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  1. Also anyone who has a tamiya ta03f, feel free to post anything you have done to it. Would be interesting to see what others have done.
  2. Yeah, ive got a spare 16t and 25t pinion. The chassis probably isnt ideal, but im sure it will work. I only plan to run it on short grass and flat ground. With the dampers, ive tried everything, adjusting the spring tension by turning them, adding spacers ect still not solved it. I may just have to buy slightly bigger 85mm ones, which would also help with offroading.
  3. Hi, thanks for your responce. I'm based in the UK and they are usually around £100 for a well used one. Im thinking of keeping and just running it till it breaks. Also a problem which i ran into was the shocks. I bought replacement ones because the originals are worn on the bottom. When i installed the new ones, the car is basically 5mm from the ground which is way to low. The new ones were 60mm and the next size up are 85mm i believe. Any experience with these? Also any tips about the ta03f are welcome. My car is running the standard black gears, 20T pinion with 9t brushless motor and 60 amp esc (GoolRC) combo with 2s lipo 4000mah. I am wanting it to go offroad on flat grass. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, I am a new member of the tamiya club. I have a tamiya ta03f audi a4. I have installed a cheap brushless motor and esc and reciever. I usually take it out on the road a few times a week just for a general bash, no competive racing or anything like that. I have also bought bigger wheels to go on the grass (which is flat, no jumps) (yet to try) My question is, is the tamiya ta03f a more of a collectors piece nowadays? Would I be better off to take all the electronics out and sell and buy a cheap modern chassis, or just run with the ta03f. The condition of the ta03f is not great, box has got rips, lots of scratches on the bottom plate. Shell basically looks unrecogisable. Everything works though and still got the original servo ect. (Also noticed a crack between the gearbox and the middle tub which flexes to the right.) I could get an audi shell to add value ect Any thoughts and opinions are welcome
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