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  1. Ta, so basically figure out whether you have most scope to gear up or down and then choose the 13.5t or 17.5t accordingly?
  2. Purely subjective but this definition comes up pretty regularly. Imagine you had a vintage or re re Tamiya that runs fairly well on a silver can but you’re looking for a bit more poke (to generate wheel spin) and around 25->50% more top speed. Not looking to wreck the car. I’d guess a ~3000kv motor would be decent (maybe a little lower?). What does this translate to in ‘Turns’. 17.5t or 13.5t? I put a 4600kv castle motor in my XV01 and it is anything but mild 😂. Curious what other people are doing with their vintage Tamiya stuff.
  3. Back in character as a 'competitor' in this challenge (no conflict of interest there then), here's an update on my XV01: Super Mini CVA shocks and XV01 dirt springs from RCJAZ, all within my remaining budget! That soft damper oil that came with them though was not up to the job, it bounced around like mad. Increased it to 800cst at the back and 1000cst in the front and it seems better. Might need thicker still in the front though. I'll see if it calms down a bit once it picks up some grime. Stole the torque tuned from my daughter's buggy until the seller sends out a replacement and upped the pinion to a 24T one I had lieing around. I also used some velcro to pull the sides of the body shell together a bit in the middle. The HPI shell is not as nice as the tamiya one and without this mod, looks like a jelly mold of a Subaru. Pretty happy with the body height (trimmed it a bit around the front bumper) so I'll crop the body posts and I think that'll be me done. Really, it's all gone a bit too easily for my tastes. My mate's TA04 entry is definitely more interesting. On the other hand, an XV01 is a great fun car so I'm sure we'll have a blast racing them.
  4. Dear Alvin, Thanks for your enquiry. Since it is clear that you are using only one pinion at a time then you can certainly claim 1/4 the total cost of the four pinions. Lets put the other three down to R&D costs (which clearly comes out of a different, unspecified, budget). Similarly, travel comes out of another budget again, so your £800 should be filed against either R&D (unspecified budget cap), general travel (unspecified budget cap) or hospitality (unspecified budget cap). Hope that helps! Bernie. ****************************** Being Bernie is good fun.
  5. As the self declared 'Bernie Ecclestone' of this racing class I am happy to approve your mathematics. Welcome to the class. Theoretically you'd need to account for inflation to come up with a true value but since Bernie seems happy to dabble in a bit of fraud then I don't see a problem.
  6. Only issue is finding TA01 arms I've ordered some GPM ones that claim to be for the TA02T. My understanding is that these are equivalent to the TA01 arms: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=48983&id=2193 Fingers crossed they will do the trick.
  7. I've started a dangerous thread. Dangerous for me at least. I've now also ordered the Calibra kit . Squirrel it away for xmas. I'm thinking of getting a different body for it entirely though and using the Calibra shell on my TA03F (set up more as a road car). We'll see. Either way, I'm set for projects for the foreseeable future Already ordered the bearing kit for it and trying not to scan rcjaz for hop ups...... edit... I wonder if threads like this one end up causing a temporary bump in eBay/Amazon sales?
  8. It's a strong entry and no mistake. Not sure how well the shell will hold up to rallying but it'll look great doing it either way Whilst I'm delighted with my 'budget' XV01this whole thread has got me very curious about the early TA0X cars. As mentioned, I have a TA03F on the way (just hoping it's not a lemon) but I'm really interested in the TA02 as well. Mark Bryan has done some great videos with his that make me think it could be a superb rally car. It also has the advantage (for rallying) over the later TA0X cars that it has the shaft drive transmision (no exposed belt issues). Let us know how this one goes.
  9. Further update. I found I already had a 2S lipo that (just) fitted in the battery tray of the XV01 so took that out for a quick spin last night (with the stock silvercan motor and 22T pinion). So, I have to take back my earlier comment. The car is not slow at all. The speed issue I had previously was clearly just the tired old battery. I had great fun just sweeping the car up and down the street outside our house. I was shocked just how good a £35 brushed system can be (£15 motor, £20 ESC). The car had plenty of pace and just enough torque for light wheelspin. The suspension and steering where able to work properly with the speed so the car just looked way more scale. I am really impressed. It has to be said that I was having pretty much as much fun as I do driving my Castle MambaX equipped XV01. Sure, that one is faster but it's just constantly hair raising. With the stock brushed system you still get a decent top speed but without the constant wheel spin and resultant sliding around. I reckon it'll be absolutely spot on with a torque tuned motor. It's almost as if Tamiya knew what they were doing when they specced the car 🙂 Certainly, when my bargain basement TA03 turns up I'll be giving it a good trial with a brushed setup rather than immediately shopping around for a brushless setup as I would previously have done.
  10. Let's see what actually turns up I'm hoping enough parts are compatible with the TA03RS (which seems to be relatively common still) that I'll be able to deal with any immediate issues. The body is a bit tatty but might be salvagable with some mesh and shoogoo. Either way, an interesting project all in. Immediately intrigued by the 53298 torque splitter.
  11. Updates on this project. Here's the car with a set of rally wheels/tryes added: The body is quite wide so the slightly extreme offset of these wheels works well. I gave it a once over, added oil to the diffs (previous owner was running them with just a bit of grease) and swapped the shock ends to long eyelet ones left over from my XV01 build. Took it out. for a drive and wow, this thing is slow 😂. I guess there's a reason we all moved over to brushless setups years ago. Couple of observations on this though: 1. It's running at a more appropriate scale speed so the chassis actually gets a chance to work (rather than just constantly drifting across the surface as the wheels spin). 2. You can actually drive the car where you intend. It's not thrown around by the road surface. 3. Once you get used to the above and modify your driving style, it's quite good fun. Further observations on the car itself. 1. I think the motor is b*ggered. Very noisy. It's a torque tuned one but when I swapped it for a standard silver can the car was quieter and faster. 2. I think the battery is also on its last legs. I got multiple random LVCs when accelerating and it only lasts 10 minutes. 3. The shocks/springs are just too stiff. Even at low speeds, the car bounces everywhere. Nothing like the plush handling of my XV01 on stock shocks. Regards 1 and 2 above, the seller is sending a new motor and a partial refund for the battery so no complaints there. I've ordered a 'stick' lipo that should turn up tomorrow if I'm lucky. Hopefully that will give a longer drive time and a bit more punch. If there is still an issue, I guess it could be the HW1060 ESC but I gather they are often used for 1/10th scale rally/touring cars so I don't see it as being the issue? Further to the XV01, I noticed a listing on eBay for a used TL01 car. When I checked the pictures though, it was a TA03F boxed with original instructions. I couldn't resist and got it for £70 all in. Very excited to try it out.
  12. I have bought a TA02 chassis and want to use it with a Datsun 240Z shell. I believe the shell has a 251 wheelbase and the TA02 (stock) to be 257mm. I'm guessing that I won't be able to bodge it to fit and need to slightly shorten th TA02 wheelbase. I've rad a lot of threads about using flipped TA01 rear arms to shorten the wheelbase but I can't find out what the resultant whelbase would actually be. Does anyone have any tips? EDIT: Just found this guide: TA-02 chassis + TA-01 arms Wheelbase =234mm TA-02 chassis + flipped TA-01 arms Wheelbase =250mm TA-02 chassis + TA-02 arms Wheelbase =257mm TA-01 chassis + TA-01 arms Wheelbase =257mm TA-01 chassis + flipped TA-01 arms Wheelbase =273mm TA-01 chassis + TA-02 arms Wheelbase =280mm If this is correct, do I need anyhting other than the rear TA01 arms?
  13. Thanks guys! That is basically what I wanted to hear 😂
  14. Not that I'm obsessive or anything but...... maybe a TA02 build on the side might be fun too? I have a hankering to build something to use with a Datsun 240Z shell. Anyone got any thoughts on a stock TA02 vs a stock-ish TT02? I'd only be running a silver can or sport tuned so it wouldn't be getting too badly abused. I guess the TT02 probably makes more sense (more modern, better parts support) but the TA02 was around when I was a kid and I thought it looked magic. With the TA02 Calibra kit still available I guess there's a window to own one.
  15. Brilliant, thanks. I'll take a look. I'd previously spotted that the 501 and 201 springs were a bit hard to come by right now. Also tempted by 54465 if I can keep it all in budget.
  16. This is incredibly helpful advice, thanks. Any tips on what springs to go for? Mine has come with stiff yeah racing ones that aren't going to work off road.
  17. Man, that is very pretty. Here\s some great footage of a TA02 Rallying: I hadn't realied the TA02 was re-released. That is a great candidate for sure.
  18. So, I have bitten on an XV01 chassis! Arrived this morning Quite 'high miles' but comes with a load of useful hop ups, HW1060, silver can motror, a decent servo and good wheels/tyres. Also comes with a radio gear that I'll sell on. If I get a decent price for the radio then I'll have ~£40 left in my budget. I reckon I should be able to build up a set of mini CVA shocks to replace the short ones that are on it. No budget left for the long damper shock towers or sway bars though so still considering whether this is actually a good plan. I'm a bit dissapointed in some ways (it's the obvious answer and not very exotic) but it will be a great car and, I think, I'll be able to come in under budget (just) with something quite drivable. Body shell is a bland version of a bland car so I may de-decal and add some external paint (from the parts bin) just to give it some personality. Looking forward to getting to work on it.
  19. That looks totally epic! The TA03F chassis looks totally intriguing. My favurite feature of the XV01 is the front mounted motor, I reckon the TA03F will have many of the same handling characteristics with easier under/overdrive hacking options.
  20. Okay, I may have a chassis. Comes with silver can and HW1060 ESC, TX/RX and a slightly tatty body. Has a few nice hop ups and a box of parts too. I'm not prepared to reveal yet 🙂 It's right on the budget limit though. So, making the rules up as I go along, I'm going to sell the TX/RX (and salvage an RX from another car) and recoup the sale price from the budget. This should give me breathing space for a couple of replacement parts if needed. It's also a high miler so will require a full rebuild (that's what winter evenings are for right?). Biggest problem on the car is the shocks they are definietly suited to TC stuff rather than Rally. I gather there are a few parts in the spares bin that comes with the car but I suspect it's going to get a bit bodgy if I'm to stay in budget 🙂
  21. Excellent stuff. Having found the price of a used TA03F to be astronomical I am going to spend some time researching the TL01 Cheers.
  22. Any thoughts on the TA04? Just to cast the net a bit wider?
  23. Great suggestions, thanks. Definitely intrigued by the TA03. I've often toyed with trying a 'one way' pulley on my XV01. To be clear, you overdriving the rear so the front generally freewheels unless the rear wheels lose traction? I'd always thoiught about it as a means to get FWD steering by overdriving the front wheels on my XV01 (never actually got round to it though). Upon further research, wish I could stretch to a TB05:
  24. Spoken like a true TA03Guy Yeah, I really like the look of these. I'm a sucker for belt drive cars. I reckon a lot of this will come down to which options come up second hand over the next couple of months. I'd be very happy with a clean TA03 though.
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