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  1. I ordered my F350 Hilix, on Wednesday evening, arrived, following Monday. Best ever was the Leopard A2 6, massive kit, ordered it Friday morning, delivered to me on the Monday, I could not believe it ! less than 80 hours from Hong Long to the UK, a company in the UK could not beat that !
  2. http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=56318 lookslike their web site has been updated,
  3. http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=56022 I am disappointed, I was hoping for the Abrahams tank would be done as 1/16th but never mind !
  4. For a lot of reasons, work, cash, circumstances, my last Tamiya build was May 2005, the Leopard A2 6. Today I finally got my hands on the F350 pickup truck, and I remebered just what I have been missing. All those lovely bags of bits, the superb Tamiya instructions, the smell of threadlock, and the sheer joy of building the truck, which I had been trying to get hold of for ages, but Stella sold out so quick ! I am 38 yet today when I got it, it was like I had won the lottery, I can't wait to get building, and the truck is a beauty. I love them ! I just thought I would share my moment ! Kev
  5. Picollo do them, but for more information try MidlandHelicopters.co.uk Theres a beginners guide on there. I fly the larger kits, with a 3 ft wing span. These are extremely hard to fly. I bought an indoor one, never ever got it off the ground ! Sold on ebay 3 weeks later DOn't under estimate how hard these are to fly, but when you get there they are excellent
  6. I have ordered quite a few kits from him, and all turned up, but they do take extra time as he does not use EMS like Stella. I think we have all been spoiled by Stella ! I wold not hesitate to rder from him but I prefer Stella because they are so quick but they don't seem to have the kits I want in stock. I would be suprised if it did not turn up mate
  7. mmmmm ....... This I find disapointing. From the picture it appears to use the old metal chassis from the early Tiger kits, I found the Tiger 1 and Tiger II tanks a disapointment after the Pershing and Leopard. I was expecting a new tank kit but I was absolutely gagging for either the M1 Abrahams or the Challenger tank, and to be of the quality of the Leopard 56020 kit. Oh well, keepo waiting I suppose !
  8. Check their web site, the Leopard is back in stock, but the F350 has disappeared Kev
  9. Blimey, I can't believe that it was that simple ! I have been using Ebay for years, I must have been living under a stone thanks to you all for replying Kev
  10. Found Stellamodels Ebay must be bust cause if you put in Tamiya Leopard it won't find their tanks but I found their shop and seen it cheers mate
  11. Its been a little while since I have been doing my Tamiya stuff, but I have noticed that both Stella Models and Hong Kong Cowboy seem not to list any stuff on Ebat any more.. Anyone any news on this or am I just missing something? thanks all Kev
  12. It seems to have gonemad lately, onr guy has listing nicked from all sorts of auctions. The bruiser is bid up to 100 quid already, boy you have to keep your wits about you these days or cash would be straight out the door
  13. Hi there do you stock the Tamiya Metla Primer, if so can I order frm your webiste? if not do yo have an alternative that works with the the TS sprays? many thanks Kev
  14. I also think people are a lot more Ebay savvy. When I was first on the bay, I used to out bid every one as soon as they out bid me ! DOH ! I paid over 400 quid for a NIB Hilux body set. People don't do this as much from what I have noticed, more people tend to watch, and in the last 5 mins after 7 days it all hots up ! People then get a better bargain, but sellers loose out. Its very rare on my auctions that a person who has bid regularly for 5 - 7 days, actually wins .....
  15. Do people think Tamiya would do another Full Option kit? If so when would it be likely do you think?, and what kit? Kev
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