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  1. Ahhh, the good old days of the daily repairs on a foxbody mustang. I had an 88 GT back around 2000, owned it for 7 years and it was my daily driver. Your best bet if something went in the distributor is to get a new one, MSD is what I had in mine after I put a new motor in, never had an issue (if people tell you its crap, I wouldn't listen to them, I heard the same from a couple people, but there is a reason they are used the most out of any other brand). Don't convert to carb, I've known people who did it and regret it, not ideal for a daily driver. I included a picture of my car, because I miss it, lol.
  2. Definitely vintage Losi. Seeing yours running brings back memories of my old one, it was my first "hobby grade" RC car. I'm actually picking one up today that has been in storage for years, looks to be in decent shape so I'm excited to finally have one again.
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