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  1. I think he's a fair and a good businessman, that wasn't my point. My issue is that this forum was supposed to be a community of people who enjoy the hobby and oh by the way let's trade and sell stuff. There use to be a minimum required posting before there was access to the classifieds. Now there are people just jumping on and trying to make a profit off the forum with zero contribution to the community. That's my issue.
  2. Just a FYI, this seller doesn't appear to offer the community anything other than taking our money. There's no activity on the forums, other than the classifieds and now he wants to drop ship stuff to us.
  3. No waaaaay. I can't afford that right now, I'm on the hunt for a TRF buggy to race. Good luck with the sell. Don't accept low balls!!! This is one of the few vintage that deserves the high prices they command.
  4. Shoot, I didn't get the pictures up, I will today!! The parts will be installed as well, going to put the TF back on the track, see if I can hang with the new stuff.
  5. Building mine I learned there isn't much difference between a vintage team car and worlds. I took a near mint vintage Team car and updated it to worlds spec using vintage parts for nearly 50 percent less than a worlds Rere.
  6. Jazrider is the way to go. You get aluminum front and rear hubs and associated hardware, super strong, and will allow you to hit the track if needed.
  7. Amazon has moved myself and family to Utah in order to open a new site. Today I went exploring to find off road tracks, and hobby stores. Upon entering one of the hobby stores on the right side as you enter was a wall of Tamiya Hop ups!!! On said wall was approximately 20 top Force Evo one ways, package dated 6/98. Another hook had about 10 touring car aluminum differential halves (forgot the actual term) yep the Evo pressure plates! I'll take pictures when I get back to the hotel,.right now out to eat. My wife couldn't share in the excitement, had to tell some one!!! Heading back tomorrow to clear the inventory out
  8. Yep exactly, I made the jump too in 2005 to a revo. But they still looked like trucks. And you are right the revo wasn't quite 1/8. Heck my 80XT looks like a truck at least.
  9. I would love for them to return to the forefront. Remember when this was an actual racing class with Tamiya TNX at the front? I think the Revo killed the class, was kind of the begining of 1/8 scall truggy.
  10. What!!!??!!!??!! Checking it out, joined the TRF FB group too. Just missed (2) DB02. Didn't realize that they were in demand! I I only want one as I can't find a TRF502.
  11. That's fair, and it took a few years for those to grow on me, but the proportions are there. The cockpits are between the wheels, it looks futuristic but still car like. Now the cabs are over the front shock towers, have right angles everywhere, and bleh.
  12. Hey gang looking to get back into racing and I want a Tamiya. The pandemic equaled everyone bought everything. Need shaft driven Tamiya as Its what I know. Wanted a TRF502 but they are all gone. Who has aDB02 they are willing to let go? I don't mind you all making some money on me, I'm ok with spending 350 on a NIB and 250 for used.
  13. DB02 was a good attempt at cheaper TRF buggy but man that thing hit every branch of the ugly tree too!!
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