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  1. I enjoyed building mine a lot more than running it. Bit disappointing even with both diffs locked. It's sort of halfway between a comp & scaler but doesn't excell at either, but like a said a real fun & complex build.
  2. https://www.hayaltd.co.uk/CHIEFTAIN_116_Radio_Remote_Control_Tank_BB_Shooting_with_Barrel_Recoil_and_IR/p191100_18239069.aspx
  3. Yes, I would personally love a 6x6 Dakar racing truck based off this platform!
  4. Not a fan of the Mercedes lexan effort. Would love to see this with the original stepside XLT hard body & decals tho!
  5. Michelin Pilot Escort Cosworth, just because who wouldn't want a giant Bibendum on their car?
  6. Richard Kohnstam was the local distributor, all the Tamiya kit boxes I have from the '80's have the RICO sticker on them, happy times ; )
  7. Could be a 1:24th static kit, although I think almost all RC touring cars have been done as 1:24th statics first.
  8. 2nd that, TA01, great cars. Apart from bearings and an ESC I would replace the "coat hanger" drive shaft and motor mount if you plan to put in anything hotter than a sport tuned.
  9. I would settle for something like a TT-02RA; long CVA's with frp towers, turnbuckles, ball races, lexan dustcover & foams for the chassis tub, rally blocks and a torque tuned motor. Priced the same as the drift spec cars would seal the deal.
  10. Why not buy a cheep TA02 rolling chassis from eBay? There's normally one for sale between £20-£30. Have fun fixing it up, put on the rally body of your choice, run it as hard as you want- spares and hop-ups are cheap and readily available as it's still a current model. Ground clearance and suspension travel are respectable if you build it with long shocks and it's fairly capable off road, being based on the Manta Ray.
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