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  1. GTodd

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    Awesome!!! Thanks! No duh!! I've got a stealth on my KingCab, I didn't think to check!!!
  2. GTodd

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    Does any of Tamiya's other spur gears fit that modern slipper installed in the Rere? Getting .5 module pinions are difficult to source!
  3. GTodd

    What chassis is it? Tamiya F1

    As beautiful as the real deal!
  4. GTodd

    Vanquish rebuild

    Dude those Vanquish chassis' are pretty rugged. The Vanquish/Egress arms are pretty robust too. I've yet to brake anything on my Egress and it's driven hard under Brushless power on modern tracks .
  5. Very nice build!! I always admired these trucks, I think Tamiya discontinued then once they began the 801X line. A shame, I think there was/is a market for both .
  6. GTodd

    Box art or not to box art

    Ala Cannon Ball run!
  7. The front wheels have tires with spikes on them again, first time in nearly 20 years!!!
  8. Back for an update, this was inadvertently placed on the back burner when the Kingcab and then Avante projects showed up. Those are waiting for some finishing parts. Ive collected some more parts this that will bullet proof it and add some more originality. NOS CRP front tires, NOS Tamiya are impossible to find. Alloy front and rear goodies! Now I don't need to use the madcab stuff upfront, the printed rear pieces look good, but these intrigued me too. Rere Super Astute guts. I like the original and I like the ball differential, I have the stealth in one of my king cabs. Interested how one of these drive. Now Ill find out!
  9. GTodd

    1989 Avante Re-build

    Next up is to build the rerer shocks, the originals are missing becasue I liberated them as a kid, installed them on my Astute and latter on an Avante that I restored. They are long gone now. The rere shocks are quite nice and easy to maintain. The originals were difficult to rebuild, they were assembled from the fctory and had a odd size eclip that captured the orings. Here is one front shock ready to be assembled. Oooops, forgot the piston, itll be installed, hahaha.
  10. GTodd

    1989 Avante Re-build

    I got carried away and forgot to take pictured of thr front end parts. As is the norm for this project, everything is perfect including these made of the softest most fragile metal on earth uprights. Or thats how its been reported, I never broker this upgraded type.
  11. GTodd

    1989 Avante Re-build

    The technigold back in its home!!!!
  12. GTodd

    Vintage 4wd racing

    My area was full of Kyoshos and a few RC10 conversions. The Cats, Avante (and latter the Egress) and Yokomos were $$$$$$ and I only saw them in the pages of RC Car action. I'd like to add too that the Avante's failings are greatly over exaggerated. It was expensive, but if you kept it off the roof it'd last, yes the key to better steering were narrower wheels but it isn't/wasn't the rubbish people make it out to be.
  13. GTodd

    1989 Avante Re-build

    The Technigold just arrived, looks really good!!!! I'll be installing the motor tonight. Pictures shortly.
  14. GTodd

    1989 Avante Re-build

    Time to re-assemble the rear. Cleaned up and gathered the parts, not much cleaning needed!!!! Remember when D-parts were unobtanium! I love the rere, if these ever break Ill be able to keep it going! Oddly the car is missing a few fasteners and link pins, interwebs to the rescue! I love these old spare parts bags. The best looking rear suspension in rc-dom!
  15. GTodd

    1989 Avante Re-build

    The center differential was slipping very easily when I hand tested it. The differential felt ver loose and "wigily" yet the set screw was very hard to remove. Upon disasembly I found this, mmmmmmmmmm. First issue discovered. Had this extra kit from when I converted my Egress to a center ball differential Readt to go!!! I used the left over AE ball differential lube I had left over from my King Cab stealth conversion.