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  1. It is the body from the Nikko Pro Truck we bought as the first RC for our at the time 4yo. Car broke down within a week... The GF-01's FJ40 body he got for his fifth birthday was trashed within 20 minutes so I had to do something... My conversion is not as good as yours are. But it does the job. And he is happy with it!
  2. Went out for a drive with the 5yo and one of the kids from the neighbourhood. Left to right we have my son's GF-01 with a Nikko body, a TL-01Ra Stadium Raider i bought cheap last week and a TT-01E Porsche 911 GT3 Cup VIP 2007 my neighbour received as a gift from his uncle recently. His dad let me buy some parts to get it running and it is doing fine now. Hope it stays that way... Was good to spend an afternoon like this!
  3. Thank you. Nice one! I will try to drop the rear and check if the tyres aren't rubbing the arches. And yes. It will be driven. No worries ;).
  4. Thanks! Ordered some foam rings.
  5. For wheelies we have a GF-01 with... two broken bodies. Oh well... Thanks! Should I just glue some scrap lexan around the mounting hole? Or would that effect the paint? Thank you! Tyres will rub the body when I lower the body at the rear. Think I wil try to heighten the front posts a bit. I have tried casual running in the past but it doesn't work for me. In the end you want to see what the limits are. And then... everything goes wrong . Thanks! I think this is how it is meant to be. Look at this factory image: And mine: Thanks! I agree .
  6. Trimmed the Stadium Blitzer bodyshell: Applied the decals: And then placed the bodyshell on the chassis: The hood is sitting a little low for my liking. But boy is it pretty?! Need to upload some higher quality images because these aren't doing justice to the bodyshell. Afraid to run it now... .
  7. @Mad Ax this thread needs a picture of the heavy box outside your front door .
  8. On we go with the Stadium Blitzer. White. Silver backing. Black backing: Remove protecting film: Yikes. This thing is white. Would probably use something like Pearl White if I ever do it again. But the decals will make for a huge improvement I guess. Next trimming the body and applying the decals.
  9. I think he heard you talking guys: The 3 isn't actually that big inside but it is a great car when you have only one car, two kids and like driving. Or as they once said on Top Gear: "all the car you'll ever need...". EDIT: That V60 is cool as ****. Great car!
  10. Our parking lot today. You may guess which one is mine... Hint: I am a family man .
  11. Been masking the Stadium Blitzer body. Did I already tell you how I don't like masking? Aargh. And then... paint! I like painting when it turns out like this. It's not perfect but I am happy. Plus this car will be bashed by the 5yo so... Will do white tomorrow if I can find the time. Should I use a backing color?
  12. Thanks! Yes, going box art. Not confident (and creative) enough yet to give it my own twist. And I must admit I really like Tamiya's choice most of the time.
  13. Thank you! And exactlty why I bought a rere Buggy Champ, The Frog and The Grasshopper. To learn something about Tamiya's history by building them. Will get to it!
  14. My wife won't let me buy a new kit before I finish The Frog . No. That is BS. I don't like myself when I lose interest. So I will get to it. After the Stadium Blitzer.
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