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  1. I wonder if Ampro enginnering helped with this?
  2. Yes, they've finally done it. I really hope this sells. Now we need a grasshopper, and the the LB/Pumpkin and Clod!
  3. At some point in their development I assume Tamiya just gave up trying to compete the same way, and went down a different route. I'm not sure if that was intentional, or just a realisation that they were behind, but that they were still selling, and now they've stuck with it. I think in part you answer your own question. If you look at an F1 car they all look the same, the same set of rules and laws of physics essentially means that they will all convergently evolve to the same point, and RC cars are going that way. I find the monotony and aesthetics of cab forward buggies or the new interpretation of monster trucks by Traxxas and Arma just really ugly. Tamiya make things different for the sake if it, because if they didn't they would just produce another clone. The laydown shocks of the TD2 probably aren't competitive, but **** it looks cool and it's different. The gears in the GF01 are insane, but that's part of the fun. I'm not blind of their faults, I wish the plastics were better and kits came with bearings and basic oil shocks and some designs just need a tweak or reboot, but I'd rather Tamiya be Tamiya than another Traxxas. I've said it before, but I've love them to do some remakes of the classics. Nothing too extreme, but an attempt to make something like the Lunchbox of Grasshopper work to more modern standards, whilst keeping the general feel.
  4. Everything about this makes me nervous. Also the high voltage 'welding'.
  5. Thanks - I like these as they fit nicely with the 1/12 scale I have already with my other cars, and also I'm less worried about running them as I can pick up a spare shell really easily. Technically the Kei truck is 1/10, but it is such a small truck in the real world I can just pretend it's the XL version. It was very tippy and top heavy, but widening up has really helped give it some stability.
  6. Finishing off some older cars at the moment to tick them off the list! These are my three QDs, all have been widened and modded before, but I have just finished off a few tweaks to get them almost complete, I just need to add the cat driver like the blue FJ40 has to the rest! The two FJ45s run 18T motors and are nice little runners on 9.6 volts. The Kei truck has a 12T motor on a 7.4 Li ion and is a beast, although mainly driven o flat wide open spaces as a crash could be fatal. The silver FJ45 is new. The gearboxes all got drilled through with a nut on the other end, this makes them sturdier with less chance of stripping something. I also regreased the gears. For the Kei truck I aslo made metal reinforcement bars to help support the rear bed. This means there is much less flex where it joins the cab. Need to give them a blast now and drive them a little!
  7. 550s could be a good option? Often Lower rpm with more torque, so less strain on motor.
  8. Lovely. Could the tamiya racing truck tires be an option?
  9. Those look nice. What's the final diameter? They look like they could be a good alternative to the racing truck wheels I've been using.
  10. I'm the only person I've ever seen with an RC car there, and I only use 1/12 cars on weekdays WFH, so I think I can slip under the radar!
  11. I counted mine at around 16, which is way more than I could ever really play with or need. I considered selling some of my QDs, but didn't get any bites, and frankly I would end up selling for less than the electronics. I think to sell would be to invite just buying more, which in turn would cost more money in the long run anyhow. When my toddler comes of age I think some may get re-used as birthday presents and then played with quite a bit, so it's worth keeping, just a little sad seeing them all in the loft. I've no space to display in my house, so I've just got a rolling collection of my favourites four which sit in a shelf in the bedroom.
  12. That's great to know, I will check mine. I use LVC on all of mine through the ESC, just in case.
  13. I took two of my trucks for a quick blast on the BMX track. The hot dry weather has turned the surface into dust, so lots skidding around. First was the GF01. Sparky on the BMX track, and actually jumps and lands quite well. I also took the MF01x for a quick blast. A little sparkier than the GF01, but handled well.
  14. Tracing paper (or thin plastic) with a sharpie of the outline of the wings would look great and quite realistic over a solid colour. Could a servo be used to move them up and down?
  15. Attachment points for wings perhaps?
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