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  1. Well I ventured into r/c back in the late 1970s and always wanted the cheetah, but did not have the money. After seeing my buddy's Rough Rider and Sand Scorcher, I had to get one. So, in the spring of 1980 I bought a Rough Rider when I was in the 11th grade. The kit was $150, cox sanwa 2 stick radio $75, battery $25, and $15 for the charge cord for charging from the car battery. I had to hustle and work my butt off to get that money together. Add in for a can of paint and misc for a total of $280, corrected for inflation would cost just over $900 today. I found it in a box in the basement late last year, tore it apart and restored it. Just need to paint the body.
  2. They probably won't last for racing applications, but could work for shelf queens and mild running.
  3. I have 8 built, 2 are restored and 8 kits in the closet waiting to be built, with paint, bearing kits, and radios waiting. I do have about 4 on pre-order/back order; so I am solidly in that 11-20 range...for now.
  4. You could also check for local r/c clubs that might want to help with fundraising money for the school club. Maybe a local hobby shop could help sponsor the school club. I was an advisor involved in student TSA org (Technology Students Association) and we used to do a hot dog/burger bake sale at the local Cramer's home center. They used to let us use their large grill and the kids would show up on a Saturday to work the sale. We even had parents donate stuff for the sale including baked items. Baked items packaged for $1.00, hot dogs a buck and $2 for a burger. Depending on the weather we would pull in between $150-230. Naturally more items donated gave us more money and it teaches kids a work ethic and interpersonal skills.
  5. I tried re-programming it quite a few times with no luck. I took one out of a new kit waiting to be built, programmed it and it works fine. So a bad ESC.
  6. Tower still has the grass hopper II for $100.10 I bought one for that price earlier in the year for a buggy cam project. TAM58643 1/10 2017 Grasshopper II 2WD Buggy Kit $100.10
  7. I am a Tech Ed and Social Studies teacher, let me know if you need input. My r/c experience goes back to the late 1970s, buggys, boats and planes; Estes rockets too. I got back into r/c late last year and have built a bunch of buggys too. R/c plane kit on order for winter project.
  8. BTW I am using the stock silver can that came with the kit. This is my first Tammy that did not come with a ESC.
  9. I am building my Tammy Volvo A60H and it did not come with a ESC. So I have a brand new TBLE 02S in the parts bin and when I hooked it up there is a beep sound, blinking green light and the motor does not run. I have never had this happen before and there is nothing on the instruction sheet about this issue, any ideas?
  10. Where was the package last tracked to? If an international package ends up in Chicago customs it will be there for over a month. I had a body kit ordered from Hong Kong get stuck there for almost 6 weeks.
  11. A Daker rally truck would be neat, maybe CC02 chassis. Maybe a sandcrawler.
  12. Ball bearings are a must. It has oil filled shocks similar to the comical line. I did do the steel driveshaft upgrade. I installed the part to lock the rear diff, but left the front diff unlocked so I did not have issues on the road while turning. It did come with a light kit.
  13. I only use thread lock stuff on grub screws, and I have never had a motor screw come loose.
  14. The original was beautiful, so the re re should be fine.
  15. I bought one back in May and it's in the build pile. Too many buggys not enough time.
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