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  1. Thank you for all the advice and opinions. It is really appreciated. Special thanks to Exit13 for the specific Grasshopper support. I have decided to do two things: Restore the Grasshopper and get it running again. It will not see too much heavy use I suspect but it'll be great to have it as a runner again. My two boys will not be allowed anywhere near it! As per Jonboy1's post I am going to pick up a new entry level buggy for the boys (and me!) to enjoy building and running together. The Neo Fighter looks like a great option out of the box and for upgrading so I suspect I'll go down that route. Will update with a few pictures when I get the parts and get to work. Cheers
  2. Thanks Exit that is really helpful
  3. Thanks Terry. I had had this thought actually. Maybe it's just easier and I'll be less precious about it if it gets trashed!
  4. Hi all, I'm after some advice on a restoration of Grasshopper from my childhood. It has sat in a box for 30 years or so and is need of some TLC. I now have young sons who I'm keen to get into RC so hoping this will fire their interest in it. I'd welcome any advice on bringing the car back to it's prime but specifically: What battery should I buy for it? I'm totally out of touch here so (UK) links to batteries and chargers would be great. Will they be compatible? The shell is pretty beaten up so is it just best to buy a new one? I'm keen to keep it as original as possible but want it to look good. Are there any upgrades you would recommend? I was thinking about a slightly bigger motor and better bearings. I don't want to radically overhaul it as I want it to be as standard as possible. Any thoughts very welcome!
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