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  1. If I remember, they are Fastrax wing mirror set for 1/10 scale. You get 6 or 7 pairs of different mirrors. I had to modify it a bot to fit but does the job nicely I think.
  2. The Wheels are HPI 2.2” Turbofans, the fans are secured in place by the wheel nut
  3. Wel…. She’s coming along slowly. Still got a few bots to get it sitting just right. Had a badword of a job finding low profile tyres for the 2.2” wheels. Wanted some drift ones but couldn’t source any so have put some Lego Technic tyres on just for now!
  4. It’s about 200mm or slightly over. I’m planning on running HPI Turbomac wheels (if they ever come bach in stock!), these have 6mm offset so the TL01 migh be better suited. Thanks for all the help everyone, much appreciated.
  5. This is great info. Thank you all v much. This will be a lot of help 👌👍
  6. That’s great stuff, thanks. Did you have to use longer drive shafts I presume? Other than that, was there anything else that you added? thanks again
  7. Will do for sure, if I can find out more about what I need to make the MF-01X work. I would prefer to use this chassis or similar to get the drift/road look so can have it sitting low. Just don’t want end up to shelling out a fortune to het it to work 😂
  8. Noticed there’s a long arm kit for the TL01, would this do the job?
  9. That’s brilliant info, thanks. If I use the TL01 arms, what else would I need to go with it? Such as drift shafts etc? Thanks again
  10. I have an idea to mount a Honda City Turbo body on this chassis as the wheelbase can be achieved quite easily. But the track on this chassis is 163mm and I want to be able to make it suitable for 200mm wide body. I’ve been told that TL01 arms might make it slightly wider but not enough. Has anyone else done something similar with this chassis? Thanks
  11. Thanks, that’s a lot of help 👍
  12. I’m trying to find some wheels that would fit the Blackfoot. Preferably chrome or white and wider but finding it difficult to source any in the UK. But came across some Bruiser clone wheels & tyres, I realise they are the same width but it’s a cheap price. So wondering what would I require (some sort of adapters) to make them fit? thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks guys, looks hopeful there still producing them so that’s good. Will hold out for a kit or possibly the Lancia model kit. Any recommendations for ESC and servo to go with this kit? Will possibly be looking for an upgrade motor too so maybe best going for a combo?
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