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  1. Oh wow thats odd!!!!! Im not sure how much shipping will be, ill look it up, ill message you as well.
  2. Bro send me the link for that!!!! That’s what you want!!! Oh need that!
  3. One not oil but diff putty. The diffs available for the TF family are not sealed, diff putty is available in different “consistency” that you use to tune. I’d always run the rear ball diff as it gives some slip to protect the trans. I’d get a gear set up and play with how you like it.
  4. I’d say the purpose of the Avante was to recoup investment costs and use the name to garner more sales. The Egress was one of the most expensive cars of all time when released, the 2001 got you into the game at near 50 percent reduction in cost.
  5. You could go with the alot stuff and go and you will be fine, it’s a great chassis. Heck you could just leave it stock and go, replace mod as needed!
  6. I’ve been thinking about this since I created this as not too much gets me excited anymore. Still want: OG Astute, King cab/Monster Racer, Juggernaut, and the blazing blazer. The Avante and the Bruiser had to cost a fortune to tool up and bring back. Kind of surprised Tamiya hasn’t done a Blazing Blazer yet. The success of the Bruiser and Mounty show that people will spend the coin.
  7. Needs: if carpet is the choice venue go to the mantaray gear diffs and tune with diff putty. Might even be the way for real off-road too, Big bore shocks are nice but here’s a nice not too know fact the rere EVO uses big bore springs buy the big bore spring set to tune, speed gear set, metal motor mount and this gear cover to fortify the rear shock tower. The make of this gear box cover also makes parts that alow the use of db01 arms etc. how much do you want ti spend becomes the Question.
  8. Yeah man!! Here it is. He offers numerous parts to fortify and modernize the TA0# series of cars. I’m my opinion this is a mandatory must have mod. Why Tamiya omitted this I do not know.
  9. Yes!!!! It’s does matter. Why? There’s a guy on eBay that sells a metal gearbox cover with reinforcements added to support the shock tower! Take a look, I’ve got one for my EVO build and will be ordering another.
  10. Ive built this up over 2 years, Ive got a build thread that you can look at for refference. I just havent fallen for it the way I did for the RC10 Worlds, so off it goes. Build includes Novak 610, Steering servo (I believe its futaba but its not marked), ok painted Jconcepts body, T3 CVDs, New T4 wheels, rear proline tires and original front rib tires. No trades for this one $300 us. Will ship anywhere.
  11. I built these a few years back for my Top Force which eventually got Hicaps, than these went on my Terra Scorcher, same event. Replaced with Hicaps. Now these are sitting in my parts box unused. $40 us will ship anywhere as long as you pay. Will trade for: Futaba Fast receiver, Tamiya Brushless ESC and some cash, or for a Tamiya Motor.
  12. Nice work, messaged you on the side. Might have missed it wit all of the amazng content, what tires are those on the back?
  13. I restored a King Cab about 2 years ago for my son. I’ve since added rere Avante Ball Bearing Steering and rere hicaps. I’ve been avoiding painting it like the Rona. Well I’ve had the repel body and decals for about a year, decided it was time to try and paint it, I failed. After near ten hours of masking and painting this is the result, don’t mind the decals. I’ll post the end result latter. Thank God this is a cheap knock off body. share your successes and failures! This should be a fun one!
  14. Guys I was away on businesses im ready to play!!!!!!!,
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