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  1. Well you're miles ahead of anyone else. The Hornet was released in 1984.
  2. OK. The same thing could be said for any manufacturers 2WD and 4WD buggy pairs. Some parts are the same or similar, most parts are completely different. The chassis being the most obvious. Mid-ship transverse motor 4WD's have been around since the late 80's! There has never been a 2WD buggy made based off a 4WD chassis. If this is some new modular design for Tamiya, good for them.
  3. Modern race buggies have completely different chassis designs for 2WD and 4WD, yet have a simple naming convention; YZ2 or YZ4, XB2 or XB4. Just because it's called a TD2 doesn't imply that it's simply some gutted 4WD chassis. You should pay a lot less for a 2WD.
  4. The words; affordable, available and Tamiya don't belong in the same sentence.
  5. Your current ESC won't run a 15T motor. Buy a cheap Hobbywing 1060 ESC if you want to run a 15T motor. Yes, you'll go a bit faster with a Torque Tuned or Sport Tuned motor. Run time won't be affected much.
  6. Some of the prices people want are very optimistic. The keyword is original. I think you'll find the same thing with any Tamiya stuff from the 80's.
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