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  1. Lipo-wise, core rc do a battery the same size and shape as standard nimhs. I've got one that fits fine in my dt-02 and I would think it would fit in anything else too. https://www.racing-cars.com/core-rc-4000mahr-7-4v-30-60c-2s-lipo-cr293
  2. You probably don't care as you'll be replacing so much, but the dampers and upper suspension arms are not from a sand viper. Maybe a lesser dt-02 with a sand viper body on it? So it might well not be fitted with bearings.
  3. Painted/decorated a new body for my sand viper. I think it needs something for the number plates and headlights and wish I'd left the rear arches a bit bigger but generally pretty happy with it.
  4. The Frankenvan. I wanted to do a Rollin Thunder replica, but as this was supposed to be for my children I went with their choice of colour and stickers instead. It's a kamtec/Parma shell. In the foreground is one of the steering rods which my youngest son managed to destroy on its first outing. ("Look daddy, it can do a flip if you go over that bump fast enough!")
  5. Finally got some bits to give my sand viper a bit more ground clearance and some more oomph. Blitzer wheels, Schumacher vee 2 and 4 tyres + foams. Sports tuned motor and longer front uprights too accommodate the truck wheels. It could do with a truck body now but that can wait until my kids have given this body a battering.
  6. Do you use a heatsink or drill/cut away any of the motor housing or is it cool enough as is?
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