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  1. I was was watching a video on the tube and a gentleman with permission from Tyrel built a new 6 wheel F1 Tyrel. He used the Tamiya 1/12 Tamiya instructions to fill in the blanks where he didn’t have the drawings!
  2. Will include Futuba Magnum Jr as well. Put in the batteries and you are ready to enjoy some classic goodness!
  3. What! Really! Please Update if this actually occurs!
  4. Man that is more than a fair deal, I’d even say too cheap. Good luck!
  5. Will sweeten deal and include the pictures Novak Brushless system. Need to get a new Home theater receiver.
  6. Another person that has no clue on how the world works.
  7. Commercial shipping for a company is different and cheaper than private shipping . It’s like buying in bulk for the commercial shipper as their customer pays for the contract upfront and is provided cheaper shipping, Leave the dudes add alone!
  8. Rebuilt Kingcab with perfect chassis, rebuilt trans, Rere Avante ball bearing steering, rere Top Force Hicaps, and ok painted BG body and MCI decals. There are some mismatched screws, the truck is a runner not a shelf Queen. Great foundation for a restoration. Located in America will ship wherever. $350 US. I did a rebuild thread on this a few years back on here that you can research.
  9. Selling Egress Rere. Built to look like OG Egress, has Super Clod Blue Adjusters and OG Egress lower front shock mounts installed. Clean chassis. Just driven in the yard. Will include new Tamiya body and Decals. Electrics won’t be included. Box can be included if you want but will be pricey to ship. Located in America will ship anywhere. $500 US with rare and impossible to find OG Egress Lower Shock Mounts, $400 with out. Also have the box if you want but it’ll be expensive to ship. Build thread on here as well.
  10. This looks AMAZING! Proper modern buggy, available everywhere, and with a nice classic looking body. Kyosho might finally get my money! Come on Tamiya do the same thing! Do a new DN01 or something else based on the TRF201!!!
  11. After many years of casually running my EVO I’ve upgraded my game with a TRF511. It is an amazing buggy that still puts up yikes at my local track to win. I just need to become a better driver.
  12. The mini hicaps are specifically indicated as being a hop up on the back of the original mini hi cap card. I run them on my rere ts with zero issue. Chassis bottoms out before the arms/shocks do . The mini hicaps are the EXACT length as the stock yello mini cv shocks.
  13. 100 percent on how they were developed and why changes were made but that wouldn’t preclude them from being rere’d. The 502 and 503’s J/K parts (and the 511 upgrade kit as well) make for easy use of lipo saddle packs that are still readily available. I run a standard 511 with saddle lipos with a TRF upgrade part for lipos. A 502 and 503 could easily be placed back in production as a limited run “rere”. The same could be said about the 201/211 line any of those could use currently available batteries.
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