIP roll cage, some rear arms and some front knuckles coming from Sweden, and some almost new front wheels (there is a small scratch on one, but that's ok as it is not too much visible). I still need to find a pair of rear wheels (and it appears it will be really difficult to find).
  2. Last night, someone mentioned a void between the cockpit and the bodyshell in my thread on the Wild One on another forum. It went into my head like a seed. I found one on cults3D, but it seems that this went crazy in my mind while in meetings in the afternoon... I think I can do better than the one I found on Cults3D. At the end of my day, I took the caliper to do some rough measurement, and went back to the drawing board... And started something... I need to check this out, do some improvements, and probably find a way to fix this thing to the cockpit... Let's find out :-D
  3. Supports for front led buckets are uploaded to Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5203205
  4. The Wild One is starting to shape... Still a lot to do...
  5. Wanted to get things moving forward, knowing that I would not finish it anyway today, as I'm still undecided about sponsors stickers and I still have a the sensor cable to put in. I started my afternoon to work on the body of the pilot. First priority, remove the additional unrequired 12 fingers per hand :-). Added a some masking tape before adding black. Next was a bit of black to make the driver less alien and more human Then waiting the paint to dry, I move on the body, first with a photocopy of the stickers to idenitfy the limits of the vinyls as the vinyl I cut are divided by colors... Then apply the top and the bottom And next was the addition of the number plate, and yes, as usual, there will be a 9. Once this was done, I decided to move on to the driver body again by applying some red. Before adding some black again. I painted the driver head as well, and the metal finish doesn't really help (but it maybe even worse on the Nylon under the metal finish - key particularity of the wild one). I finished the harness with some chrome and I'm happy with my driver like that Please get introduced to Mister big hands :-D I put it in the chassis quickly after that And I decided to put the bonnet in place to see how it would look like... And switched on the lights as well, just to see I just added the roof (not fixed yet) to take some pictures as it was time to stop for today... The rear still look unfinished, but that will be worked out at some point, but not today...
  6. Slow progress this morning as the kids were playing on my usual work area... I did apply some chrome inside the led buckets. You may note the form of the fixation of the led buckets. It allows to lock them in orientation as long as you find a way (obviously, my mounts 3D printed are designed for them). I then mounted the front one on the car. I took a picture of the result of the Chrome applied in terms of look. Left one has the inside with chrome, right one don't have. The right one was replaced after the picture. I then took care of the led buckets installed on the bonnet Again, I designed some parts to adapt the 2 mm screw to 3mm hole in the bonnet, and since I did not want to add a second hole into the body, I designed a top part which include room for one single o-ring to lock the part, while the led bucket is locked in the part by it's form... And it works as expected. I'll publish all the front parts within the afternoon on Thingiverse. Next will be about finition...
  7. Updated the Thingiverse page for the rear holders with the new part and also the other options... Tamiya Wild One - rear led holders by silvertriple - Thingiverse I will also need to publish the other parts made for the front...
  8. I finally went back on doing something on the Wild One today... It was mainly about electronics. First, I prepared the servo. It's one which is way overkill, but since I have those one in the boxes, the wild one is one of the car that allows to use it because of the room allowed for it. So it is going there. Then it was time to put cables on the motor, and to take care of the lights... (Note: I thought I had a 270mm sensor cable at home and it was not the case (it may have been used in the Turbo Scorpion), the one remaining was a 200 mm, so it won't work. I order a 250mm which should be long enough for this). Since it is a TBLE-02S ESC at the moment (I did not set the XT60 connector on it as I may change the ESC later on), I put as well a lipo alarm in the tub. Then it was time to add the lights... The tub may have a lot of room, but it is really quickly becoming a mess :-D. After some time, I found proper way to pass the cables, and added the last connector for the led that goes on the body shell... A bit of preview: Lot of work remain to do, but at least, I won't touch the soldering iron for next stage (until I'm decided about the ESC). What is left to do for next stage: - get the lights reflector painted (liquid chrome molotow paint inside) - paint the driver head, and finish the helmet - take care of the twelve fingers hands on the driver body :-) - install the side number plate, the windows net, and the main colors (vinyls) - install the led buckets on the body shell - install a proper sensor cable (there is none at the moment - so the car can't run) I may do part of this tomorrow, but surely not everything...
  9. After another printer fail due to a printer jam again, some cleaning work and a reprint, much better this time... I finally have something almost acceptable...
  10. Well, I'm still unclear... Did something with a centered license plate, with a ring that would prevent it to move... Found it a bit too simple and added some details, which I believe may go very well with the motor lines and some details of the gear cover... But it maybe a bit Marui Hunter like, now :-)
  11. Rear led attachment were printed in both single and dual led versions... The print is not perfect, but I don't really care at this stage, as I'm not happy with the result (I can't show the opposite configuration as the left license plate print failed, not really sure why). In any case, I'm not really happy with the result: the side without the license plate looks like unfinished, and the side with the license plate looks like meh... Need to totally rethink this. Ideas/propositions welcome
  12. After a track indoor session this morning with the M06-Giulia, some finetuning work on the printer, a few failed prints (there was some remains of white PLA around the hot end), a review of the design, my front light buckets are now in their definitive position. The print is not perfect, I'll reprint them later any case in MJF PA12 for a better finish. But at least, now my front led buckets are no longer moving and they are firmly fixed... I also printed spring cups and they work as expected (not on the picture at this stage - as I won't publish them on Thingiverse, as I just reproduced the design of someone else on another forum) I'll publish the parts I can publish on Thingiverse at the end of the build with some parts designed to work on the body shell for the same purpose... I'm currently printing the rear led holders, and should be able to get final pictures at some point for them as well for the thingiverse page. At the end, I did not move forward on the build, as I have still a lot to do beside this and my printer required me to work out a bit the things...
  13. At this stage, it is mainly small stuff to allow the usage of cheap light buckets that are held by 2mm screws instead of 3mm screws. I also have to print my rear led holders and some spring retainer to change the front damper preload (want to try out as within all the vids of WO I saw, it seems that something may be done in this area to get a more realistic behavior). And I will look forward for designing other things later on (there will be more information on my Wild One thread within the next days)...
  14. Not much done today... The plan was to 3D print some stuff, and to design additional parts for the Wild One. None of this happened. When I switched the printer on it was not working. The Bed leveling sensor was not working. Spend the day to find the cause of the issue. It is fixed now. I guess I'll move forward a bit tomorrow but not as expected... That being said, a big achievement was unlocked today. Someone posted a picture of Marui Hunter restoration a forum with parts. And my designed were there among other printed parts... Achievement unlocked : "Spotted my parts 3D printed in the wild"
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