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  1. GTodd

    Your favorite tire?

    My favorite design would be the hybrid spike from the Egress, Astute, and even the kingcab/monster racer had the same design just bigger.
  2. GTodd

    King Cab Restoration

    The re-build continues, Ive used all the spares Ive collected, none were NIB but they were in real good shape. One of the rear arms were a little chewed up, I switched sides to get the fresh side to face down. I still plan on ordering some AMPRO stuff. I wont ordet the new parts until I get it up and running. This is goinging quicker than the Astute becasue I have everything I need minus the body. Anyway on with the pictures. Here is an exampe of the screws, this one is a little dirty but you can see it has a shiny silver color to it, not the normal shin gold color that the fasteners were of this erra. I used this type of lock nut to secure the rea suspension blocks. Tamiya switched to a standard nut, probably as a lesson learned from the Astute (mmmm but why did they still use them on the Super Astute????). I always had a problem with the screws backing out, lock nut fixes that. Here they are installed Rear end getting there Transmision back where it goes, silver can for now, will move up to a black can once the little man gets good What a GREAT looking chassis, no wonder these were the Tamiya truck to get for a few years.
  3. GTodd

    How do you clean your yellow shocks?

    Nice! I use oxiclean and a brush yo clean my yellow CVAs.
  4. OP I think maybe you have the clone and the dimensions are off. If you order the rere black bearing carrier you should be gtg and ready to rock and roll!
  5. GTodd

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    Yes, it is a complete drop in. The gears cant be mixed because unfortunaley Tamiya changed the pitch of the gears. An entire Vintage or rere gearbox are drop ins.
  6. I am all about capitalism, and if some one can get 1100 for a Juggernaut or OG Avante so be it. I'm also ok with people making profits. That all being said the prices for some kits are INSANE! I enjoy the community, sharing my enthusiasm with my little boy, and creating memories. I see some of these sellers as opportunists and I just won't support it. I can afford a 1200 Juggernaut for example, but I won't support that nonsense.
  7. Hahahaha, nice very well played. As a United States Marine I enjoyed that comment alot!.
  8. More goodies arived. Who wants to guess what it is?
  9. GTodd

    King Cab Restoration

    Did some more work, maybe I shouldve called this a rebuild and not restoration, not all of these parts are perfect. The chassis is amazing however! Re-assembled the front end. Shocks are soaking, front arms were a little chewed up but serviceable, I boiled the arms, flipped them and re-installed. Hub caries and king pins are perfect. Im following the instruction manual step by step, cleaning the 4mm rods and rod ends as I go and re-assemblming. The one deviation, I just had to see what the transmision and and ball diferential look like, they were pefect!!! Even the access cover is perfect!
  10. People are greedy and in it for profits , not for the hobby. I've been trying to find a Juggernaut for year but I will not pay what people are asking, and they won't even budge on the price.
  11. Ooooo, I missed that part. You will have to wait and see. If the stock set up fits you won't need it. The stock set up is the same.
  12. GTodd

    King Cab Restoration

    3 Hours latter and the truck has been striped downed. The transmision is still assembled, Ill do that tomorrow. Ill completely clean the chassis tub and then follow the directions and assemble this beast. It is absolutely perfect!!! So far one broken front king pin and two bent screws. Speaking of screws I lucked out, the kingcab has a nearly complete set of optional screws installed, they are lighter in weight and of a silver color vice the traditional bronze like color of the vintage screws. They arent the grey color that thier titanium screws were of this vintage. The screws are specific to the car becaue even the odd rounded flat head screw that I believe is only found on the Kingcab is present as well, jut silver and super light. Ill post a comparison latter. Here is the emaculate chassis, ready for a wipe down.
  13. I'll look at my Bruiser in a bit, but it looks like you replace the stock hubs that the stock wheels bolt on with the included hardware you posted. The stock hardware appears to get replaced with the plastic bearing carriers and then they slip over the stock axle, place the wheels over the bearing carriers, secured with the provided lock nuts and then covered with the faux 4wd hubs.
  14. Good Evening all. I didn't ever plan to build or restore a King Cab. I still have my monster racer that I got Christmas Day 1991. I love that thing and only just recently replaced the transmision for the stealth as it was getting really hard to get spares for the ball differential, whose weakness is HEAVILY over exagerated. Any way, through the years I collected alot of spares in order to keep the monster racer going. As I ws going through parts for my Astute restoration I relized I had enough parts to build another monster racer other than the chassid, so I decided to do a King cab. I purchased a chassis from ebay and got robbed, cracks and other issues made it unuseable for a build. Everyday for a month I search ebay for kingcab stuff then last week I stumbled onto an auction with no views, watching, or bids. It was listed a little odd, I stole the auction. I won the King Cab with a classic nearly perfect Magnum JR radio for 99.00 US!!! I won it on Monday and it was at my house Thursday! I gave it a quick once over and other than the body which I'll try to use Tamiya Lexan cleaner on this thing looks perfect! The differential feels new, the shocks are silky smooth, and the chassis looks mint! Even the mechanical speed control works, which will stay. The tires are gone, but whatever the plan is to get some prolines. I dont need the radio, its perfect other than the door which of course is mssing its latch. If you want it make an offer, I dont know what its worth. Keeping the servos. The plan is to strip it down, clean everything, replace what I need with the spares I have and posibly upgrade with all AMPRO parts, keeping the stock motor and MSC, ordering TBG body and MCI decals.