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  1. At some point they will make another rere run of the rough rider/buggy champ. They could not use the rough rider name on the rere due to licensing issues.
  2. Last year I restored my 1980 rough rider. Sure I used some rere parts, but they were made by Tamiya.
  3. Tamiya is all over the place on this issue. Some bodies are sold with nothing, Some come with stickers, window masks and plastic parts tree. Hit or miss depending on the body and price does not mean that it comes with everything.
  4. The stiffening plate should be more than enough. I got one from rcmart last year for my original rough rider which I restored. Those plates make a big difference.
  5. I restored my 1980 rough rider last year and built my own NiMh hump packs. I bought NiMh cells with welded tabs, solder bars, tamiya connector pack and wire to build 3 packs. Plus shrink wrap. https://batteriesamerica.com
  6. #106191 - MK.8 V2 WHEEL BLACK CHROME(4.5mm OFFSET/2pcs) HPI racing wheels BLITZ The new V2 short course wheel range from HPI simplifies tire assembly and adds extra tuning power to your racing arsenal! This new design uses the same HPI and HB tires and foams that fit the original HPI short course wheels, and have the added advantage of increased outer sidewall stiffness for better traction and handling in the turns and curves of your local off-road track. Use the HPI foam inserts without the inner ring for a secure fit and ideal track tuning! #106191 MK.8 V2 WHEEL BLACK CHROME(4.5mm OFFSET/2pcs)
  7. Gotta love a snow covered yard full of buggy tracks.
  8. I put the Hoosier racing slicks on my blitzer, but I do have a set of Potenzas for one of my comical buggys.
  9. If you have had it this long, clean it up and keep it. If you sell it, you will regret it. Buy a new buggy for the kids.
  10. Unfortunately, no details.
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