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  1. bavee

    Kol's Dyna Storm

    Just wow! Wat a great catch!
  2. Changed from steering rods to turnbuckles on the Madcap: Sharp drills feel so nice: Night and day difference. Now ordered a high torque servo saver.
  3. You are kidding, right? I'm not punishing a 6yo for breaking one C-hub in almost a year of driving. Him being in tears clearly showed he knew something had gone wrong. Ow. And he even said I could use his savings for the repair if I did not have enough money.
  4. He was ripping around the playground at the end of our street. Kicking up dust and jumping curbs. I think he hit the pole of a children's slide or something. Told him it was no big deal and I would order some new parts to fix it.
  5. Broke a C-hub on the Stadium Blitzer... Actually... The 6yo did. And he was in tears .
  6. Nice one! Didn't realize how big a Blackfoot and Monster Beetle are compared to a Stadium Blitzer .
  7. Quick check on the shocks yesterday evening (I have a policy to not open oil shocks when not needed). The rear shocks have 4-hole pistons fitted, no wonder they are way to soft. Unfortunately I haven't got the sprues with the other pistons and the pistons differ from normal CVA's. So facing a dilemma now: - Fitting a normal black DT-03 CVA-set from the parts bin. - Investing in a set of T-Parts for the Super Astute shocks. And the V-Parts for the front shocks? And maybe the damper housings front and rear? Shafts? Springs? That's going to get expensive... Hmmm.
  8. Loved reading this topic. Thanks for posting!
  9. I think Bavaria has always been blue? The green can from The Netherlands must be Heineken. Or Grolsch. Bavaria is relatively small in The Netherlands. So I am surprised they export to Canada. Proost!
  10. The used Madcap I got last year has been in a sorry state for quite some time: But fortunately a couple of weeks ago I had some spare time and decided to clean all the parts. Not my favorite job. But glad I did because today the 6yo was sick. And while he build a Lego McLaren, I started on the Madcap rebuild: And finished it: Countless incorrect screws were used on the car by the previous owner. And the suspension arms etc. were all shimmed to the point they binded. I replaced the diff with a planetary diff from @Muso31 who also provided the gearbox plate and support bracket. I kept the Super Astute 2008 shocks as pointed out by @Kol__. Gave the car a quick spin around our house. Wow, it is quick and quiet. That planetary diff works great! Steering is not so great... Rear shocks are way too soft... Some tinkering needed!
  11. Plan was to go to Militracs with the 6yo today but unfortunately he got a fever yesterday evening. So, it was hobby time. Started on the Madcap rebuild. And cracked open a box of Lego for the 6yo. My wife let me use the kitchen table for once .
  12. Nah... with 40 posts and 99 likes?
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