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  1. There are sets for the frp chassis if that’s what you need- maybe someone else will have a link. I haven’t seen any in a while. People do adapt either to fit- they are close but if you compare them closely they are different enough in a few points that it’s best to wait and find the right set.
  2. That looks like a non standard build evolution? No Ti screws and a few differences in mountings etc like in the steering mounting. The plates though are better in the new one as you’d expect being newer carbon layup.
  3. That is the correct one for the tub chassis. I found the middle bar link was hard to avoid binding and loosening itself. Needed thread lock or glue. copy the stock instructions and then check clearance for the middle bar that slides between the gearbox and chassis.
  4. Yeah the tble02s is good esc to get most people started on some standard and slightly faster motors. People sometimes give them unfair comment. It will not run for too long once you go faster than a super stock 23T with 25T being the official supported limit. As above works well on brushless 10.5T Tamiya on road when used with fan. Maybe 13.5 for another brand. sounds as simple as running too hot a motor.
  5. I have a mixture of brushed and brushless and Nimh and LiPo. I love the old brushed motors like the dynatech, Parma cyclone, demon and so on. They just look so good. For quite a few 4WDs Like top force etc seem to find a brushed super stock and LiPo is a good match for me but I have a shelf top force evolution with a period demon power motor and Tamiya gold nicad set in it. I’ll just use a charged Nimh for a lunch box or monster beetle since I have them and the extra weight helps them. Plus they fit! I’d started back into things with Nimh since people showed me the LiPo videos of cars in flames but using them was a jump ahead tech wise- the higher discharge rate gives a great boost to those motors that will pull those amps.
  6. Yeah a few bearings I have got at various stages outside the usual ones I’d buy have been terrible for play/slop. I normally shim out a car so disappointing when you get find a few bearings like that after building. As above most have been ok/ workable.
  7. Looks like it is available from some suppliers but supply is a bit inconsistent. Hopefully you will get it soon.
  8. Still issues with shipping containers globally and on top of that to UK. So can assume that’s what the problem still is.
  9. No the main body doesn’t have. The lower cover does.
  10. Yes this seems to be the case. I have a few and the 02S in my top force evo is basically on or off. The previous ones had a more proportional response and worked really well up to a super stock motor.
  11. Yeah that’s not looking good for the TD. Disappointing but that’s how it is. Maybe get something else in the meantime. Not sure what maybe dark impact or hot shot?
  12. Hopefully we get an update on thunder dragon soon.
  13. The evo and TD manuals are linked on Tamiya blog site so you can check them out from there. yeah it has an AV pinion. So you need to swap out with a steel 0.6 one. makes sense what they did with the car- suits most people for minimal effort. part bags already being split and listed on eBay...
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