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  1. Ok fast Eddie bearings arrived today so that's all the pieces of the puzzle! Build starts tomorrow! I've never posted a build in the build section but may start one.
  2. Well I'm going to give it a try! lol Have a Sport Tuned in all my new models, just put one in the Blitzer to see the difference over the standard silver can and it is quite significant all around! Could be an older worn silver can, but it is definitely worth it. They have been on sale here in the US on Amazon for around $19 shipped so well worth it imo. I have a few spare pinion's so will see what options there are.
  3. I have one on my desk ready to go in it! RS540 Sports Tuned
  4. Good work! Speedy too! I thought the chassis was a little frustrating at times! Definitely not my favorite, but interesting never the less.... Here's a video of the Blitzer Bash I took this morning... Basher Blitz - YouTube
  5. Let me know how you like it, looks awesome so I'd be tempted!
  6. Thanks, it was my first bash at doing an RC video. Definitely learned a few things lol I managed to get its sister project finished up today! Lexan TBG Shell for my Blitzer Beetle so I can bash it around and make some proper videos with action!
  7. My Thunder Dragon was from RCPlanet, which I believe is just a rebranded Amain Hobbies as thats where the shipment came from and the receipt. I got my Monster Beetle from Tower Hobbies and used some good discount coupons too, and thats where I have my Evo on pre-order. My local Hobby Store is great for paint and things, but it doesn't stock a single Tamiya model.
  8. Good luck homes! Hopefully it comes through. Just waiting on all my parts to come in before I start the build!
  9. @DaveBuildsRC found them on Amazon.... just ordered... $10 ;o) Thanks for the heads up!
  10. Thanks for the info! Any suggestions that isn't ebay? lol
  11. lol i think its next on the list...... Well the extra receiver, RS540 Sport Tuned motor and fast steering servo came today for the TD. Just waiting on my Fast Eddie Bearings to come in and I think I will get started! Is there an MIP diff for this? Any other worthwhile hopup internals while building to look at?
  12. I'll swap you mine for an Avante? ;o) Always wanted one of those!
  13. I made a little video of it this morning, this is my first time making an RC video and it was interesting controlling the car and filming at the same time! lol
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