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  1. Been a wee while but a few more updates. Swapped the screw mounting of my undertray for velcro. Basically, the screw locations I'd chosen went through the chassis into the aluminium suspension mounts. So two things: 1. The required threadlock melted the lexan tray. 2. I could not tighten the screws enough without damaging the lexan Top tip, use the low profile stuff you can buy on eBay/amazon etc. Otherwise the tray sits quite far below the chassis. I also added two screws through the front bumper to prevent the tray being pulled down/off when it caught rocks etc while running. In my hunt for sway bars I was given a good tip that the TA06 bars might fit. Thanks again @ThunderDragonCy More details here: With these installed (and limitations on outdoor gatherings slightly relaxed) me and a friend set up a rally in a dissused gravel car park to try the XV01 against his hopped up TT02. How'd I do? Terrible! I learned a few things: 1. I need to practice driving this ting on loose surfaces 2. The XV01 is oversteer happy 3. The non rally block tyres I was using are not great on loose gravel 4. Despite the tray, a load of debris finds its way into the car 5. The suspension on the XV01 is incredible. The thing just floats across rough terrain. In order to address point 2, I swapped the medium sway bar on the back for the soft one and swapped over to the rally block tyres. This seems to have helped but I also plan to increase the weight of the oil in the front diff. I'll see how I do in the next 'rally'. I'll settle for not being lapped in a 5 lap race frankly. To further improve the chassis/body protection, I added some dead simple gaffa tape extensions to the mudguards: They look a bit daft but they really do help reduce the aount of gravel and water that spray round the inside of the car. All told, despite my abismal race performance, I'm loving the car. If I can tame the oversteer a bit more and get in some practice, I think this car will be incredible
  2. Thanks. That makes sense now. Meanwhile I swapped the medium bar on the rear of the car for the soft one and swapped over to the rally block tyres. Classic bit of bad science since I changed two variables at the same time but one/other/both seem to have made a difference. I'll put the 'pirelli' tyres back on at some point and see if it reverts to oversterring. I've also ordered a spare steel geared diff so will stick some 300k oil in it and install at some point when I have a bit more time. I'm guessing that will get the car roughly where I want it. It has to be said, the XV01 chassis is really quite special. The thing just glides over rough surfaces and, as I'm learning, you make make big changes ot the handling characteristics with minor tweaks.
  3. Interesting. So, keep the front bar on the stiffest setting but then remove or relax the bar on the rear? It's a fair point. Real cars I've owned have always had front bars but not allways rear bars. As to the mods on the front, I'm not 100% on the terminology but I think you're basically saying to move the angle of the upper suspension link so it 'diverges' from the lower wishone as it heads out to the hub (rather than running paralell). I'm guessing this would increase tendency to understeer? Great tips, thanks.
  4. On the oversteer, I'm thinking of going heavy on the oil in the front diff (I have some 300k sat here). Anyone tried that and did it help at all? My mate let me try out his incredibly hopped up TT02 and I have to say it was less prone to spinning out on the loose corners.
  5. Turns out I can confirm that the TA06 Stabilizers are totally compatible with the XV01. So, big thanks to @ThunderDragonCy I ended up using only the 'front' bars from the TA06 kit installing the firm one up front and the medium at the back. I test fitted the soft bar and it really did next to hee-haw. I guess this is all moot since, for now at least, there are no TA06 bars available either (I did seem to manage to bags the last set in the UK) but maybe it'll be useful info for someone in the future. As to the effect on the car, I'd say I'm chuffed. Becuase I fitted the rally interior and used the long rod ends on the shocks, my car is a bit top heavier than standard sp the stabilizers (sway bars of arbs in normal parlance) really help level the car out. I just need to sort out the vicious oversteer now.....
  6. Really useful, thanks. My TA06 stabilizer set turned up today. Measure for comparison and I'd say the front bars are identical in dimensions and angles to those measured above for the XV01. The rear bars are a little different. The angles are a little shallower, maybe bang on 45 degrees. The ends are 60mm and the middle is about 38mm. The ends could be cut down easily and possibly the middle is close enough. The fitting kit looks identical to that in the XV01 bars (from pictures on the web). In summary, if you can find them, it looks like they should fit. This is especially true if you want to use soft/medium at the back with medium/firm at the front. That way you could get away with only using the front bars from the TA06 kit (which appear to be identical to the XV)1 bars. Proof is in the pudding though so I'll report back once I've had a chance to install.
  7. Nicely wriitten and good points made. For me I guess some of this hinges around what 'caring for family' can mean. If you're out having time with your kids then I'd say you're caring for them. Additioanlly, we live in a time of relative 'plenty' which would contrast hugely with that which was available 50 years ago. I imagine that is also part of it.
  8. I really have gone and bought her a Racing Fighter too. Genuinly a reaction to this thread..... Or maybe I was just lookig for any excuse Cheers.
  9. What do I need rod stoppers for? I mean, obviously, stopping my rods but what does that mean? Do these simply fit in between the mounting points tp prevent the bar sliding from side to side? I've seen some people using them, others not.
  10. Somewhat mixing my complaints here but I find it even more annoying when I'm out playing with one of our RC cars with our daughter. She'll be happily driving the crawler along a path and someone will offer a helpful comment like 'ohhh, looks like she's indulging her dad'. Somehow the idea that she might be enjoying playing with the car herself is incomprehensible, presumably, because she's a girl. Problem is that, like all kids, she absorbs this stuff and starts to assume that ther IS something odd about us going out to play with RC vcars together. It's hard enough fighting all the unhelpful stereotypes that she gets exposed to without memebers of the public randmly joining in. Don't get me wrong, we also play with barbie's, lego, drawing etc and she will ultimately decide for herself whether her dad's RC hobby is for her or not. But, in the meantime, when you see a parent having a really good bit of quality time with their kid why on earth would you decide it's okay to chime in with yout outdated and critical asesment of the situation? Why not say something encouraging like, 'nice driving' or 'I like your toy car'? On the flip side, we were out at Xmas driving the crawler round a local bit of countryside when two older girls walked past. They both gave her a big thumbs up and one said 'that's so cool'. My daughter just about exploded with pride. So, it's not everyone. Anyway, that's me all riled up. I'm off to buy her a Racing Fighter buggy (whether she wants one or not).
  11. I've bought a set of TA-06 stabilizers. A ton of searching through google images suggests they might just about fit but I'll need to cut down the rear bars. I'll report back but be aware they are almosty sold out in the UK. That's part of the reason I just decided to buy a set. Otherwise, apparently, its a 10 week wait until the next batch (TA06 and XV01) arrive on the boat. Cheers.
  12. Thanks. They do look quite different to the XV01. The XV01 seem to have the same sized bar front and back while the TA06 ones are quite different. That said, maybe the front or rear bar from the TA06 would fit both the front and rear of the XV01. I could just use differnt stiffness front and rear. Just seems bit of a gamble to have to order a set to find out. I don't suppose anyone owns both and could do a quick compare? Ta
  13. I'd love a set of these for my XV-01 but they are out of stock everywhere. Does anyone know if any other Tamiya sway bar sets can be substituded for the actual XV01 set? I'd be happy to do a little light modding if needed. Ta.
  14. You don't . At least not in this version. I've stuck in a 4000mah battery and routed power out through the top (see previous posts). Should be good for ~40 mins of play and easily connected/disconnected/charged by taking the body off. I figured that would be enough for me. As I mentioned though, I'm not sold on the screw-thru attachement method and might move over to velcro. In that case it could be fairly easily removed to swap batteries if 40 mins were not enough.The downside would be that the velcro would effectively increase the thickness of the tray and so reduce ground clearance a little. Since I'm using the 5mm longer rode ends on the shocks though, I think I might get away with that.
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