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  1. Having started this thread to help me decide whether I want to buy a MB after being dissapointed by the BF I had as a kid I now find myself watchign videos of the BF and thinking I might just buy another of those!? Tamiya are weird but my own nostagilc reactions to their cars is weirder. To be fair the BF r-re is a better car than the original but still. I guess it's just the awesome shell.
  2. Ever on the look out for alternative rally chassis. Can you get parts for the TB01 any more and how does it run on off road surfaces? Cheers, Bernie.
  3. I admire your economic honesty. Probably after though that the SR is more touring car than Rally car. I think a TA03 is fine for rallying. The plastic on mine seem okay and it’s stoutly built. On the other hand, the TA02 is an easier conversation with better parts availability. I’m very happy with my recent TA02 mods and can’t wait to try it out somewhere off road. It was great in the snow yesterday. Even as a touring car though, curious how you get on with your SR.
  4. That's a good shout. I gave it a bit of thought and then took the lazy option of thicker oil since I had some handy If I want to go up a grade again though I might swap out my pistons as you say.
  5. Few pics that hopefully show the mods. Whole chassis including bumper and lead: Upper links and TL01 hub carrier: Spacer below steering arm to bring steering tie parallel with lower suspension arm:
  6. This is an actual nightmare of mine. I sell the car and buy something that I clearly like less. Wake up and have to go and check the driveway.
  7. In theory, I think that's a great idea. As usual, only concern is that running off road would mean gravel etc getting into the belt/pulley. It might end up being a decent tarmac stage rally car though? TBF, my mate has been running his TA-04 carefully of road without any disasters. It's a great chasis for sure.
  8. Just drove my modified TA02 in the snow. What a great car. Huge drifts and lots of control. I only managed 5 minutes before my hands went numb but it was great fun. Has anyone ever considered the TT02 Type SR for Rally or is that really a road only version of the chassis? Tamico have a reasonable price at the moment.
  9. Total eBay win there! Even came with a castle ESC. I'd love a TB chassis but I've never spotted one within budget. I'll keep looking.
  10. Thanks. Whole project was borne out of racing against my mates XV02. His was sooo much easier to drive. Given the similarities in the chassis (mid motor, shaft drive, similar suspension travel) I wanted to figure out how close I could get the TA02 in terms of handling. Totally recommed these changes to anyone wanting to run a TA02 on anything other than smooth tarmac. There's a great Rally chassis in there.
  11. Few details on my TA02 rally mods below: @alvinlwh, might be use for yours?
  12. As detailed below, I've been messing around with a TA02 Calbre as a Rally car: I bought mine as a used car with a few useful hop ups and a 4000kv Max10 combo. Otherwise, it was built up as stock and had previously been run very fast on road (4000kv, largest possible pinion). Out of the box I made some changes: 1. Lengthened shocks by removing the large internal (V3) spacer and replacing the smaller V1 spacer with a silicon o-ring. I also replaced the stock oil with 800cst as it was comicaly underdamped. Still ran stock springs but used pre-load spacers to fill the gap. 2. Replaced pinion with smallest option. Immediately much better. Still a bit underdamped but great fun on road and brilliant for sweeping power slides. Issues remaining though: 1. Dreadful understeer on power and loads of oversteer off power. 2. Still bouncy on rough terrain. 3. The TA02 chassis features suspension that really changes the camber as you compress (becomes increasingly negative). As a result, lengthening the shocks has left it with positive camber at full extension. 4. Possibly as a result of the longer suspension but it now has loads of bump steer so it gets very skittish on bumpy ground at high speed. 5. Lots of caster angle (as was typical back when th TA02 came out) Fixes in no particular order: 1. Replaced hub carriers with ones from a TL01. You can use these to cancel the caster angle. Requires quite a bit of filing and fiddling to get them on but they do work. Pretty much neutral caster angle now. This has helped with understeer. Fairly cheap mod too. 2. Made up some upper links for the front suspension with M3 threaded rod and some old eyelets. I was able to set these up a bit shorter than the stock ones to get neutral Camber at full droop. Again, has helped with understeer. 3. Added spacers underneath the steering tie rods at the hub to get the steering rods to sit at the same angle as the lower arms. Totally fixes bump steer! 4. 'Balanced' the chassis by adding some lead weight up front (over the front bumper). The result is neutral chassis balance. Another big improvement in understeer. 5. Increased shock oil weight to 1200cst front and 1500cst rear. Much better damping, doesn't keep boumcing around after jumps. Might even go higher. End result is a TA02 with really neutral handling (no excessive under or over steer). No sudden changes of direction over bumps (from bump steer). Really plush suspension. It can be run full speed over cobbled surfaces without being thrown everywhere. Just much more predictable overall. Maybe not quite an XV02 but a huge improvement over stock and only required buying the TL01 hub carriers. The rest was built through odds and sods from the spares box. To be honest, the TL01 hub carriers may not even be needed if you do the rest of the mods. Really enjoyed this mini project and I think I've learned quite a bit about what affects chassis behaviour for these wee cars.
  13. Okay. Order of business: Apologies for absence. A combination of work and a minor disagreement with creditors required Bernie to lie low for a while. Everything is resolved now and it turns out I love living in this basement at an undisclosed address. Holy crap, there have been some awesome builds while I was away. Here are a few mentions. Sorry if I missed anyone. @Juhunio, That TA03F is stunning. How're you getting on with it? I'm still loving mine but I'm sparing it the bad weather so it's been 'resting' indoors for a while now. @Pylon80, Loving the Audi. I can't comprehend how you got that interior to look so good. @alvinlwh, Your TA02 looks stunning. I've been unsing my 'non spec' TA02 Calibre a lot (it came in well under £200 but has a brushless motor). I've made a load of mods to the front suspension to improve handling which I'll post at some point later on. I can't belive how well the TA02 can handle with a bit of work. I do have to agree though that the Calbre body is not ideal for Rally, I may do a Lancia Delta for it instead at some point. Yours is delightfully 'just inside budget' too. Qudos for getting some much run time in with it despite the weather too. I must take a car out in the snow today myself. @Aerobert, I'd never considered the BRZ body but it looks great. @Superluminal, That Corolla takes me back to my teens when I so desperately wanted that very car. @BigGinge, Lancia in yellow looks superb. I may copy that scheme for a new body for my TA02. XV01 is such a great chassis. Special mention though to your TB-05!! How'd you bag that bargain. In my view that is some serious Tamiya Exotica and the end result looks incredible. Chassis itself is beautiful let alone the shell. Have you run the TB-05 yet? How does it compare to the XV01? @BuggyDad, Welcome on board. I'm really interested in seeing a TT02 SR build. If budget rules become an inconvenince please 'talk to Bernie'. I'm sure we can figure the mathematics out somehow For my part, the XV01 (primary entry) is still going strong and I've really not cut it any slack at all. I've run it on road, in snow and in some horrid wet mud and it keeps on going. Handling is great (long damper eyes on super mini CVA) and the silver can power is just ideal off road. Not a very exotic choice but such a greta car. Like I say, the TA03F is a proper favourite but I'm sparing it the bad weather so it's not been out for a while. 'Out of class' TA02 has become a go-to basher when racing my mate's brushless collection on smoother surfaces. That said, with recent mods to suspension (as I say, I'll post details later) I reckon it could be a fantastic off road car (Calibre body aside). Anyway, I'm going to stick my head out of the basement for a couple of minutes to replenish my vitamin D reserves. Yours, Bernie. p.s. If anyone asks, please say you last saw me in Alaska and that I'll definitely have their money next week.
  14. I’m all too familiar with those ‘surprise’ deliveries of RC nick nacks (usually tyres and wheels for some reason) that I have forgotten I’ve ordered after a night out. Biggest drunken purchase though was an electric guitar that I forgot I ordered after a night out in Korea. Arrived at my house the same morning I got back from the trip 😂.
  15. Interesting, not just a couple of beers then. You also required good weather and good company. This may not help my brother as it's January in Manchester (great company but not a lot of sun).
  16. My brother asks 'How drunk do I need to be to finally pull the trigger on a TT02 Type S' chassis?' For me, I know I have a weakness for impulse purchases after a couple of cans of beer with dinner on a Friday night. Potentially some kind of sobriety check on eBay would have saved me a fortune.... Cheers,
  17. You know, as much as I started this thread saying my original BF was dissapointing, I can't say it was unreliable. Years of unforgiving use and I never had any transmission issues (diff or hex drive shafts). The only recoring issue was that I'd slam it into walls which would push both front wheels backwards and snap the steering servo horn. I think it was the K-parts tree. I bought soooo many of those. Hopefully I'll just crash less these days.
  18. I'd not quite anticipated this level of love for the ORV chassis. I think that's my mind made up. Can't wait to problem solve the drive train
  19. So, by the sound of it, I defintely want one and just need to find the opportunity. It's ages till by birthday
  20. Agreed, quite fancied this approach too: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=24674&sid=3142 Though I'm wary of the tapping phase.
  21. Couldn't agree more, the nostalgia hit is huge. Plus, the MB has a genuinly distinct handling characteristic and speed that I recall being just pure fun. Interesting shout on the MT10. When I looked into it though I noticed that it doesn't have a beetle shell, bright yellow shocks or gold coloured wheels. I'm guessing the steering geometry doesn't radically change under front suspension compression and that the rear suspension won't get progressively softer as it compresses. Feels like they really dropped the ball there
  22. On reflection, I wonder if those harder tyres on the BF were deliberately chosen to help prevent traction rolling witht the heavier/larger shell on top? Either way, I rember my mate being able to out-brake and out-turn me on every corner with his MB Potentially he was just a better diver though.......
  23. Thanks! Totally agree this is a subjective choice I do know the trucks are extremely similar. Aside from tyres, shocks and bodies, there was nothing in it. Even less in it with the re-re BF and MB. I guess my own point of reference remians the original BF vs MB. I do remember driving my mate's MB back in the day and finding that it was an easier car to drive. Of course, I could have upgraded the parts on my own BF but a set of shocks would have set me back 3 months pocket money back then I also anticpate having to mod or replace the diff to overcome the drivetrain issues. That said, TBF, I ran my original BF for years (with little care or attention) and never had an issue with the drive train. I expect a lot of that would be down to using the stock 540 motor and a cheap ni-cad battery though. I wouldn't plan on using brushless for this truck but a good Li-On battery and a sport tuned motor might still be enough to hurt the diff. My guess is that it is a fun truck to bounce around in relatively confied spaces. Maybe the question is whether it's defeciencies (handling etc) cause it to end up sitting on the shelf. Cheers.
  24. Get your violins ready. When I was 13, I spent a whole year saving up for a Monster Beetle. Come Christmas that year, I came up short and had to get the slightly cheaper Blackfoot instead. I never loved that truck. Rock hard tyres and friction shocks (along with the sluggish power from the cheap ni-cad I could afford) meant it was always a bit disspointing (though it did look great). Pack your violins up. Fast forward to the present day and (with a bit of saving) I could have a Monster Beetle. Is it actually a fun RC car though or would it be a case of 'never meet your heros'?
  25. Sadly no RC fun for me this weekend. I've been building secondary glazing units for the house instead which, it turns out, is my new least favourite DIY task..... On the upside, my Datsun 240Z shell arrived and is absolutely stunning. Can't wait to get to work on it (Xmas project).
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