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  1. I can highly recommend the Stampede kit. It's a really fun build, and as a basher the truck is unbeatable. It's absolutely fantastic. I'm running 2s lipo through the standard motor and ESC and it goes really well, initially I thought it was a bit slow but it seems to have really picked up after a few battery packs. It's quick, nimble and smashes through and over everything!
  2. You've made more progress than me dude! I managed to open the box, extract the instructions, sit down to read them, and then my boy woke up! It's gonna take me a little while I think. Super excited though, looks a fun build and I can't wait to run brushless for the first time 😁 I've ordered those springs now too @ThunderDragonCy - thanks very much for the tip!
  3. Thanks @ThunderDragonCy! Order placed for the weights. I'll have a look for the Core springs too.
  4. Check! That's the other thing I've already bought. Went for a 19t Tamiya steel pinion, again based on research on here.
  5. I blame you all. I hold you all entirely responsible for the addiction/obsession that has befallen me. Shame on you! 😆 Ok so four months in to the year and I'm now on my fourth Tamiya kit (fifth RC with the Traxxas Stampede assembly kit included!). That's normal though, right?! Truly it's all @Bunty's fault. He asked me what 2wd buggy to buy, and we mutually agreed the Racing Fighter was the one. But we couldn't find one in stock anywhere. We did however find a super cheap Neo Fighter in stock at Time Tunnel, and it included CVA oil shocks as a little brucey bonus. So, naturally, we bought two - one each, and set ourselves a little challenge to go brushless! Woo hoo! I already have a brushless set up 'in stock' that I bought for future project, it's a Hobbywing ezrun combo (link here https://www.modelsport.co.uk/hobbywing-ezrun-combo-max10-3652sl-4000kv-brushless-motor/rc-car-products/420923) that I bought off recommendations on here. I've also bought a full rubber seal bearing kit, and the alu gearbox bridge set that @TurnipJF recommended on another thread. It won't be box art, but just because I'll be using what paint I have available. It's the first time in a while that I hope it rains this weekend so I can start building instead of cutting the grass or being an otherwise responsible adult!! 🤣 A very exciting package arrived this evening... That sticker was slightly surprising - the ad made no mention of the torque tuned motor, so this was an extra added bonus! No ESC but clearly no probs for this build, and so chuffed the CVA shocks are included. Such a bargain!! Any tips for the build before I get started?
  6. Amazing! So helpful, thank you very much!
  7. I've purchased those uprights, thanks for the PN @TurnipJF! As for the ball connectors, will the brass ones from the mini CVA shock sets work? I have four of those spare. Unfortunately I don't have any rod ends spare at all, would you happen to know a source of built tie rods of the right dimensions please?
  8. Thanks @TurnipJF - this is what I was thinking would make sense, but had no idea where to start! As you can see in the above photo, I'm still on the standard kit track rods which are just those plastic push on pieces. I might have enough spare rod ends from other kits to make up some adjustable track rods, but would need to get some 3mm threaded rod. I don't suppose you have any idea what length the rods should be do you??
  9. Me too Bunty, me too!!! But it's completely your fault that it might be delayed thanks to what may be arriving tomorrow.... 😄 It's the WR-02 chassis. Same as the Wild Willy and that crazy type 2 camper thing 😁
  10. Ha ha, brilliant! My boy will love those!! Like the yellow too - and is that the standard bumper?
  11. Ok good tip thank you. My mate and I have just bought matching kits (Neo Fighter with CVA shocks and brushless motors) so that might now take priority over this, but we'll see. It's arrived!!! Woo hoo! New kit day is the best! 😁 First time I've ever ordered anything from Japan and I love the little touches - weird little dog eraser freebie and of course the newspaper packaging 😊 Waku Waku Selection sounds pretty darn tasty! 🤤 Also my first proper artwork box, I absolutely love it, it's truly magnificent. Wonderfully nostalgic in a way I had never expected.
  12. Bearing kit purchased and I've placed an order for the 53619 kit from Japan (thanks @taffer!). It might take a while to arrive, so I'll crack on with the standard shocks and then upgrade when they arrive 😊 Kit should arrive today, I'm very excited!!!
  13. Another question for the collective - is there a supplier of hex head build screws to replace the Tamiya cross head ones? I've seen this on eBay but I'm not filled with confidence that they're a direct replacement... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-WR-02-Farm-king-High-Quality-Stainless-Steel-A2-RC-Screw-Kit-/224414014975?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 Any thoughts?
  14. Hi @taffer, thanks for the reply! Much appreciated. I'll have a dig around on that website 😊 If you have a pre-painted body and driver for sale I would be very interested! Can't stand the cutting and masking! 😆 Do you know what the shock length is please? 53619 seems to be in very short supply. I'd like to get something soon so it doesn't hold up the build.
  15. I'm so excited about this!! The addiction for Tamiya models has come on fast and strong - I've gone from none (no RC models at all!) at the start of this year to 3 by the end of this week, plus a Traxxas Stampede! 😆 At this rate I'll need a second home just for RC cars! 🤣 My boy has just turned one and absolutely loves all things cars and tractors. He loves watching me run my RC cars and shouts "brum brum" to encourage me to keep going. I've been hankering after a wheelie rig for a while, a mate has a Midnight Pumpkin and it's awesome, so when I randomly found that there is an RC tractor in the Tamiya line up, and it's a wheelie rig, I just couldn't resist. Helps that it was an absolute bargain too! 😊 I've downloaded the manual already (the body looks like a right nightmare 😔) but there doesn't seem to be any guidance on hop ups as I've seen in others. So, some questions before the build starts please! Bearings - is it 16 x 1150 I need? I've seen conflicting information on 16 or 18. Shocks - I don't really want to run the standard friction shocks, but can't see any info on what length they are. Can someone recommend some upgrade shocks of the right length please? Any other upgrades worth doing from the outset? Thanks all!
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