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  1. Getting my Son started with his first RC.
  2. I feel you bro. Took me a while to find a 4x set and after getting 4x the wrong sets lol.
  3. I use Venom. Whatever you like just don't cheap out on Lipos bro.
  4. This is one of the best looking RC10s I've see bro.
  5. After my servo breaking lose and sending porsche gt3 into a curb. Reattached the servo, rewired the car, ready for test run #2.
  6. Prices are only going up too. Recently I bought a TT02 mustang GT4 from ebay for $121 shipped I think. Just got multiple notifications from Tower, HobbyTown that same kit was back in stock for $173.
  7. So is $350 too much to pay? Lol
  8. How rare is this kit? What's a fair price for one NIB? Thanks!
  9. Soldered up a HW 10BL60 and motor for one of my TT02Rs. Last time I soldered something was 20+ years ago. Shaky hands make the process challenging lol.
  10. STI Nurburgring is one of my favorite bodies. Doing my 2nd one now.
  11. Almost pulled the trigger on a HW esc & motor combo but glad I read this thread first. I'm still skeptical of their reliability so might just do a Castle combo for a little more $$.
  12. I have about 2 years worth of RC car action mags and Tower Hobbies mailers stored at my dad's house. Someday I'll move them to my house for permanent storage.
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