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  1. I know all about it bro. Was trying to be funny 🤣
  2. I'm gonna try Froglube and see how that goes.
  3. Well better than last run with the new gears but on the 3rd run lost speed then complete stop with motor spinning. Knew right away that l probably forgot to tighten the set screw on the pinion gear. Sure enough that was it. So was probably giving up some speed with that issue as well.
  4. **** that sucks bro. I may be trippin but I do about 10 coats each color on my bodies.
  5. Well snap. Race is canceled due to unforeseen snow flurry
  6. Got the new gears in, new axles, gonna charge up the Lipo and see what I can get later today. Good luck!
  7. badword yeah bro, glad to see that I'm not the only one who loves the TT-02R. I have a Porsche body on the way for mine. Still trying to decide if I want to go full aftermarket electronics or keep it all Tamiya.
  8. Totally hear that bro. Didn't know they were +9 offset when I got them online lol. It's a Tamiya body. Took over a month to get it.
  9. Put in 27T pinion and 66T spur while installing the motor mount
  10. Finally received the YR motor mount and steering kit.
  11. Well the Evo is finally done but I'm not super happy with it. The decals were super PIA for some reason. Had a grip of paint errors too.
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