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  1. Ive ALWAYS wanted a tank, cool to watch this!
  2. Ok Tamiya AE has shot a salvo right over the bow. Now can we get a king cab/Monster racer?
  3. Longer front and rear arms, taller front and rear shock towers, larger 2.2" tires and someone check me I believe the nose plate is different to accommodate a longer wheel base.
  4. Interesting, looks like it has the OG stealth slipper and not the new design from the Worlds rere
  5. I dont need a 10T, I dont need a 10T, I dont need a 10T...... Just ordered
  6. Call AE, that have a great CC team And will assist.
  7. eBay influences scalpers with their fees and taxes. It's not really economical to sell on eBay these days unless you have the volume to make up the fees and taxes. I don't really buy from eBay anymore for that reason. Getting a great deal on eBay is far and few between these days. I got a warning as well, lol.
  8. Amazing build! I'm very interested in the 4wd version and this isn't helping! LOL.
  9. I love supporting the.LHS. I spent near 100 more on 3 brushless combos this weekend at a LHS compared to online. I'm good with it .
  10. It is nice to have offical support, BUT near all the spares are still online and where you cant find original AE stuff, FAN RC has everyhting.
  11. I think its more that they have the mold and its easier to drill it fo all types vice just drilling it for the old 6 gear and then one for the stealth. The Worlds used the stealth and the chassis is the same minus the extra step to mil it. It would be nice if we got a team car, more likely then a graphite.
  12. Oh shoot why did you do that! Now I need to order one, that's smoking!
  13. Ok, does this get the award for the oldest necro post? 22 years!!!!!!! Wow.
  14. If you have that, it will likely work. Don't go out And buy more oil.
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