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  1. Need to make room for other projects. No motor but includes Hobbywing Ezrun Max 10 ESC and generic steering servo. J Concepts wing. Asking $95 plus shipping in USA only. Paypal preferred.
  2. The E46 body didn't work out as it was too wide. Currently only has friction shocks while I'm looking around for used body / oil shocks.. Didn't want to spend too much as the goal was to use up spare parts sitting around. I hope something will show up if I am patient.
  3. Pretty much complete and I'm pleased how it turned out. Total investment was about $40 (tires, chassis, and G parts for some gears) and I have a running car from parts/electronics I had sitting in a box. I'm looking for a used rally body cheap and currently it only has friction shocks but it drives!
  4. Starting to look a bit like a car again.
  5. A little more digging through what I have. Wheels, improvised tire foam, and the only extra body I have - Rally BMW M3! Only purchases so far are the tub, rally block tires, and the G parts for the gears. I can only find friction shocks in my box of spares so will have to do some research for a cheap option.
  6. A little progress - working on suspension travel
  7. This will be my fist build thread and, confident that I won't come anywhere close to the quality of the builds shown here, decided to build a rally car runner using as many left over parts I already have. These days I mostly race Tamiya on road (TT02, TA08 Pro currently) with our local club so I was looking for something I can drive on the street in front of my house for fun. The added ground clearance of a rally car seemed a good choice - and I don't already have one. As the r/c budget goes on racing these days, it was time to dig through the parts bin. TGS Chassis as the starting point.
  8. Thanks. If I can find that part or a working alternative, I will get it running. Not sure what to do about the grey patch on the bonnet as I don't want to mess with how good the rest of it looks. Maybe a black bonnet?
  9. Part of a recent garage sale find was this Brat - does anyone have the servo saver part C-8. I'm in the USA. Thanks.
  10. Are the FS-12S and FS-12SW the same as I see a piston and liner on Ebay but it only lists 12SW. Thanks.
  11. I used an engine from a TNS project car (waiting for gaskets to arrive to see if it will run) and have installed the 2 speed transmission. Wheels from Ebay and I need to adjust the body to move it forward a little, but happy with the progress so far.
  12. New to me body off a parts car sourced on Ebay. Looks better but still dealing with it shutting off after warming up. Seems this may be an indicator of warn engine. Any leads on a new piston / liner?
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