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  1. The body is hideous but Im hopeful!!!! Its a new chassis, the front arms look to be of modern materials and the front arms have mounting provisions for real shocks. Hopefully this is an actual new chassi with new ball and gear differential options, slipper clutch etc. Why on earth did they use the old top force wheels??????
  2. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I havent been this excited for a rere since the Avante and the Bruiser. And I cant get one! Ive been on Tower Hobbies back order list since it hit their site. My card is on file, and Im just waiting. The site went from expected June to now expected July grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  3. AWESOME!!! Clear equals paint from the inside. Awesome project, excited to see this one!
  4. I run my vintage Astsute with the rere Super differential. As stated use the RC10 B4 spur with slipper pads, additionally use differential putty in the gear differential. Go light on in unitl you get the feel that you want. Jazrider makes Aluminum hubs for the OG not sure what they have for the Super. Pergu makes metal rear suspension mounts and front bulk head. Id look into those, they were the week link on the originals.
  5. Yep just jam it in there! Works perfectly!
  6. ^^^^ on point! I feel exactly the same way and have had similar results. The only reason why I recommend the Super Astute Trans is the current ease of finding points.
  7. Found it! I had it in the rere forum. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/87383-tamiya-47381-super-astute-2018/&page=20
  8. I had the same EXACT problem in the rere Super Astute Trans that I put in my Astute. The issue is almost the same as the one AE had with their rere World's car. I solved it by replacing the black insert with a ball bearing of the same size. Issue solved. I'll look for the thread now.
  9. GTodd

    RC10T2 Re-build

    Welp my phone died last week and I mustve had sync turned off, sorry. Missed the shock part. I cleaned up the shocks, added new seals, and used 35 weight shock oil in all 4 corners. They feel very good!!!!! And heres how we now sit. Shocks on! Almost there. Im currently soaking the wheels in order to try and save them, order a body (thank you JConcepts), ordered a servo, and debating on running a Reedy Brushless that i Have in the Worlds or stick with the Novak/Reedy Stock motor that it cam with.
  10. GTodd

    RC10T2 Re-build

    Following along with the instructions it was time to assemble the rear bulkkead/shocktower/body monts. The shock towers are ~4MM fibreglass, graphite is prettier, but not needed. Cleaned and ready to assemble. Together again! Ready to be a module again (per AEs manual, goofy name) Very Tidy!!!! Looking goooooooooooooooooooooood.
  11. GTodd

    RC10T2 Re-build

    Next the stealth, Ive lucked out twice now!!!!! My Worlds car that I completed last year was perfect, this one is too. Inside looks just about new, AND I got the team version with all ball bearings and teflon shocks!. I had bought a stealth ball differential when I got the Worlds car last year, not knowing there were different sizes!!!! It was too big for the Worlds car, drop in here!!!! One new diff and then I re-assembled. Apologies cant find that pic. The motor guard needed to be touched up too, looks great!
  12. GTodd

    RC10T2 Re-build

    Sorr Iy for the delay I had to order CVDs, nose tubes, and turnbuckles and I've been enjoying the build! Ive taken pictures along the way ut Ive been lazy posting, here we go!!!!! Firstly I want to highlight that licjlly this RC10T2 came with the aftermarket RPM Rod ends, they are still painful but better than miniscule torture devices that come with the RC10s stock! They cleaned up nicely too, this truck has few miles on it. Steering set up, servo saver cranked alllllllll the way down as recomended by the team drivers now and then. Front End done!!!!
  13. GTodd

    RC10T2 Re-build

    Here comes a big update!!!
  14. Oh man speaking my language!!!! These are one of my favorites! I still have the Monster racer that I got Christmas 1991! I rebult a Kingcab a few years ago for my son. A couple recomendations: Top force rere Hicaps for the shocks Traxxas makes a nice set of 2.2" tires that fit the wheels and are close to the looks of the originals Use the Super Astute transmision with putty in the differential. The body is probably the original, those tires are done! Its got some miles on it.
  15. AE need to make another run but I don't think it'll happen for all above stated reasons. I got interested waaaaay too late. I had to track down a world's to restore as the Rere NIBs were way over priced. Same for the gold pans .
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