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  1. When I got my son into the hobby I never knew that I would be helping him build a vehicle, but here I am. My 11 year old is an RC nut, but we only have experience with Traxxas RTR Stampede, Xmaxx 8s, and TRX-4's. He saved Amazon cards from Christmas and bought a King Hauler (56301) that he will be building and before I order the necessary items to build it I wanted to list my researched items and see if I am thinking right. He got a Traxxas Spartan boat for Christmas so he is already thinking about a trailer, but my brain can't handle that yet... hahaha. My biggest question that I haven't settled on in this build is the battery. We prefer Lipo, but we are only used to Traxxas and I am not sure which other manufacturer and balanced charger to get that would fit without mods. Here is my potential parts list. We will probably add MFC-01 later, but not initially. I am hopeful for as much plug and play as possible as I haven't soldered in 25 years and wasn't good at it then either. So if you see something that won't marry well here let me know. Is there anything else I need to order? - Transmitter/receiver: Flysky FS-i6x w/ FS-iA6B and plan to get the self-centering kit - Bearing kit: Fast Eddys - Motor: RC4WD 540 55T with 8T pinion gear -Steering servo: Hitec 645MG -Shifting servo: Hitec 322HD - ESC: Hobbywing QUICRUN WP 1080 brushed (2-3S) - Battery: 2S with which connector and balanced charger???????
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