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  1. I plan to add a lifting bed on the Heavy dump using the 3rd channel. I think mechanically there are a few options that would work, but for all of them he action would be too fast. Is there a way to slow a regular servo? Or can you buy high torque slow servos? Something around the 3 second mark would be perfect.
  2. It would look like that! Portals widen up a little, but on an mf01x with 5 mm hex the width could stay reasonable. GF01TR front and rears wheels and tires and you would be away. 13T spur and speed would be solid but not extreme. My MF01X with padaltrak tires is still my favourite and most versatile runner btw so thanks for the idea.
  3. I use hycote and they work great. Really fast drying with nice coverage.
  4. Heavy Dump has TL01 arms, Comicals have even wider ones. GF01 is def favourite alongside the MF01x. Superbly fun little cars with very few issues at all.
  5. I took of the portal axles from the GF01TR to replace with regular axles. My plan was to convert to a regular GF01, and sell the portal axles to get a little cash back. Of course now I realise I need uprights, C hubs, GF01 axles and bearings - which all add up to more than I'd get for the portal axles. Oh well! That is going to be my second GF01. My first is almost finished its transformation. It was a heavy dump. Then a heavy dump with a black chassis (the two tones of yellow annoyed me).Then I widened the wheelbase by flipping the rear arms and I added a simple replica of a Clod body. Now I've taken off all the other yellow parts, and it's looking much sleeker and almost done (just needs a few more stickers/artwork). The other GF01 (when I order the axles etc.) is going to be a heavy dump (again) as I miss it!
  6. Great find, love a Pumpkin. It's not the greatest handling car in the world, but it's a lot of fun and for my money one of the best looking trucks Tamiya ever built. I've only got two quick drive versions, but still they are the ones I'll get out just to look at!
  7. This is awesome! As you may know I'm planning to run some sessions with local families buidling cars, probably Mardave / Kamtecs for ultra ease. I was planning to make a manual (as tbf, the official ones are terrible) but looking at this I could make it like a cartoon and much more personal, very inspiring, thank you!
  8. Got a Carson Reflex Stick Pro 3.1 with servo new in box. Cheap, simple stick transmitter. Cheapest I've seen online is £45, so this is yours for £30 posted. Untested, but looks like it's never been opened or used.
  9. That's lovely. As the name attests when I first got back into RC cars during lockdown (after a 25 year break, and I'm only 36) I looked for Nikko cars, but I found the prices were quite a bit higher, and I felt bad chopping them up. The Sand Bully is nice, I had a Nikko Gambler built on that platform. Very low geared (on low gear) and 4WD so makes a great little crawler. It's a shame those cars are 1/18, as the bodies are fantastic.
  10. No worries, I recommend the GF01 for everything. Need a crawler? GF01. Need a car for kids? GF01? Not sure what film to pick from Netflix? GFO1.
  11. GF01 could be an option. 4WD and big tires, so can go places a buggy can't. Very strong chassis with very few parts of break, and parts are cheap. Great cars, I've now got two.
  12. It looks great. For this style that narrower width really helps the looks. The original QDs for which this body was made are around 20 mm narrower than the GF01, so it makes sense that narrowing the GF01 makes it look more proportional. I ended up widening my QDs to GF01 widths, but that's because I was fed up of them rolling too much, and they are very much monster trucks, so the extreme width kinda works. I've said this before, but I really think Tamiya missed a trick with their range of excellent hardbody 1/14 trucks, an amazing 1/14 monster truck platform (in 2 and 4WD) and the disappearance of the TLT and QD ranges. You only need to see the prices of the QD stuff to realise there is a market for monster trucks you can fit on a bookshelf! I'm now working on finishing the clod (GF01) and sand scorcher (QD buggy) to complete the range!
  13. Afraid I've rather try the domestic (UK market first) but if I get no takers at all I'm sure I can try. They are pretty small. Just to say although the advert described them as "never run" it does look like they were at least demo'd but still in VGC.
  14. Ordered some uprights for the GF01TR so I can convert to standard axles making a GF01. Portal axles been taken off and will be for sale, as I've no desire for a trial / crawler on a GF01 platform, and they didn't work with my smaller MF01x set up. Still lovely bits of kit mind. Other than that I was stripping off 30 years of bad paint from my two QD monster beetles. One is looking ok, the other not at all!
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