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  1. On 8/6/2022 at 12:26 AM, svenb said:

    Very smart looking 👍

    The TL01 is quite easy to keep the wiring neat with the hollow frame so no need to thank me!

    I will take it though 😜👍

    The original builder didn’t seem to notice, wiring was awful!

    Plus the box art shows the wires all over the place rather than neatly routed inside. 

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  2. Right so as is usually the way I’ve spent a bit on this thing. 

    New chassis (original was literally crumbling away), new suspension (thanks for the suggestions in this thread), new motor, ball raced and a whole load of little things. Transformed!

    Thanks @svenb for the cable tidying ideas. Very useful chassis for hiding things away!

    Pretty rapid and handles well





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  3. On 4/8/2022 at 2:13 PM, Nikko85 said:

    Cool. I really think the Jet Hoppers (and Turbo Panthers) really were some of the nicest looking buggies.


    Agreed! I had a Riko/Taiyo Jet Hopper 2 when I was younger and always wished I could find a hobby grade buggy that looked similar.



    Thinking a Javelin with a red frame has probably the closest overall look. A lot of Grasshopper in there too. Can anyone suggest anything closer?

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  4. 21 hours ago, Scottrc said:

    That’s really nice! My father in laws got one that’s been in his loft for years didn’t realise they were that rare. He was even thinking of racing it at our local club! Will talk him out if it now 😂

    I’m not sure it is that rare, but you certainly don’t seem them much!

    Can anyone suggest any good ways to remove scratches without damaging decals? The shell is ok but a little scratched around the front. No cracks thankfully though 


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  5. 1 hour ago, TurnipJF said:

    A TL-01 in stock form can be a bit dull and toy-like, however it really comes into its own once you hop it up a bit. For me the ultimate hop up is the LA suspension set, which totally transforms the handling and allows it to compete with with newer cars from the TA and TB families on a more or less equal footing.

    The original Tamiya parts are very difficult to find nowadays, however you can recreate the LA suspension set using alloy parts from Yeah Racing. They are not as resilient as the fibre reinforced plastic ones from Tamiya, but they are cheaper, more easily available, and add blue bling which as everybody knows makes the car go faster. 😁

    Uh oh, I can feel some more anodised parts coming my way! Can you suggest any part numbers / where I can find which parts would fit?

  6. 21 hours ago, svenb said:

    Yes very nice

    Regarding hop ups.... Loads, loads and loads

    Many difficult to find and pricey but nice dampers,plenty of blue bling and it'll scrub up a treat 👍

    I've a TL01 and it's probably my favourite of all my chassis's. Check out mine in my showroom 😉

    Wow, your cars look absolutely amazing! The TL-01 looks super tidy - will definitely reroute my wiring! Haha

    What are those wheels on the Sierra? They look fantastic!


    11 hours ago, GermanTA03Guy said:

    Hi, had one bitd with the Peugeot 406 shell. Didn't find it amazing. So what's the fuzz about? Really just wanting to understand...I mean I do like the looks of a hopped up one, but it's a bit toyish in a way, isn't it?.... How does it drive? I remember in the tamiya euro cup top class 4wd Gt you could drive one but no one did, right? The shell and wheels are gorgeous though, congrats... 

    To me it feels solid but quite brittle and plasticky. Doesn’t help matters that some of the plastics seem to be disintegrating! Less slop in the suspension than my TA03 though. TA03 feels more refined though. After seeing Svenb’s it seems to offer some neat cable routing solutions so there are some benefits to the design. It feels ok to drive, perhaps not massively nimble. My only other RCs are shelf queens so nothing to compare it to!

  7. Hi all, had some really great advice in the thread about my 911 GT1 shelf queen so wanted to start one on this too. Was impossible to find one of these over here so this one came from Japan (guessing this one was more popular over there), lightly used but not perfect so it’s always going to be a bit of a runner. Seems difficult to even find pictures online of the 1/10 Calsonic R33… shame as it’s a nice looking thing.

    I’d like to add camber to the wheels to all 4 corners. Can anyone suggest what parts I might need to fit? 

    Less bothered about OG Tamiya parts on this one, can anyone suggest some other good hop ups for a TL-01?

    The ESC / receiver seems to have a bit of a mind of its own sometimes but I suppose it’s just because it’s 20+ years old. Would rather not replace.




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  8. On 3/4/2022 at 7:13 PM, svenb said:

    Stabilizer stoppers may help with the play.

    Hop up bumper is a nice addition but then again so are the aluminium hubs/steering/knuckles just expensive and quite elusive.

    Large washers with screws will hold the stabilizer bar in place 👍


    Thanks, what is the part number for these? 

    Thanks for all the suggestions! It has aluminium knuckle arms that you can’t really see in the pictures. Only a matter of time before I go down the hole of more aluminium!

    @GermanTA03Guy Thanks for sharing that article! Interesting about the stabilisers too, I know the primary function wasn’t to reduce the slop but I hoped the ‘tension’ would at least help.

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  9. Can anyone recommend any other nice hop ups for a ta03rs? Enjoying upgrading this so happy to set some eBay searches to source nice bits. 

    Seem to be missing a retainer plate and also need to secure the stabilisers - I have some carbon supports on order, but can I just use screws instead?

    Was hoping the stabilisers would help with some of the play in the suspension (when secured obviously) but other than looking pretty, can’t really see what they do?


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  10. 1 hour ago, GermanTA03Guy said:

    Hi beautiful cars. What make is that nice Pantera body? 

    Thank you! The Pantera body on the RS4 Racer is an HPI body - always loved a Pantera and they got the proportions pretty good (a lot of their ‘retro’ bodies are way off IMO!). Just need to fit wheels with some good dish and the right offset - the only pictures i’ve seen of this body on the internet look terrible as people paint them badly and put ill fitting wheels on.

    I’d actually like some better, more ‘period correct’ wheels (higher profile / more chunky rubber) if anyone can suggest anything? Was thinking group c type but doubt they’ll fit?

    Better pics (with older wheels I had on a few years back)…



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  11. Hi everyone, sorry for the delayed response. Thank you so much for all suggestions. As I know is common, my quest for a few parts led to buying another car…

    TL-01 Calsonic Skyline that I always wanted when I was younger!

    Back to the parts… I did buy a Super Stock RZ motor that is currently in the Skyline and have a Dyna Run ready to go in the 911. The rear shocks on the TA-03 are indeed longer than the fronts so I swapped some parts over from the original CVAs


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  12. Hello all, 

    New here! I’m looking for some help regarding a few elements of a small nostalgic fuelled project I’m playing around with. 

    It’s essentially a shelf queen TA03R-S 911 GT1. I had this car back in the 1990s but the original got totally destroyed. Thought I would rebuild another but with some decent Tamiya upgrades (the sort of things I would have bought at the time if I weren’t a penniless 8 year old)

    I have a few technical hiccups - one being the dampers. It sat perfectly on the standard dampers, but they leaked so I bought some pretty TRF fluoride coated dampers. However, there are too short so it sits way too low at the back. How do I raise these?

    Additionally I bought a few parts to upgrade the old silver can, but in hindsight I have no idea if the motor and speed controller I bought are even comparable! Can anyone advise if a TEU-105bk will be melted by a Formula Tuned motor. Probably won’t run this much, but nice to have something that would run at least in theory! Hopefully the pictures won’t come across too massive…

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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