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  1. Thanks!! Funny you said that. I converted a mad bull to a buggy a few months ago. I now ordered wr02cb wheels to see how that would look. Rising fighter may be a fun conversion to a bull. When I get the comical wheels I'll post them here to see what you think.
  2. Got some more work done last night. The body was in bad shape. So I wet sanded all the scratches out, then primed and wet sanded again to knock down the high spots. Had one crack repair but came out nice. I used an acrylic lacquer that worked well. I decided to use this body for my rising fighter because I already have one with the grasshopper ii decals. I had some rising fighter decals and trimmed them to work. Came out pretty cool
  3. Thanks, I have a polishing sealer that I use. It works pretty well. I went on ebay trying to find a few but the only reasonably priced ones are traxxas and I am not sure of the dimensions. @Toolmaker72 I'll keep an eye out. I like that look.
  4. @Toolmaker72 that one looks great. I like the vintage hornet decals. It's a nice touch. The rear shock mounts look great too. I actually like the rising fighter. I've bought 3 over the years. Where did you get the decals? Lol that was an example of what the car came with. I made some progress yesterday. I built dt03 shocks using the super g shafts so I could use the plastic pistons. I had to polish the shafts due to the condition but no leaks. The super g shocks are done. One of the shocks the body is broken. I will most likely run a esc but wanted to keep the heat sink in the back so I spent some time wet sanding and polishing.
  5. Nice! Yes the superhornet body is hard to find in good condition for a decent price. That chassis looks great! I did the brace on my rising fighter from ampro but yours looks aluminum. do you have a mill? The rx wheels look great too. Post some up of your rising fighter. would love to see it.
  6. Nice builds @Toolmaker72 !! I found that with the super hornet I just did and the two rising fighters. The super hornet I used stock springs with a large pre-load spacer and used tamiya soft. I also enlarged the piston ports and worked really well. The rising fighters I did both with ampro super hornet relocation brackets. One I used dt03 shocks with shorter mounts. I also used the shafts from a spare set I had so you can swap pistons and enlarged the ports. That was a perfect set up. The other set up ill probably change. Is way too stiff. The shocks were more for show but are too small of a bore to work effectively.
  7. I read that after I posted. Some people were saying some came with o-rings and some didn't and they were considered racing shocks..... I might just go with some cva's I have on hand. Didn't realize how many shock components I'm missing......(2 lower front caps, retainer, lower mount) To convert them to oil I would need the orings, spacer and blatter. I might restomod this one. Thanks for the idea about the stress Mark's. I'll give it a try.
  8. I had a chance to restore the wheels. 1500g to 2000 sand paper and plastic polish.
  9. I also didn't understand why the wheels were mounted backwards...
  10. Hi All, I recieved my grasshopper 2 super g that I got on ebay for 50 bucks. My brother had one and when I was a kid. I loved it but I put a 12t in and pretty much destroyed it. He ended up tossing it....... Now that I am back into rc I have been looking for one. Recently did a super hornet that came out really good. It was in decent shape. Unfortunately this Super G is not.... Someone tried to repair the shock towers and holes in the chassis with putty and sheet metal. The wheels are in bad shape, and the shocks are missing components....... the shocks and the wheels were the whole reason I got this car. I have ordered a rising fighter chassis, grasshopper gear box housing, bearings and gears. I need to find original tires, and shock parts. The fronts are missing the lower caps and it looks like all the shocks never had o-rings installed. I have other tamiya take offs but the shock bodies are a lot smaller than the newer variants. I might be out of luck trying to find the blatter and lower caps to rebuild. Does anyone on here have the super g shock manual so at least I'll have part numbers? I'll keep updating this thread as I work on it. I really want to keep original but the shocks may be the problem. The Body is stamped 1988 and has no cracks so I know I can save it. Hope this project turns out!!
  11. Wow awesome build. Joining this site makes me want to spend money. lol
  12. Thanks that helps a lot! Your grasshopper ii is crazy modified. awesome man.
  13. Thanks! I am curious how the second option would look. I can't find an example online even looking at the grasshopper jr's. do you have an example?
  14. Man really cool! Just picked up a mad bull body and might try an alternative to the standard grasshopper.
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