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  1. Hi wolf dog, thank you , so just try a 3s lipo and see what happens? I already have a lipo alarm. What motor /esc/ battery setup do you have in there!?
  2. So I have the front mounted servo kit, and rear lockout kit .... yet to be installed but can’t wait! At the same time I think I’m going to remove the bump stops on the original shocks to get some more travel. My next thought is , getting it to go faster🤔 I have some 2s lipo packs for other cars, what is the easiest way of getting it to go faster.... a fair bit faster new esc and brushless motors but which ones would work well? Thanks guys, pretty excited to see what options are available 😊
  3. That was seriously addictive, I found it hard to stop and go home! I’m very impressed how much those buggies can take. I don’t think we broke anything? ( apart from a servo horn!?) but that was the bushes fault right!? They were hard to control anyway , I don’t think I could handle a hotter motor in mine..... at least until I can manage one lap without crashing!!
  4. Ah good plan! Yes definitely need something better for those cva shocks. I’m surprised they are so weak in standard form!
  5. Interesting, are the Df03 springs longer and stiffer than the standard springs?
  6. That’s v good advice thank you, I will have a read of that link, I ordered a better charger and should be here today so I’m interested if that does wake up my lipos! Certainly worth a try
  7. Thank you, good advice. I have now removed the tamiya esc as it was holding it back so much!
  8. Did not think so! I guess a few sets of wheels are in order 👍
  9. Oh that’s brill thanks, what would you say is a good choice for the rear? Don’t know if there is such a thing as an all round grippy tyre?
  10. When you say Schumacher CAT Block fronts , they seem to be lots of options, blue, yellow, full spike, etc. which ones do you recommend? I guess a matching set front and rear?
  11. Is there such a thing as a wider rear wheel and tyre for extra grip at all?
  12. This one has been recommended to me, looks like it balance charges too👍
  13. Thank you, I need a new charger to go with the lipo as I don’t trust the one I have currently! I think that coupled with the warning buzzer, and a storage bag should see me set!
  14. Oh wow! I can do basic soldering but that looks a bit too complicated for me! I don’t suppose you can point me in the right direction of what alarm would work for the tble 02s? I do already have this charger linked below from another kit but I don’t think it’s working properly so need a new one now as well!
  15. Hi guys, Quick question for you, after running my newly built up new fighter with a 5000 nimh Coupled with the tble 02s and a 13.5 turn sensored brushless motor I was a tiny bit disappointed. If I powered it with a lipo would there be much improvement? if so do I just need a lipo alarm to warn when it gets low? I’m new to the lipo world ! Any help would be much appreciated!
  16. Love it, and love that colour ! which o rings did you use for the suspension? Mine rattles about like mad!
  17. Hey guys, ( sorry b for hijacking your thread!) just looking at my motor- it’s a track star 13.5t brushless and am going to run the tamiya tble-02. the motor just has A BC stamped on it with pegs next to each. And the speed control has blue, orange and yellow cables. do you just cut off the ends and solder them to the motor? If so in which order do they go? I can’t seem to find any info in the instructions! Thanks all!
  18. Hey, we have ourselves a build off! 🤣 As B said we ordered our kits at the same time.... his arrived a day earlier than mine though! I too have the steel pinion, and I’ll get a set of weights, I’ll check out those springs too. Im not going to run Lipo in mine but I have just received a brushless 13.5 turn motor . I started on mine today with my son, and 30 mins in we had only just got the rubber on the rims.... this may take a while!
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