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  1. The master plan is to use the 2 speed transmission from the parts car that showed up a little while after the first chassis. Can't have just one TG10 right?
  2. After the success getting my TGS back on the road and enjoying dipping a toe into the black art of tuning these cars, it was time to start project #2. If the TGS was a rehab, this is a re-assembly. It arrived in bite size bits in a small box so I disassembled everything and ran it through my parts washer. Basic reassembly was straightforward until I get to the engine. It came with a new in box HPI Nitro Star Pro 12R XS - which has a rear exhaust. After being distracted by the shiny purple heatsink for a bit, I noticed the clearance is a little tight for the exhaust which leads me to my two questions for you smart people. 1. Is it possible to use a rear exhaust motor on a Tg10 Mk1? 2. What motor can I buy today (in the USA) that would fit? Bonus points for links
  3. It is a Tamiya TS-12S. Air filter is new with less than a tank of run time. Have reset to factory and double checked carb gap. Idles ok - maybe a little fast. Will try 1/4 turn richer on the main needle. Thx.
  4. Certainly enjoying the sounds and smells of nitro and I am slowly learning more about tuning these things. Car is cutting out when I lift abruptly off from full (or almost full) throttle - may be running too lean?
  5. Thanks hedge - I have the air filter on. This clip was just after I got it running long enough to film. I will take your advice on the fuel tank. Enjoying nitro so far which is a good thing as now I have a TNS and a TGX in the project que.
  6. Finally got it running today. Ran the carb through the parts cleaner and had to wait for a replacement pull start (HPI Racing 15126 - mounting holes don't quite line up but it starts the engine) but it runs. Now to figure out the mysteries of nitro tuning. First run on the bench
  7. Having used my extra time at home over the last year tidying up a couple of SRBs sitting on my shelf and then building a couple more runners so I don't have to clean them to put back on display, I started looking for something different in the Tamiya family. Thanks to this forum and KO RC on Youtube/Instagram I have jumped (been pushed??) down the nitro rabbit hole of curiosity. Enabled by the ease of shopping on Ebay, here is project #1. So far, I have removed the ridiculous flames, fixed the numerous body cracks with shoe goo and drywall fiber tape, replaced the broken front shock mount with a TT01 part, and installed a FlySky receiver to get the electronics working. Next up - the carb seems stuck, the fuel tank is too small and only held on by one screw, and I know nothing about nitro motors. An air filter is on the way and I now have a glow plug ignitor and fuel bottle. Apologies in advance for any newbie / basic / obvious nitro questions.
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