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  1. Most of the esc's I've bought recently have come with double sided tape in the box. Some esc's barely get warm, so a zip tie could work.
  2. Just get the thing and run it somewhere open where you won't encounter; rocks, trees, fences, brickwalls, kerbs, cars, trailers, BBQs, clotheslines, swimming pools, lawnmowers, pots, steps, dogs and dog ****, and your dickhead brother trying to run it over on his BMX.
  3. Check out the vintage rules on the NZRCA website. There's a Vintage Interclub Series that has 5 rounds throughout the year in the North Island. Some clubs have a vintage class that runs during regular meets.
  4. You should be able to get a Novak ESC off eBay relatively easy. The odd one pops up on Trade Me, too. The 410-M5, 410-HPc, Racer and Hammer Pro would be suitable for early 90's. They all have orange cases if you're doing boxart.
  5. Yeah, probably. The first offroad race meet I went to as a spectator was dominated by Tamiyas. When I started racing a few years later nobody had them.
  6. Carpet's one thing. On an old-school dirt track lap times between stock modern and pre-96 vintage buggies are quite similar. I can't see why you couldn't race a Super Astute or Top Force on this style of track and keep up with the modern buggies.
  7. It looks like you've got the antenna wire wrapped around the battery lead, too. Tidy that up by running it straight from the receiver to the antenna tube.
  8. Those brushed motors looked good in the Egress and Super Astute. If you want a brushless motor that looks good in a vintage race buggy, try a Trinity Revtech.
  9. Probably designed to appeal to young Japanese boys, not fat, balding 40-something men with too many toys.
  10. Yeah...burnout, going into Amain and blowing all your money.
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