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  1. Just like the Avante 2001 body was a half baked Rere I bet the carbon chassis was a half baked evo Rere kind of.
  2. Man I'd be all in for the Juggernaut, the TXT I'd very surprised given the TXT2 is very close to it.
  3. Hello all this camr from the Thundershot that I am rebuilding. I tested it by atatching to one of my battery packs and it ran. Great for all of you restoring vintage Optima Mid or new Rere Optimas. Nice looking motor, however im trying to keep my builds all Tamiya 40 US plus shipping.
  4. Will the TXT 1/2 internals work? I just assumed that they would .
  5. I'm pretty sure the top force Universal's and The TS are one in the same. I'm about to do some regular maintenance in a bit, I'll let you know!!
  6. Great tip on that A5, I forgot to add that! It's a required part for back yard bashing or occasional track work
  7. Wow how'd I miss that one!!!! 350 us is a nice price!!!!!
  8. Just got a set of Egress wheels, they are readily available. The Top Force wheels will fit too but they are 2.2. I believe the orignal release from lke 2012 had the Egress ones, this second run does not.
  9. Im rebuilding a vintage ThunderShot right now as well. I recomend a full set of ball bearings, and Top Force uiversals. I disagree about not running vintage RC. Espescially ones like these where you can still buy parts from when it was rere'd. Also boil the suspension arms etc itll soften the plastics. Just dont due the tub, itll deform.
  10. I've been waiting for a Juggernaut to purchase for over a year. There haven't been any listed on sale for ever, not to mention in these threads! Just like then Ferrari 308 family and Air Cooled 911s it looks like I missed the bus again!
  11. It really is a FANTASTIC chassis! I still have mine from when I was a kid, and just finished restoring it to runner condition this past year. Thank God for jazrider, they offer a complete front and rear hub assemblies as a set. Both of which are near impossible to find now. I upgraded the transmission to the Rere super Astute one as it's near impossible to find replacements for the original as well. The Rere body was paired with MCI decals. I used short size cva until the min parts arrived. Now all is right with the world!
  12. Thank you for the detailed answer! Im going to order the TXT1 chassis plates and 4 links and a Juggernaut Ford body to make a Hybrid Jug/TXT.
  13. Oh man! They don't look that old!
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