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  1. Thanks, by way of an update I may have found a solution. Pulled out the remaining front shaft from my HS2 and measured it - 76mm. Not sure this is correct as looking at the ones I have in my super sabre they are 77mm (77.3 I think), so maybe the previous owner put shorter shafts in hence the fall out? Work around for now, I have 2 spare original HS1 rear shafts (77mm) which seems to fit. Any reason these won't work? Re re shafts may need new drive cups I'm told to work with the HS2. Cheers, P.
  2. Thanks, other one is in the car for now, will report details when I can extract it. On first glance no, uprights look intact.
  3. Hi all, just to clarify are the re re parts (9805551) the same size as the old boomer / HS2 shafts (14135017)? Cheers
  4. Yes please! And I am in the UK. If I can get hold of a new shaft she will get a full strip and rebuild.
  5. Morning all My son took my old Hotshot 2 for a spin yesterday and its come back missing one front drive shaft. Can someone direct me to the replacement part please, hoping these are easier to source that the original Hotshot ones! Think they might be the same as the Boomerang? And is there a way of using cable ties to hold them in place to stop this happening again? Much obliged. P.
  6. That's great thanks, agree on old tyres as did that on my bear hawk - cracked after a year or so. That opens up a whole new question about storing the tyres when your cars are in plastic crates in the shed. I've read its best to take them off the car and use a glycerin coating in a bag - that the preferred method? And I guess that avoids flat spots too? Don't want to waste money on these things!
  7. Thanks MadInventor, that sorted it nicely thanks. Got the C clips back on OK and for my hotshot project took advice on here and when I lost one manufactured another from a section on biro spring. If only all the fixes were that easy... The Super Sabre needs new tyres next. Assume that's about £30 for supergrippers? And can anyone point me in the right direction for a how to / where to source a white pen for the tyre lettering please? Cheers
  8. Hi there, I've a similar project on the go and will follow this with interest. Can't add any details to your questions but sure others will advise. Mine was a lot rougher looking than yours and at least you have both front drive shafts - just had to pay far more than I would have liked for replacements. My restoration includes me removing but keeping the old MSC and fitting new electrics, but I've put the old heat sinks back on. Mine won't get any/much driving I suspect, more of a restoration of an old timer that looks better than it was! Will post some pics later perhaps. Good luck, Paul.
  9. Afternoon all, I'm trying to rebuild an ancient Super Sabre. I stripped it all down years back and have started on the rear gearbox. Previous owner had fitted bearings in the dim and distant. When assembling the box, I could not get the two halves to fit back together - something was too wide. Looking at the image from the manual (snip below) if I put a bearing where E11 was, then the BW2 washer and then a C ring then it would not fit. For now I just put in a bearing and then gear SA6 which seems to work. Is that wrong - do I not need a thrust washer there too? Is missing the c ring out important? (I saved most of these little blighters - guess they hold the gear box joint cup (SA3) in place?). Any help appreciated. Not even sure what E11 was, I don't have one that's for sure... Cheers, P.
  10. If its spare then I might be interested. Not sure how trades work here, perhaps PM me?
  11. Hi, and thanks all for the replies. This looks similar and appears to be the right length but lacks the same radial markings on the shaft - does this matter? Any ideas what kit this item came with? Vagueley considering selling what I have and putting money into a re-re! Cheers, P.
  12. How are you getting on with this? I have a similar dilema as lacking a front drive shaft on the original car. Have you resolved with re-re parts on your car?
  13. OK thanks MadInventor. So what would be the parts list I'd need if I had to use re re shafts if you don't mind me asking? Please direct me to other threads, others must have encountered the same issues I guess.
  14. Thanks for the help anyway. It sounds like this is a hard part to find
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