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  1. I really have to do a better job on the images next time. Get me some better lighting. And image hosting, because it seems I have reached max total size.
  2. Step 1 - Gear case Step 2 - Attaching rear arms Step 3 - Attaching motor Step 4 - Attaching spur gear - I choose the low ratio setting
  3. Thanks. Speed is good. Gearbox is fine. Time for the next project. Finally made some progress on the Buggy Champ! Unboxing - Pleasantly surprised with the blister packaging. And quite a lot of metal parts. Got me a bit intimidated.
  4. My son performed the testrun. Speed with the 55T motor is just about right! VID-20210306-WA0006.mp4 Gearbox still running smooth. Thanks again @Marcus2116.
  5. Cleaned the gearbox last night and assembled it with a bit of new grease inside. Grease-sealed the gearbox and put the 55T motor in. Hope I can give it a testrun this evening.
  6. Great! Thank you @Marcus2116!
  7. Thank you for your advice! I think I will go for the Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 and the Savox SW-0230MG or SW-0231MG. Yesterday I received the 55T motor for the Mad Bull. Tought I could swap it with the standard motor quickly. Then I heard some "crunchy" sounds coming form the gearbox: I guess the sand form the playground managed to infiltrate the gearbox. So. Got my work cut out for tonight. Will give it a good clean and a little bit of new grease. Hope the gears aren't damaged too much. Than I read this on the forum: Anyone in the possession of this supplementary instruction sheet?
  8. Thank you JJ! Last night when I was cleaning the Mad Bull I remembered that this Tamiya RC thing started for me while looking for a waterproof RC for my 4yo. I the realised that at this moment his Mad Bull is anything but waterproof... This is going to get me in trouble sooner or later so I need to act. Have to stick with he Carson transmitter and receiver because of the size and EPA and I think I can make the receiver kinda waterproof placing it in a balloon. For ESC and servo I am thinking: - Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 - Savox SW-0230MG or SW-0231MG Please let me know when I am totally wrong about any of the above.
  9. Thanks for the advice. But.... You know "Blaze and the Monster Machines"? My son loves it. So the oversized wheels need to stay ;-).
  10. Thanks, indeed looks like a great car for my 4yo. The Mad Bull can go places that are out of reach for The Grasshopper. Only problem I have now is that my son really likes the acceleration of The Grasshopper, read: the spinning wheels. And his Mad Bull doesn't do that because of the EPA settings. So now I'm looking for a 45T or 55T motor to give him lower topspeed but better acceleration. Definitely going to do some steering mod when my sons masters steering a touch better. For now it feels like the sloppy steering is just fine. For me The Grasshopper feels like an iconic Tamiya car. As the Rough Rider/Buggy Champ. Will definitely post some photos of the build. Thanks for following!
  11. Thank you @Aerobert! Because I want to learn more about Tamiya's RC buggy history I ordered the Buggy Champ. Delivered today: Bit disappointed that they removed the "bonus parts included" sticker form the box. Not for the bonus parts but for damaging the box. Thats that for my plan to frame some of the boxes. Also ordered the ball diff. Not sure if I'm going to use it at first. Even not sure if I'm going to run the Buggy Champ because I don't have a correct battery pack at this moment. But I just wanted this kit to become familiar with the SRB chassis. Next one on the list is The Frog for its ORV chassis. Not sure about the Holiday Buggy because of the DT-02 chassis of the re re. Also not sure about the Fighting Buggy because that chassis is pretty similar to the Buggy Champ chassis? But first things first. I hope to start building the Buggy Champ this week.
  12. Took a delivery from Germany today: Really excited about this kit! Also ordered the ball diff:
  13. To (give you all the possibility to) keep track of my RC adventures I decided to start my own project thread. I'm not a native English speaker so please forgive me my mistakes. Although I am an 80's kid I'm new to the hobby. Searching the Internet for all things Tamiya I found this forum. It's great to see so much knowledge, enthousiasm and activity on a forum! Started out on this forum with a question about the front suspension of my Tamiya The Grasshopper build: But The Grasshopper wasn't the car that started my RC adventures. For his 4th birthday my oldest son received a gift he wanted for a long time. A genuine Nikko Pro Truck. The box stated that the car is splash proof but the electronics couldn't handle the puddles at our local park. I couldn't fix the car so a week after his birthday we unfortunately had to buy him another one... And tell him to stay out of the mud from now on. Searching on the Internet for a waterproof car for my son I stumbled upon re release Tamiya kits. A RC car that can be fixed when it is broken. I like that! After some consideration I bought a Tamiya The Grasshopper. Not for my son but for myself... Yesterday I finished the build and today I drove it for the first time. This one is totally stock and conform box art because I wanted my first build exactly to be as mister Tamiya wanted this car to be: My son was really interested in building the car with me. Real nice father - son moments. In fact I enjoyed building the car that much that I was already looking for a new kit before I even finished The Grasshopper. Browsing on this forum I found out that a Tamiya Mad Bull would probably be a good starter car for my son. So bought one. Build one. And he also drove it (and bumped over my RC car) today. This one is also box art. But I put in a steel pinion and proper ball bearings as advised on this forum. I also ordered a CVA damper set for the car but haven't installed them yet. My son is using a Carson Reflex Wheel Start with EPA settings that make for a real slow Mad Bull so the stock dampers are fine at the moment. And although the Carson transmitter is a budget one it is far better than the Nikko one and that enables him to better control the car. Hope you guys like my RC adventures and don't think of me as being selfish for starting my own thread as an RC noob!
  14. If it's really the same as the Carson then it will work ;).
  15. My son still likes the transmitter. He is driving his slow Mad Bull around the living room every morning and evening with it. If the weather permits it we will get the Mad Bull dirty this weekend.
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