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  1. Yes they are the same as the differentials are the same. Just make sure they are from the Rere and not the Black . The black has modern ball differentials and the joints are different.
  2. Keep politics out of the club!!
  3. GTodd

    RC10T2 Re-build

    And begining to look lke the legend again!!! That rake, this is whe RC10s handle so well!!!!!
  4. GTodd

    RC10T2 Re-build

    Fromt end taking shape! ONly thing purchased were the ball end dust covers, this chassis is near mint!!! I scored! The shock tower is made out of fibeglass and is THICK. Only reason to go graphite woild be for looks. Seeing how this is a truggy and will be covered by the body, meh the fiberglass is highly effecive and will stay.
  5. GTodd

    RC10T2 Re-build

    Time to fix the nose plate, before: Fresh out of the oven Still shows its battle scars, I love this!!!!
  6. They are FANTASTIC cars, the XT came first and therefore had a longer production run, the buggy is proving to be rather rare these days.
  7. On point with every fact listed. Tamiya gave a stab at the American market when they put an honest 100 percent effort into it's TRF line. For example The 801Xs were competitive and designed here in America with American top tier drivers. There were Tamiya events and tents at Indycar Racers and TRF parts were in the hobby stores. It was a great business model that they copied successfully for a short time. I'm still baffled why they stopped. When they had top drivers developing their cars the cars were competitive, the cars sold, newer models came out, and just like halo cars for real cars it drove bussiness into the hobby shops and customers looked for Tamiya. Than Tamiya started dropping the drivers or just let them slip away. Cars stopped being developed, for example the long wheelbase 801x and electric versions were never released to the general public. And before you knew it, TRF was gone and so was Tamiyas American presence, again.
  8. Back in the day, in America MRC was the Tamiya Distributor. You could find Tamiya Kits and spare parts in every hobby store. I think Tamiya was foolish in separating from MRC. MRC new how to distribute, they were the middle man and it worked well. I'm not sure why the MRC Tamiya partnership ended, in my opinion it was a foolish mistake. Now to get spare Tamiya parts In American it's nearly 100 percent via the internet. As for traxxas, there are lots EVERYWHERE for every budget. From $150 RTR to $900 8S XMAXXs with spares galore. I just rebuilt my 3.3 Revo that I purchased 11 years ago via parts bought at the LHS. Can't do that w Tamiya. I love Tamiya, they are the praponderance of my collection. However Tamiya hasn't grown w the Times. TRF didn't last as they didn't hire enough top flight drives and you can't find spares.
  9. GTodd

    RC10T2 Re-build

    And we have flopped pics!!! Ugh!!!
  10. GTodd

    RC10T2 Re-build

    First update, chassis refinished! I used a product called duracoat. It's meant for firearms. The process is to spray the product on the chassis after it's been thoroughly cleaned. After application you bake in the over at 350 degrees for 15 min. I did the same for my world's chassis. Works FANTASTIC!
  11. GTodd

    RC10T2 Re-build

    Good Afternoon all! I've spent 6 months looking for a Dyna Storm, TRF5xx, and Juggernauts to rebuild. Nothing. After completing my Rc10 Worlds I've been open to RC10s as a project. One day surfing the local classifieds I found a complete RC10T2 for $80. As usually the chassis is beat up but I have an easy fix! Here is where we are starting. A scratched up gen2 black pan. Near impossible to find NOS.
  12. Great advise, but one thing And it's just my opinion. I don't worry too much about what others run. Learn how to set up the chassis. What adjustment does what to the car. I've found using others set ups does get me faster but didnt teach me what adjustment did what to the car and I was unable to understand how to make the car do what I wanted it to set up wise.
  13. This is a GREAT topic. My first exposure to RC was due to a few friends of mine that had Frogs and Grasshoppers. I can't remember which it was exactly. They looked so amazing to me . Their "big" exposed motors. Larger plug in battery I can remember how amazed I was at them and the awe of it all. My first RC was the Sears Lobo (Nikko Lobbo marketed primary in America vis Sears). It was featured in Sears's AMAZING wish book toy catalog. I stared at that advertisement for the lobo for HOURS. It took (8)!!!! Double A batteries and (1) 9v for the radio. They were fun! My first Hobby Grade RC was the Tamiya Astute, I still have it. Restored it a couple years to go with shared parts from the Rere Super Astute (body, and front bulkhead) improved it with the Rere TTC as the og ball differential is goo in the Astute but spares are too expensive. And used Jazzrider front and rear hubs. I still love it. It is a fun car!!! Brings back very fond memories of a simpler time!
  14. Nice work!!! Yes sir if I'm correct Tamiya pioneered tire foams with the Avante. Interesting, my Rere Egress didn't have them.
  15. I'll get an update up. It's all set up ready for spring!
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