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  1. https://grandprix3d.store/products/retro-turnbuckles-set-rc10-team-car-93-worlds
  2. And the sound. I'm not a fan of the various noises produced by brushless. Give me an orange Novak ESC and a colourful brushed motor. Why is everything black and boring these days?
  3. 80's Hotshot racers would place 850 bearings in the outside of the gearbox casing to support "BA18". This reduces the outdrive wobble.
  4. The V2 shock ends are 4mm. MB3 has a 4mm tube which goes through V2. Whatever you use will also need V5 to fit the shock end, too.
  5. Among other aspects, the front-end of the Egress lacks kick-up which the other three buggies all have. This is detrimental to bump and jump handling. A poor oversight by the designers?
  6. The ballstuds are 4.3mm. Ball stud with 2mm hex drive x 8mm thread length (jcracingproducts.co.uk)
  7. Their modern stuff is all metric. Older kits are SAE.
  8. The highlighted section reads, "Jo Schimtz from the US, was driving the only Tamiya Avanti and this appeared to be perhaps the best car on the jumps. Certainly, round the rest of the track it was on the pace. The one problem Jo seemed to have was that the Avanti rear end tended to break away on tight in-field turns. We understand that this is a new design of Avanti, offering a number of modifications and we look forward with great interest to being able to examine this car further." Jo finished 9th overall. They weren't cheap back in 89'. US Dollars.
  9. 6 Avante's at the 1988 EFRA Champs. Avante at the 1988 Reedy Spring International.
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