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  1. GTodd

    Avante 89

    I’ve had the same exact thought, the gold Black Egress dampers are a perfect fit for the Avante.
  2. Nice build, instill think it needs a traditional front shock layout though.
  3. They are a blast! Love the USA-1 body, goes perfectly with the blue super plastics!
  4. Supposedly the metal suspension blocks and mounts. I’ll find out!!! Already need to depend $$$$ on a brushless combo and servo, I’m not trying to break the bank on this!
  5. It’s left over stock, most of the hop ups are gone and difficult to acquire. Same for the spares.
  6. I’m very lucky I’ve Got 3 hobby shops in a 30 mile radius and one track. Spares for Tamiya are slim but other than the 80s when haven’t they been I. America? I try as much as I can to go to the hobby stores for my purchases. Need to support the local small businesses!
  7. It will get a set of big bores I’ve got in the bin, and the 511 slipper as I’m now running the dual slipper on the 511. Fun car, tamiya needs to bring it back one more time.
  8. I know about 50 percent of you already know this. I’m a day late and a dollar short for the DB01 as I was getting deployed left and right when it came out and I was all in on gas 1/8 TRF. Anyway bought a 511 4 months ago and I’ve been taking my son with me to the track as I dial it in. My son has been begging me to let him drive the 511, I’ve been hesitant so I started looking for Durgas. Two weeks ago I found a NIB for 179 free shipping. I almost broke my phone hitting buy it now! My son started building it today with just a little of my help. The quality of the DB01 is amazing . Solid sturdy plastic, ball bearings , and just over all high quality feeling. There will be few hop ups as one they are hard to find and two it’ll be fun to see just how good these are out of the box. The DB01 has a one up on its TRF brothers, sealed belts that will make it good for the back yard.
  9. I ordered a tap and a jis driver set. I’m impatient and so is my little dude. We just started the build. First (2) steps done with no issues! Diffs drying. Will see if the tap and jis were needed. Fun build so far!
  10. That’s the issue all the screws on the DB01 are M3. I’ll just give it a wirl and see what happens!
  11. Hey gang, I just bought a Durga my son is going to build. Since it’s inception I’ve heard about the cheese screws and hard plastic. Do I need hex screws? Can I use aw grease to help the screws?
  12. Wow the box is small. For a second I was worried I got scammed. Waiting for the hex screws and than the not so little man will het to work.
  13. Not sure about the losi question but due to building my EVO rere I discovered Tamiya utilized the Buggy Big Bore Springs with the hicap. Just need the big bore shock retainer. Keeps it all in the family!
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