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  1. The only chassis in stock for months to keep me building and drop the Alfa shell onto.
  2. Did you find a better solution here? I'm having slop / shifting issues with the stock servo arm and looking for a better option.
  3. I found on the mf-01x that the stock servo arm mount ( plastic ring ) there was enough movement that it would shift the arm a few degrees left on full right lock and visa versa. This causes uncorectable trim issues as it keeps moving. Try turning the car on its back. Power on and center the servo trim. Then lock right and back to center to see if its shifting. Then repete with lock left.
  4. These look sick. What paint range are these metallic colours from?
  5. Hey, So I have found out the cause of the steering drift on this kit for me. The included servo arm shifts left and right a couple of degrees moving the centerline each time you go full lock. I have a savox 230 with 25 tooth spline ( fyi with this servo you are forced to install it backwards and the horn won't align straight at dead zero due to the odd spline numbers, althought its not an issue as sub trim to center and epa for limits is down to 70% of max ) So is there a better servo saver horn to fix this drift issue?
  6. Hey all, After building my first car kit the MF-01X escort. I bought an L&L Alfa Romeo Giulia body shell that will sit on a XV-01 or TT02s when avaliable. I have been thinking about how to paint it. Some points to note. It will be one of if not my first paint job as the escort came pre-painted. I may get another kit first to have a go on. But below are some images of ideas. I do like the official racing colours, but it may be beond my skill set to do from scratch. I also like metallic red with dark grey decals ( avaliable off the shelf ) o could do the roof in carbon or matt Black / dark gunmetal. Let me know your thoughts. Also if anyone can help with alfa wheels like all the below that would be ace.
  7. Hey all. I have a 257mm Alfa Romeo Giulia body i picked up from L&L. I was planning on getting a TT02S kit for it but there is no stock anywhere. Having looked the TT02D kit only looks good value with a sports tuned motor, oils shocks and bearings. I do fancy trying drift, but it would be on tarmac or around the family room :-). I could always drop some road tyres on the thing and its a slightly hopped up TT-02 right?
  8. If it were me I would spend the extra £5 and get the higher rating. Then you are future proofed if you upgrade or more likely get another model. I got 2 of these: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?product_id=444355&gclid=Cj0KCQiA7YyCBhD_ARIsALkj54powpS0dahl2i-keMGH_GeYHQhosiPsT989TPcYC2_yZX93Zflo2zAaAqeWEALw_wcB
  9. Someone recomended silicone sealant as the glue. As it sticks but is easy to remove. I'm going to try this myself as I'm not brave enough to supper glue.
  10. So, Having bought my self the MF-01x Ford Escork MK2 for my birthday as a one of thing and having finished it, pending some hop ups ( dispite it not being my birthday for 2 weeks ) I now find my self wanting another kit. The question is what? I got the MF-01x as I can run it in my garden or local walking spots and I prefer scale to buggies. I love looking at the scale stuff and fancy a drif setup, but I don't have any where to drive it. I'm posibly looking at a tt-02s in April when they become available or ( and ) a XV-01 ( if i could have got hold of one I probably would have got this over the MF-01X. But I don't want to stick all rally cars. The 6yo like the luck of the lunch box so I could get that. But I would have to work on it with him rather than in the hour or so after they go to bed. So this would take some time over weekends. So over to you guys, what would you get in my position without watting for months?
  11. My first go at RC car building. The body took as long as the chassis. All very enjoyable. Just need stock to come in now for my next one.
  12. Finished my first ever RC car kit.
  13. Thanks Thunder, ill get both and have a play. Now I just need to figure out how best to space them off the rear mount points correctly to help with the clash.
  14. Hey all, Thanks for letting me in. I have really enjoyed building up my MF-01x ford escort mk2. Wanting to tune it up a bit I looked into shocks and bought some Yeah Racing big bore 50mm dampers based on reading 50mm shocks are for the chassis. However on fitting I realise the stock friction dampers are 55mm and fitting these will drop a fair bit of ride height. Since om running it off road I need to keep clearance. Can I swap out the piston lengths for longer or do I need a full set of diffrent shocks. With the note that the rear right arm clashes with body can I fit 60mm shocks here and try to space if off the body? Also what oil should I be getting for them? Thanks
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