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  1. It does look interesting. I am really hoping there is a way to make it 4WD, although I can't get my head around the geometry quite yet!
  2. those do look awesome. Not quite sure about the 1/50th scale? I remember doing some maths and the Heavy Dump was actually only 1/40 size, these things are giant. These are much better on a desk however!
  3. I love my MF01x trucks. Out the box they don't make much sense perhaps, they are not quite fast enough to be exciting rally cars and have an odd weight distribution which makes them poor crawlers with that (relative to the car) giant motor out the back. However with a faster motor and larger pinion they can be pretty speedy, and with a smaller pinion, much softer springs and bigger wheels they can make a good trail truck too. They are a kind of do everything a little chassis, they are not going to excel at anything, but are versatile to work well at a few things and lots of fun. Other than the design flaw in the upper mounts there are very few issues with running them at all. I also love the fact the wheelbase is easily changed, and with longer arms you can increase the track width too. I just wish the motor was at the front - that would help make them feel like a rally car perhaps and crawl/trail better too.
  4. Well, had they been able to take the old bodies I think many more people would have forgiven them! I feel that perhaps they were felt as "in name only" whereas I was imagining something that at first glance looked like a grasshopper, but has trailing arms, double wishbone front suspension etc. The WR02 made to take a Pumpkin is the kind of thing I'm thinking about. It's annoying you have to decide between amazing 80s looks and modern drivability (although I am enjoying the CW01) or mod it yourself.
  5. I'm not interested in getting it, but I think this looks fabulous. It really looks like an old school buggy, but made to more modern specs. The name is awful, it sounds like a star wars character. It half looks like they were going for Rough Ride, but then chickened out. Personally I would love to see Tamiya really lean into the vintage stuff, not by re-releasing the old chassis (although that is nice) but completely redoing them, whilst keeping the old bodies (or at least an option to fit the older bodies). I would love to see the Rough Ride, Wild Ones, Japanese Super Hornet, Maxhopper etc. keeping that sprit alive but making buggies that are just more modern.
  6. Aren't they pretty much Tamiya plastic company? I would assume most builds would be 99% plastic (although nice plastic is nice!)
  7. I thought I read "540 motor" rather than TT, which might suggest silver can, and therefor zero timing...but could be looking too much into it. I was really hopping we'd get something 4WD with a front motor, like a mini XV01 or something with front motor real wheel drive option, that would have been awesome. This might still be awesome, but probably not for me. I do also wonder if you could stick two together to make a double motor 4WD 4WS beast?
  8. I think you may be right. For some reason I had an idea that they'd make something module where you could shift the engine and rear wheels around, so you'd put the engine in the front or back, or what the steering could be swapped around, but probably not. I'd be keen to see a photo of the chassis.
  9. It sounds interesting. I hope it uses the MF01x idea of spacers to allow for a wheelbases, as I may be able to print my own and then have even more flexibility. As long as it's not too expensive it sounds like the MB-01 might be my next purchase. You know how I tried to do a front engine Pumpkin? Well at 209 mm the wheelbase matches a Pumpkin quite nicely, so front engine RWD mid 50s F150 is perfect!
  10. I would say the friction dampeners are actually pretty decent in the GF01, but CVA Minis work well too.
  11. It's not breaking so much as bending. The plastic by the shocks is quite weak/thin, so there is a lot of flex, which then makes the car handle less predictably.
  12. I've seen some do a four link rear, something that replicated that without needing to chop up the chassis would be great. Also ways to reinforce the chassis? I've seen a few, but most of the rear ones rely on CVA dampeners ae, but I want to keep stock shocks and would rather not drill the chassis. Another great things would be a mount that puts the servo central (and perhaps lower?). You can bodge it in the centre, but it doesn't look perfect, and again needs extra holes in the chassis. I added 3D printed front double wishbone and the trans brace to mine, it's great!
  13. I agree, but I would also say that it's teaching people important skills in mending, soldering - and you are buying something literally designed to be fixed, the complete antithesis of the iPhone or such. But yes, I'd rather little paper bags with a fold and sticker, as it does frustrate me how much waste there is!
  14. No one can defend the indefensible, everything about that is beyond ugly, but we shall await @kontemax's judgement as our resident aesthete. 😀 In all honesty also looks super dangerous and a waste of fuel etc. Ughh Your car actually looks too nice to reflect this.
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