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  1. Did not think so! I guess a few sets of wheels are in order 👍
  2. Oh that’s brill thanks, what would you say is a good choice for the rear? Don’t know if there is such a thing as an all round grippy tyre?
  3. When you say Schumacher CAT Block fronts , they seem to be lots of options, blue, yellow, full spike, etc. which ones do you recommend? I guess a matching set front and rear?
  4. Is there such a thing as a wider rear wheel and tyre for extra grip at all?
  5. This one has been recommended to me, looks like it balance charges too👍
  6. Thank you, I need a new charger to go with the lipo as I don’t trust the one I have currently! I think that coupled with the warning buzzer, and a storage bag should see me set!
  7. Oh wow! I can do basic soldering but that looks a bit too complicated for me! I don’t suppose you can point me in the right direction of what alarm would work for the tble 02s? I do already have this charger linked below from another kit but I don’t think it’s working properly so need a new one now as well!
  8. Hi guys, Quick question for you, after running my newly built up new fighter with a 5000 nimh Coupled with the tble 02s and a 13.5 turn sensored brushless motor I was a tiny bit disappointed. If I powered it with a lipo would there be much improvement? if so do I just need a lipo alarm to warn when it gets low? I’m new to the lipo world ! Any help would be much appreciated!
  9. Love it, and love that colour ! which o rings did you use for the suspension? Mine rattles about like mad!
  10. 👍 Thanks, got an hour free today to do a bit too it!
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