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  1. Excellent set of idiot proof instructions there @WillyChang
  2. £19:19 delivered for the shell, and however cheap you can pick up the Tamiya PS main paint colour (and backing colour). https://www.kamtec.co.uk/epages/BT4645.sf/sec278bdd767d/?ObjectID=47703489&LastProductObjectID=33006037 Stickers/decals take your pick off ebay for around £10. So probably £45 all delivered.
  3. A lovely addiction, sorry collection you have there! Chuckling at the Beatties Romford right of passage, that long savouring wander to the back of the shop via the train sets, the model kits, the scalextric and finally to the back counter! Some times I came out clutching a new Tamiya Catalogue - many weeks pocket and paper round money - but one Christmas everything aligned and I came out with the fabled blue pvc bag and a Grasshopper!
  4. Hi I have a Kamtec Beetle shell on my Mud Blaster chassis. Sure its not the most dimensionally accurate shell, and its a bit blunt in parts but its great value for money. All those curves are however a pain to cut out - it was my first lexan shell in 25 years so don't be too harsh Decals were ebay repros (hiding a bit of paint reaction!) over Tamiya PS63 Bright Gunmetal backed in white. It came with window masks which were almost the same shape as the windows
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