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  1. Quick update for anyone considering a TA02 build. My own TA02 is not 'in class' but it's still been an interesting car to run. It's a surprisingly decent chassis (given its age), the shocks are easily extended (I removed the V3 spacer and added a shock o-ring with the remaining V1 spacer) and the Calibra shell can be cut back (fairly dramatically) to work with a rally car. Leaves you with this: Only issue I had with it was that the front bumper provides hee-haw protection, especially for the shell. Clearly nobody at Tamiya had embraced urethane bumpers back in the early '90s. So, I bodged in a urethane bumper as below and it fits great. Required a bit of dremmeling of the existing bumper but only took a few minutes.
  2. Great effort! Part of the appeal to me was putting spares to good use. Post a pic when you're done!
  3. Thanks. It's also my favourite. The shell was pretty beaten up when I got the car so I was delighted when I found I was able to salvage it.
  4. This car looks great, weird about that round shaft. Rudimentary slipper clutch I couldn't quite make sense of the pinion table in the manual. Maybe I'm misunderstanding but it seemed to suggest 20T pinion is okay with a stock 540 provided you ball race the car. I ran mine with ball races and an 18T and the motor got very hot indeed. Currently running the stock 14T with a sport tuned and it runs pretty well. Nice balance of speed and torque (if still a bit hot).
  5. Jump on it fast and we can ignore the exchange rate issue . Just file a complaint with the chancellor. Yours, Bernie.
  6. Loving this build thread. I actually took my second hand TA02 out for it's first proper run yesterday. It's not 'silver can rally' class as it came with a 4000kv Max10 combo. I may switch it over to a sport tuned brushed but just wanted to give it a whirl. Have to say, what a great chassis! You can get loads of suspension travel out of it and(with thicker oil) it runs really nice and plush. Fairly neutral handling and slid around beautifully on a wet IKEA carpark. Hard to believe the chassis is from the early '90s!
  7. Here's the shell from my TA03 to give some idea. You'll notice I did double up the tape around the wheel arch but this was only because there was a large split in the shell at that location. And back on the car: Not my neatest work (you can see the tape sticking out around the wheel arch) but I was rushing a bit on this one.
  8. Just my hands. The goo is very viscous. A brush wouldn't be able to spread it out. You really need to push it through the tape. A spatula would theoretically work but using your thumb is far easier. I should (and we should all) be using gloves but I must admit that I don't.
  9. The smell is wonderous. If you've not done it before, here are my tips: 1. Use properly sticky tape. I bought a roll of this pink stuff on eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283299901787?hash=item41f5fd715b:g:DxcAAOSwGpBeChJc&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4PenTZXAvOUMYrYGmEbp4u6dUE6KyEyvZ6mGowwzOeOxuzY9VfSaPBmPsINozV0yt0g0ksO%2BKDPtmnJla%2BtunoKktAJWt4M4K%2BxzYHdQYwLd51kdmD3k9tySf%2BahR3prqcvskDyEAUM2VChdLalhqG1BJyotxKRnZbgWfxdxERjnn2C2hXgWM9%2BZJrx%2F3YwwGRoDxFWPicDSloKGq4vLLR24qpka%2BMKBDjtZ8PZ8BgDx34LV4Ss9c7G%2F0sdSGlqZbUCm8Zsk9jFg3jHiYBj1PIQEeFHnnD2EeCDjbLIFwME6|tkp%3ABFBM1Mriou1g 2. Use a fan heater or hair dryer! The stuff takes hours to set at room temp and seconds with a bit of applied heat. This is the key to not melting the paint and something I only figured out recently (after melting paint on my Lancia shell). If you get it to set quickly, it doesn't hurt the paint. Don't stick the shell right up against the heater though, maybe one/two feet away so you don't melt the plastic of the shell itself. My process is this: Fully tape the shell. Don't be tempted to double up on layers. You don't need to and it makes the tape far more prone to lifting when you apply the goo. A small overlap between lines of tape is all you need. Apply the goo directly from the tube onto a small area of the shell. and smear it out with one hand while holding the shell with your other. Sounds obvious but don't swap hands (otherwise you get goo on the outside of the shell). You need a clean and and a working hand. I tend to do one section about the area of one wing or one bumper at a time. I don't generaly bother with the roof. Once you've done one section. hold it in front of the heater (at a sensible distance) for 30 seconds or so. The glue will nicely spread out as it warms and then go tacky. One tacky, you're golden, the tpe will no longer lift. Before I figure out the heat trick I'd be going back every 20 minutes for a couple of hours to push down any tape that had lifted. Move on to next section and repeat. I've done three shells like this now and I'm able to do the whole job in about 30 minutes and have had great results with no damage to the paint. Takes about half a tube of goo per 1/10th rally shell. Hope that is useful.
  10. Bernie definitely approves ******* Silver can - ive got probably about 20+ of these left over ESC - TBLE02s, again got about five or six of these unused from previous kits ****** I was basically counting on most people being in the above position. BTW, regards cracked bodies, I've had way better success than I expected with scrim tape and shoo goo on two of the shells I've been working with.
  11. We're a few pages in so, just for clarity: The original rules stipulated a total £200 or less with the following guidance: Money spent on the car or any parts for the car must be deducted from the budget Any components that come with a purchased car or kit that are not being used (a brushless motor/ESC or receiver/transmitter for example) can be sold on with revenue from sale added back onto available budget You can raid your own spares box. My thinking on this would be things like wheels/tyres, receiver, brushed motor and/or ESC, servo etc I think an area of ambiguity is the sale of things from your spares box to fund the car. This could get tricky as I probably have a couple of hundred quid's worth of stuff in my spares box that I could sell if I include wheels, motors etc. Probably what matters here is staying in the spirit of the rules. For my part I'm enjoying the budget constraint (says the chump who's bought three cars). If the car doesn't need to do 40mph, like Alvin says, it probably doesn't need all the hop ups. In that case, how much less fun does the car become? So far, not much Planning another tarmac rally stage this weekend. I have high hopes for my lower geared XV01. Well, in as much as I hope the motor doesn't melt this time. There's a point, I'm down to my last silver can motor in the spares box. If I smoke this one I'm not sure what the rules will need to be regards repair costs
  12. Yeah, that is probably the single largest flaw in this otherwise brilliant idea. Actually being able to race each other. I guess the aim is to share details on builds and then report back on any racing done. I'm lucky enough to have a mate nearby who's been prepping a TA-04 and we had a first race last week. Actually I should probably report on that. Two, five lap races of our carpark course. I was using my XV-01, him with his TA-04. My mate won the first race but it was a proper photo finish. Then we swapped cars and he annihilated me Might sound like a fairly minimal amount of racing but actual racing was delayed by pre-race tuning of the cars and then cut short by my motor burning out. Planning to try again this weekend.
  13. These are excellent points! The Neo Fighter Price Index will now become my go-to indicator of the economic health of the nation.
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