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  1. I can’t remember if it affects the standard setup but if you go with the grouser tracks you’ll need to modify or make custom lower center arms to move the center tracks forward a bit. Otherwise the rears will hit while turning . I believe moving the rears back required more work/parts and put the shafts at too great of a angle. I spent months debating same thing, I was going to get two landfreeders and turn them into regular trucks and have a spare set of tracks, or maybe one freeder and one set of tracks, but ended up just buying 3 track sets in the end.
  2. My titanium coated shock shafts arrived the other day so I put my shocks together and I think I'm done with my TC01 now . Except for the body .
  3. Rather than be a responsible adult I set up the lap timer and track today . Forgot to charge anything that I could record videos of the laps with though but hopefully I’ll remember tomorrow. First car I brought out is the Volvo semi! Finally! Was a blast, I was shocked at how fast and stable it actually was. It only tipped over once, due to hitting a large bump at high speed while cornering. Other than the one time I could not get it to roll. The track I setup seemed to be a little to small to use 3rd gear so basically just ran it in second whole time, only had one real tight turn that it might have benefited to drop it into 1st but didn’t bother, I’ll play around with shifting more next time. The suspension is garbage, no real surprise, it’s leaf springs dampened by more springs, I’ve already been looking into different ways to add oil filled dampeners to it, which will probably be the first upgrade as I turn it into a race truck. It did however manage to be just under 1 second a lap slower than my other car so I am quite pleased. The other car I ran was the dual motor XV01. At first was tail happy but very controllable. Had me thinking it’d make a great drift car. From time to time it’d feel like an overpowered rwd, but still manageable. As I drove it more it stayed feeling like a rwd. After I finished running it I took a look and the reason the feel kept changing was because the front motor only worked intermittently. By the end it was only rwd , going to try swapping the front motor out first and see what happens.
  4. I too have turned a spare bathroom into a winter paint booth before… and now my vent fan is orange , I figured all the other stuff I painted after would cover it up and turn it white again (I painted lots of white stuff after), but guess orange is the only color it can suck up or sticks or something
  5. Hoping to find out this weekend. Unfortunately until my parts show up I won’t be able to compare it to a stock xv01 though (never ran one before), somehow I’ve had this xv01 for a two or three years now and this is the first time it’s even had a battery plugged in . I have a local carpet track that has a rally car class I’ve been wanting to try, last week there was only two people racing, think three people the one before, so might try and see if they’ll allow it since there’s a lack of racers and technically the rules don’t say anything about dual motors . If not I’ll just have to have my fun in open practices. So far I can’t find any racing around me except SCT and buggies. Occasionally there’s drag racing or monster trucks but nothing on road and only rally I found so far is this one and a Traxxas specific class.
  6. A servo and some tc01 parts showed up in the mail today. Didn’t feel like finishing the tc01 though so put those aside for another day, and put my new servo in the xv01 and made sure everything was working properly. Also started putting together another from the leftover parts. Mostly done, just waiting on my esc, brushless motor, and slipper clutch to arrive.
  7. My buyee xv01 showed up today! So I disassembled it so I could put all the hop ups onto my other one Now I have a pile of spare xv01 parts to deal with, plan to build a stock one with them but maybe I’ll have to build two. I bought the grey clodbuster when it came out. Assuming it came with a mechanical speed control because I was too lazy to read, I bought a hobbywing 880 for it. Since it came with one and the other original clod sitting in the garage was already updated, it’s been sitting in the parts bin and I’ve been wanting to use it on something. Wanted to do a simple dual motor without sourcing tons of parts or making my own, so figured I’d build a ta03 but wasn’t finding the parts as cheap or available as I’d like. Came across the Embie Racing chassis (lets you easily build a rear motor xv as seen in @Verskis thread) a few months ago so decided it’d be the simplest way to make my pointless creation, so I ordered one and started to build . Unfortunately the rear motor doesn’t allow the use of the mud guards so I left those off, and still waiting for my steering servo to show up . So here’s the result of me having a spare esc sitting around : After the pics I realized I put the rear body posts on backwards, they’ve been fixed, hopefully I didn’t mess up anything else
  8. I’m going to have to agree with this, unless your trying to take it serious and win races, then use what others do and ignore the rest of what I’ve written Back in the day at my local races (track was setup in parking lot on Saturdays only so no open practices) I’d run my super Blackfoot against the 2nd stadium trucks. Had no chance of keeping up and I’d get lapped several times every race but I didn’t care and still had a blast. Most people enjoyed it too, and would get a laugh when I’d jump over the barriers in a sad attempt to keep up, and because it couldn’t turn tight enough to make it through half the turns anyway . Though there always was one guy that thought he was a pro and would act like I cost him the world championship every time, even if he won he could’ve been faster if I wasn’t there type, mind you they always made sure to put me in the slowest group so even if you won our race your still significantly slower than almost everyone there . Maybe it’s just where I live, even my current city has a public dirt track for everyone to use and often there’ll be kids with toy grade rcs running on it, and I run into the same kind of angry people that make sure to let you know how anyone that isn’t running the top of the line stuff aiming for a new track record doesn’t belong. My experience has been non race vehicles on the track will be a blast, create fond memories, and prob make you a few new friends. If the miserable type do show up, just ignore them and don’t let them ruin the fun.
  9. Started to put my xv01 back together today, and quickly discovered I need either another front shock tower or the carbon fiber version so that I can achieve the results I’m going for . I decided the carbon one would be best of course . Problem is I can’t just have one shock tower carbon, so I’ll have to get two.. and might as well get nicer shocks if I’m going through all the trouble of putting hop ups on it, which just leads to more hop ups… so since I’m clearly going down an expensive path I decided I’d hop on buyee and get myself an already hopped up xv01 to save myself a bit of money. So now I have that on the way . Probably not the best plan as I’m sure once my xv01 is done I’ll just end up buying whatever parts I need to get the second going anyway, but it seemed like a logical/cheaper solution in the moment .
  10. I too have noticed the prices rising as well, not that much on the auctions, but mercari prices seem to have gotten out of hand. I can still find some good deals on mercari but its nowhere like it was a month or two ago. I'm sure this is one of the main reasons, just on this forum since November its been mentioned/recommended quite a few times by several members including myself. Showing and telling everyone what to expect, and that you can trust it and you get what you order problem free. I know I would've never started using it if I hadn't seen members I trust talking about how great it is.
  11. So far I’ve got my TC01 built, except for the shocks and body. It seems I forgot to order longer shock shafts, so time to buy more stuff I probably don’t need, gotta justify that shipping cost . I also figured out I’m an idiot, I've been trying to figure out what to put my extra tc01 hop ups on and this morning I realized I can just put them on my other stock tc01 .
  12. I should continue work on my TC01, but decided since my metal xv01 gears showed up today I thought I’d put them in. Started off carefully disassembling the car keeping track of everything so I can put it back together correctly without checking the manual.. then I took more apart and it somehow became a big mess . I’ve got some more hop ups on the way so it’s just gonna stay a half assembled mess for now.
  13. Thanks! It is tight in there. I didn’t even bother to secure my esc or rx, the top chassis, driveshaft guard thing, and lack of space keep everything right in place with no movement whatsoever. I finally tackled mine today, spent an hour or so messing around trying to find the perfect way to position it so I can reach the button and have the wiring look presentable. Once I was okay with it and done I tested it and found out I plugged the esc into the the receiver the wrong way , so had to pull everything back out so I’d have enough room to pull out the connector and flip it over . Love the car but the lack of room is a real pain, my other one was a little easier cause the esc is a bit smaller, and I didn’t care how it looks, still a headache though. I think if I ever build another one I’m just going to put the hobbywing crawler motor with built in esc into it lol, might be a little slower but at least it’ll fit nicely
  14. Worked on my ultimate TC-01 some more, found out I can’t use the nice aluminum blue swing shafts with the double cardan so guess they’ll remain boring black , and the blue shafts will get used on something else (hopefully something I already own , though it wouldn’t be the first time I bought a kit because I had some hop ups laying around). Almost done building it, need to put the esc in it to continue but feeling too lazy to do all the soldering and figure out how I can put it in and still access the power switch on it.
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