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  1. The first that is called out in the instructions is to assemble the differentials. I wanted to make them fluid filled but there was no way to seal them. I then remembered that there are enthusiasts who use differential putty in their crawler differentials. What good for them is good for me!!!!! NO more free wheeling!!!
  2. I'm regretting telling my wife the clod was the last build!
  3. DUDE!!!!! That is the answer for EVERY Tamiya 4WD made from the Avante until the Durga. You need to market this!!! How much for two of them? Need them for my Rere Egress and 1989 Avante.
  4. Please provide pictures and explanation on how you got slipper clutch to work!!!
  5. They are in NY, the heaviest hit area in America with the Corona Virus. They are assuredly not a essential business. I imagine that everyone is home with their families. Be patient and buy everything when they open back up!!! I'll be ordering a 4 link kit.
  6. Good Afternoon all!!! Changed the title, time to chronicle the build, to be continued for the RC10 build. RIGHT before Tamiya anounced that they were going to rere the Terra Scorcher I purchased an origianl Thunder Shot in order to convert it to a Thunder Shot. To go along with the build I ordered a TBG repro TS shell, NOS Parts Trees that are exclusive to the the Thunder Dragon and Terra Scorcher for too much money ( easy come easy go), the black wheels, and a full set of ball bearings. Darn it I didnt take any pre tear down pictures, here is the body, not too bad, Illl re-use at some point.
  7. Yes!!!! Think of it as a short wheel base Egress. I had the original release that I foolishly sold in order to purchase Konis for my real car. I've filled the void with an original Avante and an Egress Rere.
  8. And just a tip unless you are modding the heck out of it a 5000mah nimh will provide alot of speed and run time with the idiot proofness that a lipo can't provide.
  9. Get a large servo saver too, sounds like you have everything else for a great build .
  10. Awesome!!!! Im going to do the same? Do they use the same body posts?
  11. I'm about to start my build of a RC10 team car, other than chassis scrapes the car is near perfect. I've ordered a worlds chassis, but I can't not find a nose. Please if you have a lightly used black Front Nose or NOS please advise.
  12. And they line up perfect for the Clod?
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