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  1. Thats great info. Thanks. Has the design of current rims changed from the red rims of 1989? Will tyres, such as the Schumchers, go straight on? Gluing?
  2. I want to put different wheels and tyres on my Hilux Monster Racer (can’t find original tyres). The front wheels are a bearing type fit instead of a hex. I’m guessing I can fit any wheels of the right size on the front and just need to use a hex? Is the hex nut itself different to those on the driven rear wheels? Is it normal for the front and rear wheel to be different in a 2WD car?
  3. Unfortunately looks like ACOMs is a 40Mhz. Thanks for digging these out. Think I have managed to source one elsewhere! Will soon see if works.
  4. Just starting rebuild of hi-lux monster racer (last used 25 yrs+ ago). Is it worth replacing the damper oil now I have removed them? Or just leave.
  5. Thanks! Is that an ACOMs receiver that I could connect a ESC to?
  6. I would like to get my Hi-Lux Monster Racer up and running after 25 years. I want to continue using the original acoms radio gear (AP-227 MK3). Can I connect an ESC into the acoms receiver? If so, what ESC would be suitable? The current receiver does not have BEC on it and is sealed so cannot plug/unplug wires into it. I assume that definitely means I will need a different acoms receiver? All new to me!
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