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  1. I've got all the gearbox reinforcements an allow motor mount and a steel pinion.
  2. I've broken the 50529 gears twice, somehow with just a sport tuned motor
  3. I've already got the plastic gears, gonna have to get some custom made
  4. Hi, does anyone know of and alternative spur gears to run in a top force or any where in the UK where I can get in machined in steel, i don't want to keep buying whole gear sets, thanks .
  5. it clipped a bit of wood sticking out of a fence going full speed, I've ordered the parts but am to impatient so I've glued it back together. I think that it was mainly due to me using the Fastrax aluminium low er suspension arm mount.
  6. half an hour ago my to force was completely fine with no issues... this is it now snapped in half
  7. yep, those ones need replacing , both of the aluminium ones
  8. I recommend if you haven't already that you change the alloy gears and the standard pinion to a steel one, and the idler gear and spur gear in the rear gearbox to plastic ones from the TA02 , the standard ones are really soft and the ruin the gear box.
  9. I found this on another build thread, hope it helps
  10. I was out giving my top force its fir run after a full rebuild when I crashed it full speed into this, oops , and broke the bumper off the bulkhead, I forgot to put all three screws in, it was only held on by one
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