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  1. That's perfect, just what I was looking for, thank you.
  2. Ok, so.... The price of sold old futaba fp-s28 on eBay is massive $6, a new 3003 is about $10. I already had ordered the pack of connectors, so I decided to give that a try. I decided to not be lazy and take the body off the reissue grasshopper to copy the wiring positions in the connectors. The ones I ordered do not have a locator tab, so I can pull them and insert them 180 if needed. Well... The crimp tool was a joke, it was tedious but easier to just crimp with needle nose pliers. I did one and inserted the pins into the connector. The second one, I tried to solder after crimping.... I'm guessing I used to much solder and it filled the female on, because that one doesn't want to push on. Then a wire pulled out of the first connector I did. So... I'm done for the evening, maybe I'll try again tomorrow, soldering both with just a touch of solder. I also need to do the power connectors. -Josh
  3. I'm located near Woodstock VA in Virginia's shenandoah valley.
  4. Thank you, I already have a modern esc, that I can use. Yes, I did buy the new connectors and a crimping tool, I figured I'd just cut off the old end and attach the new connector, I'm just not sure what order I should connect the wires to the pins.
  5. I recently purchased a vintage Grasshopper. I'm installing a modern receiver in it and the servo plugs are incompatible, they are male end plugs and need to be female. So I ordered some female connectors, now I'm wondering if someone can tell me which wire goes to which pin on the servos as well as the power switch. Would I be correct to assume the black wire is the pin closest to the side the wires enter the connector and the white wire is furthest with the red the middle pin? What about the power connector? Thank you - Josh
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