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  1. SOLD Updated the listing as the Hotshot sold so just the Pukka Parts Chassis kit and Penguin TMS body Added picture from Pukka Parts to show what the car could look like.
  2. Pukka Parks chassis kit. Penguin TMS Hotshot body. Trying to clear out some projects I never got around to. More info on the chassis: https://www.facebook.com/PukkaParts SOLD
  3. I usually take enough to fix any corner - so arms, hub etc., along with a selection of turnbuckles of correct lengths to replace any on the car and an assortment of misc screws, nuts etc.
  4. My VTA is a TA08 Pro. It is a competetive class as well at our track but to run a 3rd class I just have to not work on the car between heats - just drive it for fun and laps. Set up changes etc are limited to the other 2 classes for time, brain space, etc. I found a used TRF420 on Buyee for about $300 - seemed like a bargain compared to a new 420x.
  5. Sounds like a good day of racing. I have never tried 4 classes as I find 3 almost too many. When I cut down to 2 classes in an effort to focus on those a bit more, I feel like I am missing out on the fun as I watch others on track lol. Trying for 2 "serious" classes - usually 215TC and USGT - where I have time to work on the cars between heats, and one fun class such as VTA or Euro truck where I just drive what I have.
  6. TT-02R - Survived 6 months of racing in the rookie class, then became my TCS GT Pro Spec car. Still going strong. TT-01E Euro Truck - Not completely box stock I guess because of the bearings but has survived lots of racing in a high contact class.
  7. Sunday was another round of the Intensity Series at Discount Hobbies in San Marcos, CA. In Sportsman 21.5 TC, the TRF420 was on rails the whole day. The 6 min main was a close battle between myself and another driver (TRF419 - the only two Tamiyas were 1 and 2!) and while I managed to take the lead for a lap, he got back through and I took second by 0.481 secs. In Import Tuner (21.5 FT or 25.5t motor, open chassis/tire, import style body) the car felt good but I was a little down in overall speed and finished 3rd on the same lap as the two leaders. For fun, I dusted off the Euro Truck as a couple of friends were going to race this class as well. After a bad decision to rotate the tires front to back to try and even out tire wear had me last in the second round of qualifying, putting things back the way there were led to a fun race and a 5th place. Overall, a great day at the track.
  8. Road trip yesterday to race at the closest permanent track Cal Raceway, running in 21.5TC and USGT. A tighter, more technical track with higher grip levels, it proved tough to get a handle on things, with the USGT TRF420 being the worst of the two. I was able to get things a little better throughout the 2 heats of qualifying and the mains to a point where the cars were both fun to drive again. Finished the day faster than when I started and most importantly, had a blast.
  9. It was a lot of fun and is going to become a semi regular class.
  10. Another race day yesterday - this time with our first vintage race for 2006 or earlier touring cars. I ran my TRF420 again in Sportsman stock sedan 21.5t although there were only 2 entires in the class meaning we got lumped in with expert group to save time. I won by a lap and had some good races with the experts although getting out of their way as expert/sportsman were scored serarately limited the chances to mix it up. Import tuner class was fun with good close racing and a third place. For the vintage class (pre 2006 chassis, 17t brushed motor, period body w/ antenna tube) I ran a TA04. Had decent pace compared to the others but the car broke twice. Still, everyone had fun and there will be more vintage races in the future.
  11. I don't really know how to effectively make changes either. I have the book Essential Touring Car RC Racers Guide and just went with some of the suggestions in that. What I really need to do is plan a test day where I can run the same car back to back making changes to help understand what does what.
  12. Outdoors parking lot track. It was the plastic drive shaft pin protector on the front diff that broke. As for the USGT, I laid down the rear shocks one hole, went up slightly on ride height, increased front toe out by 1 degree, and changed to a set of the spec tires with fewer runs on them. No time to try things one at a time so did what ever I could think of. Basically I think it was lack of prep as I spent my time putting the Import Tuner car together. The car that won the import tuner class was a TT02. Same driver has also won in 21.5 TC with a TT02.
  13. Sunday was the Sedan Showdown at the local track which gave all touring car classes solo hot laps to seed the heats. I ended up seeding third in 21.5t sportsman with my TRF420 which was on rails after a tire change from well used Volantes to almost new Rush. So far so good. After 2 heats of qualifying, I ended up starting 4th for the main. In the race, I dropped a couple of places after the start, worked back up to a solid 2nd, before a crash broke the car. Disappointing end but overall, this was the most hooked up, enjoyable to drive car I have had at a race. USGT was a different story. First time out with the new to me TRF420 that replaced the TRF419 I had been running. Undriveable is the best way I can describe it after limited practice and the first round of qualifying. The car was trying to swap ends at every opportunity. Changed a few things which at least kept it going straight but the best I could manage on the day was 3rd (and last lol) in the B main. Import Tuner is a local class for either 21.5t fixed timing or 25.5t motors with an "import" body and any 4wd chassis. At the last race, I had decided to try this class out instead of running my TA08 Pro in VTA, and simply re geared /re bodied my TCS GT Pro Spec TT02R. This time, I had built up the TRF419 from USGT with an H2RD mid motor conversion kit, and my spare 21.5 ft motor. The car proved a lot of fun and I qualified 2nd, finished 3rd in a close run 6 min main. It's only a week until the next race, so time to get working on the USGT car.
  14. Sounds like a great day of racing. You def should stick to Tamiya for VTA
  15. TA08 works great. I tried it with a top deck but prefer it without. Car has survived 2 years of VTA racing without anything breaking. I'm not a great driver and racing only Tamiya is a large part of the fun for me. I'm sure an Xray wouldn't make me any better.
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