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  1. Next week I'll be busy for the whole weekend, so I decided to squeeze out the best I could in this one. Compared to the previous outings, it was quite cold and humid! Just after a five minutes run, the dirt basically covered all the tyres on both of my cars, so in the end it came down to how good the soil is as a compound as far as traction goes. Still, very satisfying to pull this through. ps: Just like many others here, I too use Laptrax to keep count of the running time and the laps; I prefer to use manual mode, since I wasn't satisfied of the movement detection mode due to the lack of precision and the fact that a smartphone on a tripod is merely a target for me, and I don't want to risk ruining mine. I just plug in a microphone/earplug set and bite on the mic mute button to trigger the lap counting. I have a bunch of pet peeves with this application, but my biggest is that, on newer (not really) Android phones, it cannot save results on the phone, which meant I had to copy by hand on a spreadsheet the lap times and count. I resigned myself to Laptrax being basically abandoned, but turns out, they just updated the application! Now I can get those lap results in txt files and copypaste on an excel file much more easily.
  2. @IoMTom Those aluminium shocks you find on ebay look like they are all made in the same fashion, and they are not that good. I got a set of those for my TT-02B, sure they are different size compared to yours, but the construction is basically the same: in my case, I tried to fill them up with 750ct oil, since they come pratically empty. The front shocks kinda worked (probably they were too bouncy), the rear ones really didn't. Once i filled them up and closed them, I tried them a bit to see how they were; they only went just halfway through the stroke. I kept pushing to see if things could improve, but instead the oil cap came up from the plastic top of the shock, tearing itself and bending the flimsy aluminium of the shock cap. I think it's because the piston holes are pretty small, and they can't handle any hard oil, but on the other hand, even the yellow CVA shocks I used on my Terra Scorcher could handle that same oil.
  3. @Ferruz I use my Terra Scorcher as a trail opener, rather than my TT-02B. Even if it's a vintage (well, it's the rerelease, but point is that spares are not that available), it's reasonably rugged, quite capable for the kind of tracks we are doing here (no jumps and low turn motors) and it's a lot easier to clean up, due to the higher ground clearance.
  4. The latter. I thought the deadline was this weekend, not the one that's just ended.
  5. Aww, I missed the deadline. Good thing I keep tabs of the runs I do, at least I can compare my results.
  6. At first, I thought it would be "TC-01, but longer suspensions and different rear shock mount", but apart from the similar front shocks setup, it's kind of it's own beast. Wonder if they kinda solved the space issues of that chassis, like how changing the pinion means disassembling half of the car.
  7. Weird to announce a brand new model one month after a major fair such as the Shizuoka Hobby Show.
  8. Darn it, got a Dilwe 21T brushed motor (I know, big stuff) to swap with my Torque Tuned, since it gets too hot and I wanted a little more oomph. Well, this one doesn't last even 7 minutes before becoming a fireball and triggering the ESC's overheating protection mode. Guess the weather is too hot for brushed motors. Time to plan the brushless upgrade!
  9. @Juggular that's quite an interesting post, thanks. Regarding using high viscosity oils, do they work in non-sealed differentials, or will they eventually leak? Because looking around it seems to be easier to find those, evidently the market is all around sealed oil and ball bearing diffs, no such thing as a dedicated diff grease for gear diffs.
  10. Hi everyone, I've just now taken apart my Terra Scorcher for some maintenance: in particular, I wanted to take a look to the differentials. Right now, they are just packed with MoS2 grease, which I guess it's doing it's job for protecting the gears, but I find them to be pretty much free; there is not much resistance to the action. My aim is to have a firmer differential in the front and one more flowing in the back, which I reckon is the norm. I now do have some AW grease, how should I put it to achieve my goal? Just a film of it on the gears and moving parts, with some more if I want the diff to be stiffer? In general, what are your setups for this model (the Thundershot family, of course)?
  11. Didn't know you could even put an upper deck on the TT02B. Definitely taking a look on the shimming of the drive train, I had to reduce the braking because my car would do terrifying gear skipping noises when I did it. Hopefully it's the drive train and not the bevel gears, don't want to disassemble that too. How did you build your dampers? I've recently got them on my car, and I found out that in the instructions they want you to put in O-rings in the pistons as spacers, to reduce shock travel, and quite a lot: 4 of them in the rear (for 1,2 cm total) and 3 of them in the front (for 9mm). Now, I found that kinda preposterious, since the whole point of splurging on those is also to raise the quite pitiful ride height with the stock dampers, so I put no o-ring in the rear with the short eyelets in the back, and one o-ring in the front with the longer eyelets, and used the kit oil, which is 500 cst. The damper length is there, but the rear is really droopy, even with the quite absurd preload I've put (another detail: the springs seem to be the size of the regular CVA shock, meaning they are too short for these, maybe that's the reason for that many o-ring spacers). Did you find a satisfying solution? Also, what did you use for grease in the diffs, just AW grease, and how much?
  12. One thing I don't like about Laptrax is that you can't do fixed time runs like we do in the postal races, you can only set an amount of laps, then run them out. Sure, you can put like 99 laps then stop running when you see the 5 minute mark, but it's a bit distracting and it's strange the devs never tought about this format, since it's the norm in rc racing.
  13. On the topic of the DF03 dampers, I've just got the reissue for the TT-02B. Looking at the instructions, I see that they use o-rings as internal spacers and the short eyelets for both front and back. Considering that my aim was to raise the ride height on top of having better shocks, wouldn't that be counterproductive for me? Or the longer shaft just does the trick alone? What are your setups?
  14. Hi everyone, for my Terra Scorcher, I've repurposed a Torque Tuned motor coming from my other TT-02B. Back when I tried the electronics, the motor gave a not very nice squealing noice, so I decided to give it a spray of WD-40 on both ends of the rotor, where presumably the bushings are. The noises went away, but not even three batteries in, they are back, and I suspect they are the reason my car stopped running all of a sudden. What is the best way to cleanup and mantain closed bell motors such as this?
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