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  1. Hey all. Having had a trawl through on paint questions I haven't found a specific answer to my question. I'm painting my 104 Pro body as a RB16b redbull car. I'm planning on ps-45 translucent with ps-5 backing to give the deep dark purple. Then flat clear over the outside to dull to Matt finish. I have matt decals to suit. However for the plastic parts. There dosn't seem to be a TS translucent purple! My options are: 1. Just use the PS-45 over the already black wing. 2.Tamiya prime plastic and use ps paint in reverse 3. Get some TS-6 black and use the PS-45 ontop 4. Get ts-6 and find a translucent purple in TS type paint? Other questions: Should I sand the parts for better adhesion? Should I cover over with flat clear for better finish or stronger protection? Any other advice as I forsee bashing the front wing alot and don't want a flaky paint job?
  2. I've had my fist ever go. No practice just had time to mark out the garden, set the laptracks on motion mode and test it, then drive. Not making excuses :-) but the grass was a bit to long for it really.
  3. Thanks for the nice details responce. I have found a REDS Vx 540 21.5T Torque 2 Pole Sensored motor. What ESC would you pair with it. I run 2cell lipo in my other 2 cars and would like to leek this setup. I have a TLB02 in the mf-01x with lipo alarm and a Hobby wing 1060 in my tt-02D. The 1060 is much smother and has more control range especially lower end. I'm happy to spend more on this kit. I run Fly Sky radio gear in those. I'm happy with the BS6 reciver with Gyro. Is this aloud in competition?if so with the gyro on or off? I'm looking at the Savox SC1251MG for the front end.
  4. Hey, I have a F104 Pro II arriving tommorow. Very excited after completing a TT-02D and MF-0x I'm looking for guidance on motor and ESC combos, I'd like fast and brushless, but want to keep it in Race rules incase I find a F1 club near me. Servo suggestions also welcome. I have Savox metal gear kit in the other 2.
  5. Here you go. https://landlmodels.co.uk/search?q=alfa+romeo
  6. Good try, but no. In order of paint Roof & Front splitter: 3 coats of Tamiya Lexan Spray Paint - PS-23 Gun Metal. backed with 3 coats of Tamiya Lexan Spray Paint - PS-5 Black Body 3 coats of Tamiya Lexan Spray Paint - PS-37 Translucent Red 3 coats of Tamiya Lexan Spray Paint - PS-48 Anodised Silver 3 coats of Tamiya Lexan Spray Paint - PS-5 Black All windows on inside: 2 light coats of Tamiya Lexan Spray Paint - PS-31 SmokeRear windscreen and back windows: Inside 2 light coats of Tamiya Lexan Spray Paint - PS-5 Black Window surrounds and rubber trim. Outside 3 coats of PS5. Freehand drawn and cut overspray with hobby knife. grills ( some left over insect mesh ) in the Gunmetal Rear lights 2 light coats of translucent Red. internal light buckets have a mix of clear, red silver and black to shape the light. Also ended up blacking out some bits with kitchen foil to stop light bleed. Used coloured glue in gun for white, Amber, red, clear to shape the lights with all but headlights being behind the light buckets. Black 1mm marker pen for light surrounds
  7. L&L: https://landlmodels.co.uk/search?q=alfa+romeo
  8. Thanks. This is my first body so I think you could totally do this. Its also not perfect. There are a few paint splodges and bleed through in spots where shoegoo was used and reacted with magnets / marker pen and on the light buckets when aligning The window trim is Tamiya PS black on the outside. I drew the design freehand with fine marker on the protective film then cut it with a Hobby knife and sprayed it. This method gave me an idea for my next one when taking off some aditional masking ontop of the film as the contrast from sprayed matt black mask fadded and metallic looked ace but was sat on the film. I did try placing some more decals namely a big Alfa serpent logo on the roof but you could see both the edge of the decal and that it was hovering over the colour via a shadow so decided to remove this and just keep to the badges done on my printer and hand cut with silver backed body.
  9. Finish this, pending posible wheel change if I ever find the right thing ( in stock )
  10. Sorry I did not document the build. Thanks to toyolien and Superluminal for help with axel parts. I may still change the wheels to to Gunmetal aloys with treaded drift tires
  11. Does any one know what's the score with uk release of the TAMIYA 58652 1/10 R/C F104 PRO II WITH BODY MODEL KIT. It seemed to be due for April, then June now August, with this update happening 1 day before it was expected. I know global shipping has had issues, but I'm reluctant to place a pre order for the kit without any confidence it wont just keep being knocked back months at a time! so much for my Fathers day present!
  12. Thanks guys. Alfa do have some option alloys that I could match. Or I may just go off plan a little. Mostly bummed out as when I first saw the c shapes though they where perfect!
  13. Hey All, This may be more of a moan more than help but here goes. In looking for wheels for my L&L Alfa Gulia on TT-02D build I found what at first looked Ideal: Tamiya 51659 However it turns out these are M sized wheels being 41mm D Rather than 51-60mm D Does any one know of ether tires that go from 41mm M size inner diameter to 60-65mm Touring outer, and it could look like smaller alloys but more scale maybe ( I may be being too optimistic here on how it would look ) or better this C style wheel in a touring size 51mm or 60D
  14. I have never done it before. But I'm not sure tape would work there are no face to face parts only edge to face. It looks from other builds online scale screws are used, there are indents for "bolts" where these would go. My thought was this with posibly hot glue on the underside.
  15. I got this one: https://landlmodels.co.uk/products/rc-body-alfa-romeo-giulia-2018-replica-1-10-rocket-bunny?_pos=3&_sid=3c2dec3b0&_ss=r alternative option ( although looks identical without body kit ): https://landlmodels.co.uk/products/rc-body-alfa-romeo-giulia-nuova-2018-replica-1-10?_pos=7&_sid=3c2dec3b0&_ss=r&variant=31837159555115 They also have a 147: https://landlmodels.co.uk/products/alfa-romeo-147-gta-replica-1-10-rc-body?_pos=2&_sid=3c2dec3b0&_ss=r
  16. Looks like Red is the clear winner, I hope I have enough left in the can.
  17. Ah, so the body was strategically posed for the photos to show how it may look. :-)
  18. Yep. Awaiting filler primer. For the wing mirrors, grills, rear diffuser, shark fin arial. Also got decals to do. Not loads. Wheels ( awaiting wide axals to measure ofset correctly ) Mag mounts ( its just sat over the chassis loosely for the pics ) Light buckets are in progress. Just rear and break to go then fit into shell.
  19. 3 coats of each in the following order. PS-37 translucent Red PS-48 Anodized Aluminum PS-5 Black. The roof and details are PS-23 Gunmetal backed with Black
  20. Ok so I simply can not decide on the fender kit colour, place your votes below: Metalic Red ( as body ) Gunmetal ( as roof, grills, spoiler & splitter ) No fender kit Wheels will be Gunmetal probably.
  21. Nice, Thanks Toyolien, Superluminal has offer me the nuts, but hasn't found the C6 axals yet. You seem to have PMs blocked but pm me and we can sort it out. :-)
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