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  1. Tamiya TRF Transpeed Brushless Octa-Wind 4.5T Motor. BRAND NEW, UNOPENED and in the UK now, so no long wait or disappointment: Other sellers sometimes only order from Tamiya when you’ve paid! If it’s out of stock you then face a very long wait, and then sometimes disappointment when it can’t be supplied. Save the worry and be reassured of a quick and guaranteed delivery: £140.00
  2. Tamiya Volac - BL2 Brushless Esc - 42144 - Brand New and unopened. Other sellers sometimes only order from Tamiya when you’ve paid! If it’s out of stock you then face a very long wait, and then sometimes disappointment when it can’t be supplied. Save the worry and be reassured of a quick and guaranteed delivery. In the UK now so no waiting or disappointment. Took months to get and not cheap, but fast becoming collectable. This is the ESC that Marc Rheinland used to win the 2008 IRMAR World Championship. For expert use: £320.00
  3. Hi Greg, I have and although they were vague with me initially, they turned out to be very good. As I said in that essay of a message, they were very kind to me too. I think they’re good and trustworthy, but don’t understand our jitters over dealing with those outside the UK so don’t see the need to reassure us with constant communication. It’s a simple thing, but I’ve managed to buy from many hobby shops, some that say they won’t sell to the uk, to deal with me by simply using google translate. Try writing again in Swedish and address your message to Johan. Like you, I just wanted the parts too, so I’d just allow them a little longer. I’d wish you good luck, but I doubt you’ll need it. Stephen
  4. Hi, I have a few Tamiya, TRF tools and parts for sale: 1x Tamiya - 45057 TBLE-O2S Brushless ESC - £22.00 1x Tamiya TRF - 42147 Hex Wrench 2.5mm - £28.00 1x Tamiya TRF - 42161 Screwdriver M - £28.00 4x Tamiya TRF - 42351 Centre Pully - £22.00 each All plus postage. Feel free to respond here or email me directly: helenstott17@yahoo.co.uk
  5. Buying from autopartner.se in Sweden. I placed 4 orders with autopartner.se, as such I expected to pay 4 lots of shipping costs. However, they were ordered days, sometimes hours apart. As such, nothing had been shipped by the time my last order had been placed. Johan from autopartner.se emailed today to say they’ve refunded 3 lots of shipping costs! Obviously with 4 orders placed very close together you can understand the obvious, pack them all together and save on shipping. However, I’ve made this mistake many times when buying from companies abroad and autopartner.se are the first to be honest and not hold onto any unnecessary shipping costs. We all know 4 orders will take up more volume and weigh more, so a recalculation was all I ever could have hoped for. RCJAZZ, as good as they’ve been, packed 5 separate orders in one big box. They had items packed inside other items all to save space and therefore costs. However, they never offered to refund any of my overpaid shipping costs. Let’s be honest, it was my fault, I agreed to the orders knowing my mistake so was prepared to accepted them, so can’t complain. However, after today I’d now buy anything and everything I need from autopartner.se. At least I’d always try them first. Furthermore, unlike many Japanese companies I’ve ordered from, autopartner.se haven’t cancelled and then refunded a single thing. I’ve lost count of how many times an order has been cancelled and refunded because it was only ordered from the local Tamiya distributor once I’d placed a paid order. They had no idea that some of the items they were listing as available, and taking money for, were discontinued. It was either that, or some weren’t particular good at stock taking, so they had no idea they’d sold out until I placed a, paid in advance order. All I can say is, if you are ordering from abroad, then autopartner.se are clearly very trustworthy.
  6. Hi Greg, Wow, that’s more than I got. Good news! Stephen
  7. Hi Greg, To be honest, I haven’t received anything as yet. However, I have received receipts and tracking information, so all looks good so far. I’ll update you as things change though. I hope this offers some reassurance. Stephen PS: I use Google translate to communicate with all the companies I buy from in Europe. It’s a simple thing, but has helped enormously. If you’re unsure as to what’s going on, try emailing them directly in both languages.
  8. Hi Chris, Firstly, thank you for responding. As I discovered recently, it’s very hard to photograph small dints in metal, especially shiny metal. Is it possible you would kindly take a few more to try to show the dent and scratches you mentioned in more detail? I can just see some small scratches on your image, but not clearly. Feel free to email as you may be able to get larger file sizes through that way. Please send them to my partner Helen: helenstott17@yahoo.co.uk I’ll say thank you in advance for asking you to do more work! Stephen
  9. Here’s the info shown on the back of Tamiya’s, forward only, Volac BL2 ESC.
  10. Thank you, I appreciate the knowledge. The Tamiya Volac has landed, as has the 3.5t motor, a TA07MSX chassis and every single TRF upgrades to go with it. All will be sold as an unopened soon to make way for something else.
  11. That’s good to know, I’ve got the Pro’s on their way! Thank you again for all the help. Stephen
  12. HI, Does anyone have the following items that they might want to sell: Tamiya - 42159 TRF Screwdriver M Tamiya - 42160 TRF Screwdriver L Tamiya - 53655 Setting Board TRF Blue Tamiya - 49266 Setting Board TRF Blue Thank you. Stephen Feel free to email / text directly stephenstanderwick@msn.com - 07599299777
  13. Hi Matt, Thank you so much, they had nearly everything. I’m now down to only 2 items to find. The 2 screwdrivers 42159 and 42160! Can’t thank you enough. I don’t suppose you have any idea who may have the 2 missing items? I’ve trawled the internet and exhausted the Japanese, German sites, the ones I can find anyway. Cheers Stephen
  14. Hi all, I’m looking for a brand new copy of Tamiya’s The Complete Works of 1946-2015 Tamiya Military Models - 63631. Thank you
  15. Can I confirm, are you saying the Hobbywing’s 10bl120 ESC is the same as Tamiya’s - 42144? I have a 42144 on it’s way from RCJAZZ and plan to use a 3.5T motor, but can’t find any info on its either.
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