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    "sears" Lobo

    That's good information, I may look out for one of these!
  2. Another repaint job after the first paint job failed (wrong paint, bad adhesion) I also stuck the side chrome one. I still need to trim body posts and do a little work, but it's getting there. I've also been working up some stickers, these will be printed on water proof sticky vinyl. Rather than print on clear I'm going to colour match the body as best as I can, and then cut out a square and stick on. This is a Radioshack truck, so I don't mind the idea of a certain degree of "toy-ness" about it - it's not a replica of Bigfoot, it's a replica of an 80s toy of Bigfoot. As I'm colour matching I'm trying a few different print outs of colours so I can match the best. The real pictures are quite high resolution.
  3. Oh, it's for a science experiment for kids, making an electic brain out of playdoh. The idea was the as well as lighting LEDs we might be able to lift an "arm" but powering a servo!
  4. Hi all, A quick question - what happens if I attach any of the two wires of a three wire servo directly to a battery? Would I get any movement? I'm trying an idea, and what to check before I hack up a servo wire! Thanks
  5. Slowly putting this together. Removing the stickers revealed a really discoloured shell, probably due to 30 years of UV exposure, so I decide to paint. My first go around was an utter disaster. Why? Well, my usual spray paint brand of choice, the hycote XUK acrylic range really didn't want to stick because (I realise now) I had picked up caliper paint; I thought 'caliper blue' was a colour description like 'post office red' or 'crocodile green' but actually no, it's for........ painting calipers (whatever they are) and it utterly failed to work with the ABS. 😅 So I had to take it all off and start again. After much scrubbing I cleaned it off and this evening I repainted with Tetrion Mild Blue. It was super easy, so I will keep a look out for this brand. I am happy with how totally 80s monster truck it's looking. It's around 1/16 or GF01 size so much smaller than a Clod or such but has similar proportions. I will print some simple bigfoot stickers and stick on. Power is with AA batteries and a 2030 Ezrun. I have made a few of these but never with such a nice shell. PS I have since learned that crocodile green is NOT for painting crocodiles, it just makes them angry. These things should come with some sort of warning.
  6. I pulled the trigger on a relatively cheap Nikko Hilux. It's the version based on the F10 chassis and should be good runner, perhaps with modern electronics. Will need a few bits 3D printed I suspect so a good project when the rest finish.
  7. Custom build for an almost two year old. Still handles better than a Pumpkin.
  8. Thanks. For me its because it's because tamiya use two quite distinct shades of yellow, so I just liked black more.
  9. I used a grasshopper bumper to give protection whilst looking neater. There is a nice YouTube video showing how, it's a nice mod.
  10. What tires are these please? I wonder if daulies on the rear would be possible?
  11. I dont know about dye but I bought a black chassis for mine and I think it looks so much better. I also added a servo mount on the rear to active the tipper.
  12. Thanks all. I am planning to print the decals onto a background that matches the colour of the truck so I can just cut out as a square. Lots of information here, I will see what printers we have at work too.
  13. I know there are options like MCI, but has anyone had luck printing thier own stickers/decals from sheet? I can buy sheets on amazon that seem to suggest I could make own, if you don't mind a solid background colour. Anyone tried these? It is for a 1/16 bigfoot, all the images are freely available, but can't find any decals to scale, and would rather not pay custom prices for what's meant to be a cheap project.
  14. MF01x can work as that can be all wheelbases (esp with a 3D printer so you can print your own custom sizes). A little arm surgery and shims can also help get them into the perfect place.
  15. Operation mini bigfoot continues
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