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  1. Ready for some stock lap times... as soon as I get an esc . Have one on order but think I’ll steal one from another car till it shows up
  2. Clearly this was designed for racing . I was surprised how similar it is to some real transmissions. Building it actually gave me flashbacks of all the times I rebuilt the trans on my track bike, got tired of fixing it and buying parts so I gave up and just changed the sprocket, I lose a lot of speed, but I can ignore 1st and 2nd (and tearing the engine/trans case apart all the time, wear and poor design caused it to go into neutral whenever it was in 1 or 2, not fun on a racetrack surrounded by other bikes ) As for the truck, body and paint left . Due to the fact I’ll be tearing it apart to modify it, I figure paint and all the details will be done after most of the changes have been made. I’ll probably get the main body pieces on tomorrow and start getting some stock lap times.
  3. More truck progress, have a transmission now
  4. Only spent a little time on rc today, but made some more progress on the truck. Suspensions on, looks like next up is the 3 speed
  5. I’ll have to check that out, sounds fun and like it could be helpful. Been awhile since I’ve watched any of his videos (or any other rc content), lately YouTube seems to want to hide all rc stuff from me even though it’s prob 70~80% of what I watch on there, and when I search for rc stuff, it mainly shows years old videos I’ve already seen.
  6. Started my truck, only a few steps in. A bit longer than I thought it’d be
  7. I'm thinking I should order some spare gears, I know its supposed to be able to shift while moving but don't think they're intended to deal with racing
  8. I have a few from my Helis so might use one of those. I might try using a pistol grip one first though, since I spent a bit of time using one to drive a monster truck I built. It had the rear steering on a separate channel controlled with my thumb. I'll prob have to order the electronics to control the servo properly though, so hopefully its still avail/cheap
  9. Not sure how many Tamiyas I've bought, but I'm pretty sure its been quite a few, and so far I've only had one missing part. Small plastic piece that broke off the tree before it got packaged. Was on a F201 I bought long after they've been discontinued so didn't bother reaching out to Tamiya.
  10. I have friend that isn't into rcs yet but has been wanting to get into semis, he's probably one of them lol. Also have a feeling I'll really upset many when I post a video of one going around track .
  11. I was shocked when I saw the price of this one, I thought you couldn't get a semi for under $500, even with one rear axle. With the $25 off coupon and taxes it was $320 I think, so had no choice but to move the plans up a couple months . Might go super stock or might go brushless, not sure yet. The plan is to build it stock first and run it around one of the postal racing courses (hopefully by this weekend), so I have some lap times for comparison. Then I'll modify it and run it again... then probably modify more, and more
  12. Yeah definitely looks like someone wasn't having the best day, or simply didn't care. I think people is the main factor deciding how your package will arrive, between packing and switching from small trucks, to large ones, or planes, then back to small trucks, your package sees several people along the way and it just takes one to be mad at something and take it out on your box, even if its packed in best way possible an angry employee might see it as a challenge. Your box looks like all the people along the way didn't like it lol.
  13. Not sure if built stock, this is my first. However, this one definitely will, gonna make a race truck out of it
  14. @Pylon80, I’ve been researching formula truck too much and got tired of waiting went with the Volvo because it’s the cheapest, won’t feel as bad when it rolls over
  15. I have to agree with TamiyaUSA being the best, unfortunately lots of waste but everything will be in perfect condition. Don’t think their regular prices would be worth it when talking about a kit though. I ordered a decal sheet for my f60 body recently and came in a huge box filled with those annoying peanuts. I had thought I accidentally ordered another kit by mistake when I saw the package. Also just received a package from amain 10min ago. Nothing special just a slightly larger regular cardboard box with air packs. It did travel over 2300miles to get to me though and the box is in perfect shape.
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