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  1. I picked up a TLU-01 led light unit for my comical frog. Just need to install and wire it up.
  2. I do want one of those buggys.
  3. I am making my own new 7.2v NiMH hump packs for my Rough Riders and sand scorcher. For those that made their own packs, what size shrink wrap did you use?
  4. I ran a 540SD "black" rewound motor in my original rough rider. But after I trashed enough bodies from high speed crashes where the car tumbled for 15-20 feet, I took it out and sold it to the next victim.
  5. Getting my comical frog body ready to paint. Nice weather is coming along for painting.
  6. Depends on your definition of lowering the front. You could tweek the front torsion springs to reduce the ride height.
  7. I was hoping that I could use the Tammy acrylic on the lexan to do the outlines on the window frames on my comical frog. I figured the black outlines would look nice with the white body with pink decals..
  8. I was going to pick up a xr311 a few moths back but from what I was hearing it was made a bit cheesy.
  9. Did they ever re re the Lambo Cheetah? I wanted one of those so bad as a kid. I did buy a rough rider in 1980 when I was in high school...and currently restoring it.
  10. I poked around on youtube and found videos of those WLtoys and although they are priced right and run good, they do fall apart and break easily.
  11. I picked up a comical frog back in early January and it was an interesting build and a fun buggy. I am actually working on cutting up the body for painting as we speak. For pricing it was $150 (us) I don't know what that comes out to in Quid for you guys on the other side of the puddle. I actually only paid $90 with free shipping from amazon because they gave me $60 off for opening a CC account. So for me that made it even easier to buy it. I did throw in a ball bearing kit as I do with all my builds. I did check Quid to bucks: 109 Quid, 65 after discount.
  12. Personally, I would clean up the original, install new ball bearings and tires, buy a battery and take it out here and there. Also, buy a new one for the kids to beat on.
  13. Don't waste your time and money on that crap. Around 5 or so years ago, gun guys were raving about that crap on the boards then like a year or two later they were having issues with it gumming up the parts. Especially when it sits around something happens to that lube.
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