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  1. New ESC has arrived and everything working perfectly. Thanks all for the help. Just got to get the paint job right now! 😬
  2. What wheels have you got on there? They're nice.
  3. Yeah, especially when it needs a dark coat underneath to make it work! Am taking your advice and re-masking for more gold, juat in case. Think I'll put a thin layer of black over the gold before laying the iridescent paint on top and then the full black layer over that. Was also thinking that the spoiler will need layering as the side wings (no idea how else to describe them) will end up black on the outside surface if I don't. So really hoping a black layer between these coats works. 😬 Thanks for everybody's help. 👍
  4. Ah ok, I'm certainly planning to lay the black over the body and spoiler last as it is an iridescent paint. I was trying to decide whether to lay the purple/green over the gold or mask it off again and then lay the black directly over both (or the black over the purple/green, which is already laid over the gold). I agree it does look a little thin, it may be a trick of the light as from other angles it seems well covered. I applied 3 coats at about 30-45 minute intervals.
  5. Great thanks. There is no rush so will be leaving it a few days between masks/colours. 👍
  6. The main body and spoiler colour will be purple/green, although there will be some black too.
  7. Hi, anybody have any advice/experience/opinion on the best way to mask over PC spray when working on a paint job? I have liquid mask and tape but obviously don't want to lift off what I already have. Thanks for any input.
  8. Thanks @sosidge, I'll definitely bear that in mind. Mind be worth having one around anyway. I'll see what happens with the replacement I get sent and if i have any issues with that one too I'll give the Hobbywing a go. 👍
  9. Perfect, servo worked with power to the right connections! Bind was no problem but no power to the servo with the ESC as power source. Will send the ESC back to the agent and try again. Thanks all for leading through this, much appreciated. My son has big plans for the paint job, will let you see the finished project when we're done.
  10. 😬, thanks. As I said, I'm not electrically minded so that may make a big difference! I'll give that a go now, thanks so much. 👍
  11. Ok, so external battery pack arrived and receiver connected (see photo). It only flashes on for a millisecond but it must mean that power is getting to the receiver, right? Is it reasonable to assume then that with a functioning ESC/(BEC) (assuming that is the problem) that the light would come on and stay on, like it did when I first bound the transmitter (as in the third wire in the cluster does that? Can you tell I'm not electrically minded?!)
  12. Thanks @KEV THE REV, yeah have made sure the battery is fully charged before every 'messing session'. Thanks for your thoughts. I WILL defeat this **** glitch. 🙏
  13. Have had a reply from the Tamiya agent who agrees that eliminating the receiver would be the first job, then most likely a blown BEC in the ESC. Will wait for battery pack to arrive and test the receiver.... Thanks to all for the help so far. 😁
  14. Thanks, I'll have a look.
  15. Thanks Sosidge, I feel the same about the receivers, it would be very unlucky. I don't I have a separate power source, other than the battery. Didn't know it was possible to buy one, certainly didn't get anything like that with the bundle. I have now emailed both Etronix/CML and the approved agent from the Tamiya website to see if they have anything to offer? I cannot find any answer to the flashing green light issue, doesn't even appear in the ESC troubleshooting guide. As I said I think I read somewhere somebody saying it was because there was no information coming from the receiver. But if I can't get power to the receiver there won't be any information coming back. Will look to see if I can find a battery box to test the receivers. Thanks for the advice.
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