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  1. Glad this is working well, it looks killer Can you show with the other 6x6?
  2. Looks epic and good steal. I really want a clodbuster. Just one.
  3. Yes. After about a decade of service my kindle broke last night, so just read this thread from beginning to end before bed, a cracking read.
  4. I'm afraid no video. It's pretty fast (servo speed) This is on up The servo pulls down, and lifts the bed up at the other end.
  5. A quick question, are the montero wheels TAM9335618 a direct replacement for the LB wheels? I really want the wheels in white.
  6. Thanks. I the end I went a CW01 route but will keep an eye out for the 425. I just say I also really like the Unimog on a G6-01 too. Perhaps something for Christmas 2023. 😆
  7. Look at the Ampro Engineering ones if you can find any.
  8. 3D printing today. I made a servo mount to allow the tipper bed to tip on the GF01. The original was a hand made prototype and it was always slightly rough, just being hand cut and not really measured. Today I fitted the 3D printed version I designed. It involves drilling one hole in the battery cover just behind the servo The two rear screws go into holes already in the battery cover. The plate fits the Rx unit. Works great. If anyone is interested, I can send the file. You'll need a drill, plastic servo arm, one short 5 mm ball end and a few nuts and bolts.
  9. Great, as you've already got a dump this could be a very cheap add on, really just need a drill and an extra servo, plus a few little spares you'll probably have. @smirk-racing I've think I've made a 3D printable version of the servo mount for the bed tipper. I am going to print out today and test, then I can share the design if you are interested. It does of course need a 3 channel remote. Edit: tested, it works well. If anyone wants a version I'll share.
  10. Mad Bull with a pick up body could be quite cool! The mad bull has a wheelbase of 284 mm, so you need something about that. This looks cool, with around 280 mm wheelbase, https://www.kamtec.co.uk/p/kyosho-street-van-abs Not a pick up, but could be cool none the less. Alternatively I think the Clod body wheelbase is around 275 mm which is about right (having a body slightly under is fine, it gives that monster/stadium truck look. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/437682?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiMnt77zW-wIVEN7tCh3-CA9HEAQYBCABEgKOJfD_BwE After buying a body a blackfoot might be cheaper, but I think having a mad bull as a large stadium truck with a vintage truck body or Van would be awesome. I'd 100% stick with your plan. My newphews have a Mad Bull and it's taken a beating.
  11. Today I took out a couple of vehicles to the local park to play the Blue GF01 and Orange QD. The GF01 always impresses. To me it's a perfect modern Tamiya, almost zero issues, no hop ups needed (apart from copious bearings and a pinion. It's quirky and fun, but also handles quite nicely, in a way that doesn't mean you spend 90% of the time turning it back up again. It was able to go both ways over this rock. Widening the wheelbase allows stops it tipping over so much, which helps. Although it's now a little less wheelie prone, that's perhaps no bad thing. The wet ground and non glued tires are probably reducing the initial traction. It's not a fast truck but feels very responsive. QD monster truck - **** how I wish Tamiya would bring these back. With a little brushless they zip along and a brilliant pace. This is a just a 18T motor, with a 12T they are insane. With a tiny 20mm motor AA batteries work perfectly, so it's light at 1.6 kg and almost seems to float along. Wouldn't go the other way over this, but still not too bad. It really excels in the flat and short grass and dirt. It tends to bounce over long grass (whereas the GF01 goes through it) but will get stuck on very long stuff. Rear end wants to come out under braking, but it handles nicely all the same. All in all not a bad 30 mins. I am running these in the kids outdoor water play area in my park, which is locked up and fenced off from October to May so always empty at this time, thankfully I am much taller than children, so I can hop over the fence!
  12. I printed the first of the arms. I took a design that is thingverse and used the basic idea for my own with some improvements. These are much thicker, there is a radius on all inside corners and designed to use the CW01 metal suspension bracket. Printed in ABS+ they seem pretty strong. I can bend them (just) but I couldn't snap them if I really tried. Probably not as flexible as I'd like, but I think I will have to sacrificed flexibility for strength here. Just a rough print for now, can neaten up if needed. I've seen UK monsters sell a set for £55, which is probably good value for what you get, but I'd be spending 50% of the value of the kit on arms, so a DIY method is much more effective for a cheap runner. Still, I'd be surprised if they snap easily - but redesigning to add more strength won't be an issue if that is needed. I don't abuse my vehicles too much. My design will use the Tamiya screw pins to connect. They screw into the ABS fine. I may find a more elegant solution or if they start backing out.
  13. Nikko85

    Gmade GOM

    Sorry I meant I know the King Cab isn't a Hilux, but I think transferring the paint scheme would work well. They get away with it because they are made and sold from China, and they just have no interest in enforcing copyright from other countries, and we rely on them too much to force the issue. Any European/American/Japanese company would be sued.
  14. Nikko85

    Gmade GOM

    It's not a Hilux, but I always love the King Cab paint scheme on this kind of truck. Yellow and blue could be nice, or make your own blockhead?
  15. Today was one of those evenings where I was able to almost wrap up a fair few of my builds. At work I printed this, an unattractive black block: Can you guess what it is? I have extended the wheelbase on my GF01 by flipping the rear arms. This means the wheelie bar needs to be pushed back, otherwise it fails to really work and the car can go almost vertical before it engages. With the longer body of the FJ45 this became super critical, as a wheelie would have dragged the tail lights across the floor, leaving a lovely blue streak across the tarmac. Bolted in, pushing the wheelie bar around 2.5 cm further back. Now the GF01 has a nice wheelie angle again! Well done unattractive block! Second blocky thing was a riser and mount for the MN-45 FJ40 body so it could be used on the QD It sits between the body and the chassis, allowing the front tab to slot into the recess, as well as raise the body by 7 mm at the front Works well. The short bed is growing on me. I debating a little crane/winch in the rear to make a recovery vehicle. I properly printed a MF01x spacer, so I could have the perfect chassis length for the MF01x pumpkin. Although the Pumpkin low rider sits on an 210 mm chassis, the chassis always looked a little short to me. I printed a 13 mm spacer, allowing for a 213 mm wheelbase MF01x. It's the black spacer in the chassis. This was thanks to @Honza's design. I now have a the stl files for a spacer at any size, so if that's useful let me know, it makes the versatile MF01x even more so. So how does it look? Absaloutley bang on. The body is just resting on the chassis, it will be raised up to make an mud truck/off road race truck. Lastly the brass square section finally arrived. Drilled and tapped it with M3 so it could mount to the Jeep as a heavy weight bumper. So far seems to work in bringing the front down to offset the rear motor weight. I could have probably gone for 12 x 12 mm vs 10 x 10 mm but you live and learn. I'll paint it black, stick some rubber on the front and add the JP number plate. Apologies for the low light pictures, I can only work on these at night when everyone has gone to bed. So all in all a good day. I also 3D printed the first prototype of the CW01 arm to give the Lunchbox double wishbone suspension. Phew. Tidy, sweep and mop floors, pack away and then bed.
  16. Nikko85

    Gmade GOM

    This looks epic. Rather than go bonkers with a brushless system, perhaps something mild to give a really capable trail truck? I 100% prefer the look the the original cage look (or your homemade effort, no offence!)
  17. https://tamiyabase.com/tamiya-models/46015-46015#data This is usually pretty accurate. Nice little car!
  18. Really enjoying the rally cars and they are flexible enough to look scale over gravel, dirt, tarmac or anything. That XV01 is a thing of beauty!
  19. GF01 FJ45 vs QD FJ45! Sorted out body heights and springs for both. Need to 3D print the mount for the QD, at the moment the front is resting on a drill bit to determine the correct height (it is 7mm if you are remotely interested..😀) It is Interesting to compare the trucks. They have almost the same wheelbase and track width due to the GF01 rear arm flip and QD hex mod legenthing the former and widening the later. The GF01 is 2.25 kg whilst the QD is 1.7 kg so a large weight difference. The GF01 has independent suspension whilst the QD is solid front and rear axle so a true monster truck but only RWD. Normally the GF01 would smoke a QD on performance but this QD is running a brushless combo so has a great top speed, and the widened track width means it won't topple. However the GF01 has lovely 4WD and much more capable in the rough. @wolfdogstinkus don't worry keeping some QDs...😀
  20. Thanks - looking forward to it a lot. It's a whole new chassis for me to play with.
  21. actually after some consideration, I'm just going to let this King Cab go. I've put an MN-45 body on one, and I've got the other in a loft for my son, when he's old enough.
  22. Excellent, perhaps the Christmas Lunchbox will be the new budget rally!
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