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  1. If it's the tble02s, I had the same issue with thermal cut out on my Mad Bull, also for seemingly no reason. I switched to a Hobbywing 1060 and it's been perfecto ever since, and runs much nicer on that ESC too 👍
  2. Really enjoyable read, thanks for sharing. Hope the op all went ok and you've got another project lined up already! Love the body colour, what is it please? Car looks great, upgraditis sure is a catching ailment! 😁
  3. Thanks - food for thought. Punch on acceleration is not something I want more of, so I think I'll stick with the 19t for now as that is working well. No motor temp issues at all.
  4. Interesting - I'm running 19t with no problems at all, but it is very quick. Would a 17t slow it down a bit? Have the same experience of the speed as quoted in my post above, although it's coping ok with the 3300kv motor and on a track I think it would be fine. We've been running on grass tracks in gardens where we don't really get the space to open them up fully. I'm not inclined to make any changes, but always keen to get feedback and learn!
  5. Stick wheel weights in the front of the chassis as low as poss before you put the halves together, needs about 45g. Wish I had done that before it was built!
  6. I'm running Blitzer Beetle wheels with Schumacher vee4 rear and cut stagger fronts on my Neo Fighter stadium truck conversion. It has a Hobbywing ezrun motor and ESC combo, 3300kv. It has a 19t steel pinion, running on a 5000mah 2s lipo. No issues with temp in any way, has run two battery packs back to back with no issue. Only trouble is it's too fast! Can only really use about half throttle, can't get near full throttle without a significant amount of space. It did have a 4000kv motor in before and again no issues with temps at all, but that was utterly ridiculous, so fast it was completely undriveable.
  7. Quick update - took the Stampede out for a run against a range of other cars yesterday, and it was phenomenal!! I changed the wheels and tyres to the black chrome wheels and the upgraded talon tyres and I am staggered by the difference it made. Running on wet grass, you'd think the stock tyres would be better, but they were miles apart. The new tyres came pre-glued with inserts and provided so much more grip. It really was insane how much better it went. Understeer was gone, replaced by controllable drifts and sharper turn in, with better grip on acceleration too. I'm so happy with the set up now, the goolRC motor and ESC combo is the perfect power for the truck, especially with the 15t pinion, incredibly quick but not ridiculous and now with the new wheels and tyres fitted the whole thing drives like it always should have. Quickly becoming my favourite runner! 😁
  8. @Wooders28 second battery, not second hand 😉 I was tempted by a lihv battery as it was on sale on Modelsport, but it doesn't look like my charger supports that. Is there any difference in charging a lipo or a lihv? @matisse yep bought a Centro one! And yes, I'll rename the thread now, but it ought to be moved to the Kyosho section too 😊
  9. Ah ok, good tip. I was just lucky I had a suitable horn in the spares I happened to take with me. I'll run it like this for a while then upgrade to a metal horn once I have it all apart again. Have bought a second shorty battery now too, so max runtime is now available! Can't wait for the new tyres to arrive.
  10. Cheers @Matty36, I actually ordered some new wheels and tyres for it yesterday. It was a lot of fun on the old tyres as it would slide a lot, but a bit more rear end grip will make it an absolute weapon!
  11. Lots of love for the DB01 which is great to see. Sadly not available to purchase anywhere at the mo, as that would have been my go to buy without even asking! I've just had a great session with the Kyosho, running a full battery pack through it with no major dramas. Found more bodges from the PO in the form of a drilled out servo arm, so the ball connector kept pulling out. Fortunately I had spares with me, so popped the appropriately sized servo arm and a fresh ball connector on, and cracked on. This buggy is so, so good. The handling is sublime. It was far quicker than any of the other cars running today, even those with faster motors, just from a pure handling perspective. Next on my list is some grippier rear tyres and a spare shorty battery, and we're good to go!
  12. One of the best posts I've read in a long while! 😁
  13. Have done a strip down, found more rounded bolts, and fixed the slipper. The nut holding the spring was completely loose, so I've tightened and adjusted it. Just had a run in the garden - wow! This is completely different to anything I've had before. It's so responsive, and the back of the car flicks on turn in, making it so sharp and quick to turn. It's a blast!
  14. Quick update - one short run, and I can tell this thing is gonna be awesome! Turn in, grip, speed, it's all there in spades. So different from anything else I have! I did have some problems however. First, the servo wasn't working. Had a spare so swapped that over. Second, the motor ran fast in reverse, slow in forwards. I've had to switch the motor to ESC wires around, and change the throttle switch on the tx to get it running right. Third, the motor pinion instantly fell off. The grub screw was completely rounded out. Fortunately had a spare with me so got that reinstalled. Then finally the slipper clutch gave out. I think it's just the spring adjustment, but I need to take it apart to check. Not the ideal first run! 🤦 But what time it was working shows some real promise. Where I need help is the following, if anyone can help in any way, I'd be most appreciative: Any links to spares suppliers, specifically for a slipper clutch and other core items. Or if anyone has any bits they wouldn't mind selling please let me know. Would anyone have a ZX5 bodyshell available? I don't think the one supplied is for a ZX5 as it doesn't fit right. Set up sheets, ideally for grass running. Or anything to give me a starting point. A source of the countersunk hex head bolts, lots of them are rounded out. Thanks in advance all, any help or advice is very much appreciated!
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