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  1. Back from lunch and tried flipping the rear arms. It would have enough room but the dog bones would be at too great an angle, so it would cause it to not steer for a different reason . I thought of modifying center arms to move them forward, but that’d only work on one side because the gear casing is in the way on other . So the current plan is to make some center arms this weekend that’ll hopefully work. If not we move on to @Fish Slices Suggestion of comical arms. On to today’s next project, my very first savox servo, and part of the reason I switched to cheap servos. I bought this thing years ago for my sct and it lasted a whole 3 mins, in a flat open field with no jumps, bumps, or anything. Didn’t throw it away for whatever reason and forgot it was broke, but remember it all now. Appears it needs new gears, missing a few teeth, and since they seem to be cheaper than a cheap servo I guess its getting fixed and put on the shelf to await the next build
  2. Finished the tracks, but they collide while turning . Off to lunch then I’ll see what I can modify to give them a little more room.
  3. It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve done anything rc I think, or maybe it just feels that way as I don’t pay much attention to what day it is or how much time passes . So today I continued work on the dump truck, just need to make the tracks and I can test if 4ws will work. Looks like it won’t without modification as they’ll most likely hit if turning while going over bumps . Hopefully I’ll finish it up tomorrow and finally test drive it. Also some advice for anyone putting tracks on a 6 wheeler, do the middle before the rear. Middle last isn’t to difficult or anything but is a little nicer not having the rear tracks in the way while removing/installing the screws in the center arms.
  4. Was thinking about making the tipper tip, should be real easy. Although I’ve learned most simple/easy things do tend to find a way to become the complete opposite . I did check the tires on it and it'd have to have the rear lowered or taller tires, tracks raise it about a cm or so.
  5. Last night and this morning I made more progress on the tracks, biggest dilemma I had was deciding if I should connect both rear tracks together to have large ones or keep them separate and have 4ws. Ended up going with the 4ws. I meant to build the middle tracks first but wasn’t thinking and started them as steering ones and just kept going, hopefully putting he middle ones on won’t be too hard with the rears in place
  6. Well that took the whole day ... and have four more to go . Think I’ll call it for the night and maybe work on another set tomorrow.
  7. Started building my tracks, I’m too lazy to get my g601 from the garage so I decided to see how far I can go without it . Looks like this is as far as I can go, time to get the truck.. or take a break. Edit: Decided to eat some food and pulled out the Volvo, time to go back to step one and fill the diffs with putty
  8. I think they were released at the beginning of 22, they fit a few different chassis (listed in pic) and are kinda pricey (especially when buying 3 ) I’ll be putting them on my Volvo dump truck. I was shocked at the size of the box and manual, wasn’t expecting them to be that large xv01 for scale
  9. Sure is, and surprisingly I managed to remember the build tips you gave me a month or so ago I think it was. Even more surprising is though I had quite a few close calls with putting tools through my hands I managed to build it without any injuries Hopefully the weather will stay good enough so I can paint it while I wait for my receiver to show up. As far as post deliveries, got myself some tracks
  10. Don’t know why this made me laugh so much, but if they did actually make this thing I’m buying one
  11. Me as well. Just hope there’s not as many stickers as the current one, seemed like it was never going to end. Still have a spare one I need to paint but been avoiding
  12. Really want to get started on my custom paint masks and get my td4 painted so I can finally be finished (it’s only been over a year ), so went to the hobby shop and picked up a some paint for it and other projects. And of course shortly after arriving home my cougar arrived , so looks like I need to go back for more paint
  13. This just showed up on my doorstep . Gonna try to start it tomorrow morning, hopefully being an adult won’t get in the way of my plans
  14. They’ve been running specials each day for the holiday on their site and I think all are still active, and their site was cheaper than anywhere local and same or cheaper than anything I could find online. I got the explore air 2 cause it was the cheapest while still having the larger cutting area. It’ll do more than I’ll ever even think of trying. If you haven’t yet, download their app and play around with it. I downloaded it and watched some YouTube vids about cutting tiny text (the thing I needed it to do) to get an idea if it could do it and how well, and then I made my stuff in their app a few days before I even ordered it, some things though you might not learn about till you actually start using it. For example, my font had a shadow behind each letter so it was cutting the letters and the shadows separately, I was amazed it could actually do this especially with how tiny the letters were but made it twice as hard for me to work with and wasted a decent amount of time before I realized it was doing this. Since i could do with or without the shadows I had to tell it not to cut those lines. I should’ve taken pics but I didn’t Ive only messed with vinyl (which is all I’ll prob use it for) and still need to learn and try stuff, but from what I have learned tiny lettering is doable but a complete pain to get transferred over, I still have the trash part of the vinyl and the lettering doesn’t look as good from it getting distorted from pulling it off and stuff but here’s a pic showing the size, it cutout the inside of the Os and Rs fine just had to get them out with a needle I tried printing the text on vinyl so I could just cut out an easier and/or larger shape but so far printing on vinyl looked horrible, maybe it’s my old cheap printers fault, or the vinyl I was using for it, this thing can hold it’s special pens or markers so maybe I’ll try those in the future. Haven’t made anything else yet, just the text for a model truck that I needed to get done and on to it’s owner, been busy working on 1:1 trucks and fixing up the house atm but hoping to make some masks and decals within the next week for my td4 body, so I’ll post pics when/if I get to it
  15. Had to make some tiny custom stickers for a project I’m working on and everything I tried wasn’t working too well so ordered myself a cricut, and it arrived today , got my stickers made and they look great. I’m planning on using it for paint masks and custom decals for my rc stuff, or at least I hope I will, otherwise I just made a couple of really expensive stickers shortly after a package arrived from Japan that I’ve been waiting on, think it’s mostly stuff for a tc01, working on too many things at once and can’t remember what the plans were for some of this stuff
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