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  1. Thanks guys, looks hopeful there still producing them so that’s good. Will hold out for a kit or possibly the Lancia model kit. Any recommendations for ESC and servo to go with this kit? Will possibly be looking for an upgrade motor too so maybe best going for a combo?
  2. I was initially going to go for this (MF-01X Escort Mk2) but then after reading many posts on here, found that the XV-01 is a much better chassis for giving a more ‘real driving’ rally feel to it! But like you say, options for a ml2 body on the XV-01 is pretty limited.
  3. Thanks for the help and info guys. Much appreciated. Anyone know if a mk2 escort body would fit the Xv-01T chassis then? 🤔
  4. Just had a look in Tamico but they only had the Lancia model kit (which is a bit more expensive than others I had seen). The chassis kit is sold out unfortunately (long damper version, couldn’t find any other XV-01 chassis on their site😒
  5. I’m based in the U.K will have a look in Tamico. thanks
  6. They seem out of stock everywhere in chassis kit form! There are the odd one left with the Lancia body but at a higher price than they used to be, so just wondering if they have stopped producing them?!
  7. Ah, you got me all excited there for a minute 😅 prices seems really cheap on that site but shipping is astronomical 😬
  8. Yes you are correct. 257mm wheelbase. This might make it easier to source a body then. As the TT-01/02 are very popular, I think anyway.
  9. I have had a look at their site, and as you say, a lot of stuff are oos unfortunately. However, I think the bodies/shell that they have are mostly to fit the TT-01/02 chassis. The wheelbase is different to the XV-01 I believe!
  10. Hello, new to the Forum. Does anyone know where I could get a good quality body for the XV-01 chassis? I’m yet to purchase my first Tamiya and from what I’ve read so far, this is the chassis that would suit my needs. I know Tamiya has recently released a MF-01X chassis kit with the Escort body but I believe the XV-01 with lomg dampers is a better chassis for rallying. hope anyone can advise, Many thanks.
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