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  1. Ok well and FF03 sounds like a winner to me. Anyone see or know a reasonable one in the USA?
  2. After returning from the UK to visit family, I managed to bring back with me a rather tasty Clio Williams Bodyshell. So that will be one of my longer term projects... based on the prices of the actual original kits ($500+) on eBay and the like, I'd like to see if I can build something using a more modern chassis as opposed to making it original. This is for looks and some play. I've already ordered a display chassis to use but I'd like to see if its possible to get something else that is actually functional? Wheelbase appears to be 245mm, its too big for my M03, too small for my TT01 and from what I can gather is too small for the standard FF01-3 range? I saw someone swapped around some suspension arms to shorten a chassis? But just wondering what options there would be? Appreciate it.
  3. I picked up a new project this week and it came with a box of parts, controller etc... One of the spare motors is an interesting little gem, can't really find much info on it other than its unusual: I have it roughly ID'd as a Trinity Monster Horsepower '1985 World Champion' motor, however, it seems pretty unusual in that it has an allow / removable end cap? (not sure that's the right term!) Stripped it down to look at it, minimal rust so looks like its just been sat for a while as opposed to driven through a swamp! lol Anyone got any more ideas? Is it worth anything?
  4. ok some updates: After stripping things down last week it was obvious the gearbox had some damage, multiple stress cracks, and a chunk missing on the mounting hole to the body. Ordered a new vintage one on the sprue, came and it had a slight chunk missing in the seem on one of the halves, seller was top notch and found me a replacement free of charge and it arrived a few days ago. It was a full vintage sprue with suspension arms, gearbox case etc.. So I swapped over the gearboxes as well as the front suspension arms for the new old stock parts. While I was at it I had previously ordered an upgraded set of universal shafts (Tamiya Hopup 53908) and so swapped out the old hex arms. I also managed to find the correct head for the driver, and will be painting that tomorrow! I also stole @Nicadraus idea of a rear flag! Just as a template to see what it would look like! Almost done with it now, I swapped out the HW 1060 ESC for a Tamiya TBLE-04 I had, it fit better and the wires were a tad longer so I could route them the way I wanted. Almost all vintage restoration except for the body shell which came with it (and the new front Shocks)
  5. Ok quick update... Sourced a vintage parts tree with gearbox case, suspension arms etc . So will use those to rebuild it as new. Also have a Hopup set of universal shafts (frog) to upgrade running gear that will go in too. Ill update later in the week with some progress pics, should be very clean once done.
  6. Replacement shocks arrived. Went with the clean look internal spring dampers in silver. They offer a nice resistance / absorption without being too aggressive and are definitely 'minimalist'. I'm sure they aren't to everyone's tastes but these are exactly what I was going for!
  7. Yeah I noticed that when looking at box art for driver colors, seems like its a sand scorcher or the like replacement head. I will have to see about picking up a new one! ;o) I like the gold wheels too, seem to complement the box art color scheme too. Appreciate the kind words.
  8. Thank you, that was a good read! Finally completed a mini-restoration today. Went with a modern HW 1060 ESC, kept the original steering servo (but have a new one on hand) Radiolink Receiver. Washed, degreased, polished, re-greased... Have some front shocks on order as these ones are leaking and a new vintage gearbox case as there is a split in one of the mounts. Painted up the driver to be a little more neutral and easy to see.
  9. I pre-ordered one here in the US for $223 direct from a Tamiya dealer (LHS). Also pre-ordered the anniversary Porsche for $270.
  10. Thanks that's some good advice! I tend to use IPA for most things so glad to hear it won't hurt things. Ok, stripped it all down and degreased everything to inspect it. Looks like it has some damage on the gearbox mount (stripped / cracked thread) so I've sourced a vintage replacement. The shocks all leak and from what I understand they are difficult to refurb as the seals are part of the cylinder and put in at the factory. This is going to be a resto-mod runner anyway so I'm going to source new aftermarket shocks. The question is what size do I get? 80mm? 90mm? 75mm? Are the fronts the same as the rears etc?
  11. Thanks for that. As mine is the original, it still has the Manual Speed control! lol probably going to swap it out so I can run it properly!
  12. I just picked up a vintage Wild One to add to my collection. It's got a rere body on it and brand new replacements wheels but other than that is in good original condition. I am planning on taking things apart, cleaning it up and getting it in tip top shape. Any tips on restoring? Any upgrades worth doing while its in pieces? Anyone got a link to the instructional manual? Appreciate it.
  13. Some footage from playing around yesterday with my boy and my drone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvBVUGviKTk
  14. Ok here it is! Took a little longer than expected due to the ridiculous heatwave and 121F Degree weather... with no AC!! lol Driven it around my house on the hardwood, runs well, will be giving it a run outside this afternoon! Enjoy....
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