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  1. You could slot the servo mount holes in the chassis or drill new holes which will move the servo back.
  2. I think most people would like a motor that is from the same era as the chassis and is a suitable wind. Generally power output has increased over time, along with the ability to use the power effectively. Difficulty in finding the older motors, cost or convenience leads to the use of more modern motors. An example would be the use of the Z series superstock motors in older cars, instead of say, a Technigold.
  3. One thing I noticed on that ESC, is the positive motor wire is next to the negative battery wire and vice-versa. I'd start over with the transmitter throttle servo reversing set to reverse and see how that goes.
  4. Excellent read, cheers. I often watch the iconic revival videos, and like seeing all the vintage buggys. The conditions in the UK make me appreciate the mostly indoor racing that I do. Good luck for 2021.
  5. Ordered some parts as well after last nights carnage at racing.
  6. Mocked up this Kamtech 959 body on a M-05. It doesn't fit very well. It's a race car anyway.
  7. If you're at full throttle most of the time you should be OK with that set up. The resistor only gets hot when steps 1 and 2 are used. Back in the 80's I used a Tecnigold (21T) with a MSC. I just cut the resistor off.
  8. The kit supplied pinion is probably non-coated aluminum. A steel, or hardened aluminum one is a good upgrade. The ESC should be okay with the BZ motor.
  9. Finished electrical install in this YZ4.
  10. It sounds like you'll need some new wheels and adaptors for the Grasshopper. You can get 12mm rear hex adaptors and 12mm bearing hex adaptors for the front. You'll use these with 2.2in wheels, which will fit the tires you've bought. A standard hop up for the Hornet back in the 80's was to fit Wildone/Fox wheels, tires and adaptors.
  11. The piston is the plastic disk at the top of the shock shaft. You could try different rod ends on the bottom of the shock shafts. An oil weight between 20-40 should work depending on the surface.
  12. I don't know if you know this or not, but JC racing products has pink Egress wheels available.
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