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  1. Yes, this hobby is ideal when you have kids that like cars. You take them outside for an hour and a half. They entertain themselves so you just have to watch and be there for them. And when you return home your wife is happy because she had some precious time for herself .
  2. Proof that it did hit the dirt this summer @Sgt.Speirs.
  3. Unfortunately I didn't run the Monster Racer much. Maybe 2 or 3 times this summer... The 5yo takes care of himself but the now 3yo also wants to have a go. And he still needs lots of assistence. So mostly we take just 2 cars out. And I'm not letting them drive the Monster Racer.
  4. And this is how our monsterized TL-01B ended up. Fitted CVA's and Schumacher tyres. Was fun to drive. Kind off. But it drained batterys pretty quickly in this configuration and didn't perform that special. Today it rained all day long. Summer has ended. Time to prep our wet weather cars (Mad Bull, Fighter Buggy RX Memorial and GF-01 Land Cruiser). From dust to mud!
  5. So... Did we run it? Yes, we did. Did we damage it? Yes, we did. Did we have fun all summer long? Yes, we did! Awesome car.
  6. The one thing I love about Tamiya is that building Tamiya kits kept me, relatively, sane during our second months long lockdown and curfew.
  7. Whoa. Some of you own pretty fancy chargers! Nice! Here is my Carson Expert charger. Special attention for the word "Expert" please ;-). It only charges NiMH at 2A but the only packs we use are 4 pieces of 3500mAh NiMH's. We use two or three packs on saturday, I charge one pack saturday evening, we use two or three packs on sunday and then there are plenty of evenings left to charge all packs for next weekend. Works fine until now.
  8. Some exercise for the little one.
  9. Long time no see! Welcome back!
  10. Our sons are 5 and 3 years old. We drive RC cars since december 2020. Since that time I always have some cars available for the kids in the street who are watching us drive our cars. We live in a street with 19 houses and a lot of kids between 4 and 12 years old. When we started none had a RC car. At the moment one of the kids is driving a Traxxas, two of the kids are driving a FTX, another one is driving a RTR from a for me unknown make and one of them is driving a Tamiya I gifted him. This is the second summer in a row a lot of kids are driving RC cars in our street. It works! We could almost start a club ;). On the other hand all of them are buying RTR's it seems. So it isn't a benefit for Tamiya.
  11. Thank you both @Mokei Kagaku and @Saito2! Really interesting! Looking forward to reading your posts when you have received The Grasshopper @Mokei Kagaku.
  12. Great find! Can you educate us on the things Tamiya corrected after the first production runs?
  13. And it is a Tamiya. Spread the word. Go for it! Looking forward to your article!
  14. Great! Have been reading a lot of the very interesting topics you started on TC. Glad I could help you out a little on this one.
  15. I have some 55T/45T/35T motors from RC4WD and the shaft is slightly longer than that of a silvercan (my RC4WD motors have a 11mm shaft). I see they also do 27T/20T ones: - Engine & Motor (rc4wd.com)
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