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  1. If you have had it this long, clean it up and keep it. If you sell it, you will regret it. Buy a new buggy for the kids.
  2. Unfortunately, no details.
  3. I saw this on FB and it looks real nice.
  4. I bought a rere frog and it's in my to build pile. I have a factory painted body and the body that came with it will be painted green, because frogs are green. If you don't like the pink then paint it some other color. If you don't like your frog at all then sell it to someone who will appreciate it..
  5. Rough Rider, sand scorcher, cheetah, hornet, grasshopper, lunchbox.
  6. As long as you include the rough rider on that Mount Rushmore, we good.
  7. Is anyone selling a 3d printed grille for the MKII?
  8. How about a comical sand scorcher or rough rider?
  9. When I built my Mog last June, I found this website which had great pics on building the Mog. Better than the manual. I built my trans with the low gear, but it moves pretty good. https://www.competitionx.com/rc-build-blog-tamiya-cc-02/tamiya-cc-02-trail-truck-build-part-1-transmission-competitionx/
  10. Well funny thing about that. I live in Monroe County which is the county on the eastern end where Rt80 comes into PA. Currently there are NO hobby shops in Monroe County and the only one in PA that I go to here and there is down towards the Lehigh Valley, Trains and Lanes, but they rarely handles Tamiya, just traxxas, Armaa, and axial, plus lost/associated for the race guys. So, earlier in the year, I found a hobby shop just over in NJ, F&M in Flanders and he has tons of Tamiya kits. It only takes me about ten to fifteen minutes longer to hit the place in NJ but it's worth it. He even handles Kyosho kits too. He has plenty of stuff for the traxxas/aarma/axial crowd too.
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