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  1. We had a long weekend with good weather so on friday the 7yo and me finished his TT-02: He was cautious at first but it didn't took long before he drove it like he stole it. Up until now I'm pleasantly surprised with the TT-02's driveability and durability. Only hop-ups are steel pinion, bearings, CVA's and a high torque servo saver.
  2. Stretched the Monster Racer's legs: And did some tinkering on the shocks for the 7yo's TT-02:
  3. Did some work on the Monster Racer: @Kol__ to the rescue: Thanks mate! As good as new now:
  4. Happy to pass them on to someone who appreciates them!
  5. Thanks! This club is booming man . Took me several hours to scroll through this and the "So, What Have You Done Today?" thread alone. Some amazing work has been put in.
  6. I bought a NIB Mad Fighter a few years ago and didn't like the transparent gearcase so I used a normal black one. Think the transparant one is still in the box... Could check it out for you? Located in The Netherlands.
  7. Didn't visit the club for a full month . Family life took over I quess. And then this arrived: Really stoked! Been looking for one since this hobby started for me in February 2021.
  8. I would be interested in LiFe batteries too. But where to buy them in Europe? Or even outside Japan? EDIT: I now see Hobbyking has Zippy LiFe batteries. But I don't think they will fit in a Tamiya RC car?
  9. Yes, they do. But they won't because of the flawed transmission. That you can only fix with the help of @Sgt.Speirs, @ThunderDragonCy and/or @Muso31. Thank you guys! Hurray for running it @Saito2!
  10. Runners Midnight Pumpkin (4yo), GF-01 Land Cruiser (6yo), Stadium Blitzer (6yo), Mad Bull, Monster Racer, Madcap and XV-01. Shelfers The Grasshopper, The Frog, Buggy Champ and Mad Fighter (at the office). Work in progress TT-02 au Tom's Supra GR (6yo) NIB Porsche 934 Vailant 45th Anniversary Thinking of selling Twin Detonator (bought for 6yo's birthday but he prefers an on road car now...) Pre-ordered Egress and Top Force
  11. No worries @Kol__! I'm not in a hurry. And if you don't have one I will use Shapeways I think.
  12. It is up for sale on this forum now: Owwww. And I almost forgot I also sold a Fighter Buggy RX Memorial and a Rising Fighter this year.
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