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  1. With the Super Astute Rere I at least recommend using that trans set up when you find one. I like the ball differential but getting service parts now is hard. The stealth is AMAZING!
  2. With the Super Astute Rere I at least recommend using that trans set up when you find one. I like the ball differential but getting service parts now is hard. The stealth is AMAZING!
  3. Good luck, they are my favorite!!! I've got (3). A Monster Racer I got for Christmas that now has the Stealth Transmission, a KingCab that I rebuilt with the Rere Super Astute gearbox, and one I'm building now.
  4. Oh come on I missed them again! I need a set for my upcoming Monster Racer Build!
  5. The weak areas on the ORIGINAL Avante series of cars were the: front uprights (were grey, now gold), the trailing arms, front hubs, and the rods for the beautiful rod ends. Replace those parts with the 2011 ones and you will be bulletproof. The original Avante gearbox was pretty robust. I'd just tighten the center differential as much as you can and ensure to use blue loctite. The gear diffs are good, is just as some Tamiya AW greece in order to slow them down .
  6. The entire assembly ie the cap, body, and bottom cap. If you can spare it
  7. Man!!! I missed out!!!'' I need one Mini shock body as well, if anyone has another let me know please
  8. TThat's really good point. BUT wasn't the evo chassis available as an option?
  9. Thank you sir, I'll be giving that a look!
  10. 😓.. and now I don't want it. They are lovely looking, but the writting on The Too Deck is not the same as the original Evo. That being said I would be in for a complete Rere EVO regardless of the top deck .
  11. Crickets This thing is driving me nuts!!!! Why did they make the gear pitch so fine???!!!!! I just wanted totry out the "improved" gearbox, not too impressed!
  12. PS there hasn't been that much development in the class since these were released. The chassis is still quite competitive
  13. As far as bodies goes nothing is a drop in but everything fits, the body mounts are adjustable. You won't need many spares, the 801X series is really robust. I I remember correctly Kyoso spurs work well. Use lossi shock bladders to make the shocks leak proof. Utilize fuel tubing on the screws that secure the shocks to the shock tower to save the shock tops.
  14. Is the new TTC a noisy gearbox? I ask because I just installed one in my KingCab and no matter how loose or tight I make the slipper the gearbox makes a clicking noise anytime it experiences an impact. The kind of noise a gearbox makes when it's missing a tooth yet all the internals are as.new.
  15. Very nice! How many times do you guys think that Tamiya has had to replace to mold for the 934 hard body? Models. RC cars for the past 40 years!
  16. Getting closer! I now have a body!!!! I purchased a Super Astute body set, I wont be using the decals, if youd like them PM me.
  17. There is something special about the red and black Clods! I must get one!
  18. Very nice, I'm really praying Tamiya reres this one!
  19. Hey!!!! The only parts the monster racer/KingCab shares with the Astute is the transmission. Every other part is different to include the chassis. I'm sure you could convert an Astute or Super Astute to a stadium truck in the vein of the conversions from back in the day before the Kingcabs, RC10ts etc came out. I couldn't find any more ball differential rebuild kits for the transmissions , I just converted my one KingCab to the Rere Super Astute transmission. The new TTC is a very nice mod for vintage Astutes and Kingcab/Monster Racers.
  20. God evening all, Im looking for (1) mini cva for my Astute. Will pay 10 us for mint.
  21. Why the lower? The top deck is the Evo specific part.
  22. The chassis kit "sounds like" the original Avante Carbon Firbre chassis kit, that kit included turn buckles etc as well. Hopefully the blue adjusters and other EVO specific parts are included. So does this mean an EVO rere is coming finally??????
  23. Man the DF-01 chassis is the last of the breed for Tamiy. Fun to build, fun to look at, great basher, and a great race car when built properly.
  24. So I was going to upgrade the gearbox to Super Astute rere specs, alas the gearbox housing is difference, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Just ordered, more to come!
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