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  1. Thanks! I went for PS-23 (Gunmetal Grey) backed with PS-5 (Black). Although I like the white of the box art, I think I prefer it in this dark colour, looks meaner ehehe. I ended up using the standard silver can with a 1060esc I had laying around and I definitely feel like I need more power ahaha
  2. Hey, Sorry for the dealy! Yes, I ended up going with @GermanTA03Guy suggestion of 50549 and 50548. It looks like this:
  3. Just finished! I think it looks great in gunmetal grey and it drives beautifully! Made some mistakes when applying the stickers but I think that's to be expcted - this was my first time doing a proper kit. Thanks for the tips everyone!
  4. Thanks for the suggestion! I ended up going with the stantard tamiya bolts for this one as the minimum order was 50€ and this is a test for my building skills anyway I have quite some more kits to build so I guess I'll see the most common used screws and make a big order so I can have the required stock and meet the minimum order!!
  5. Thank you very much for the replies guys! I will note this all down and prepare for the build eheh!
  6. Hey guys, I'm preparing to start building the Tamiya 911 GT1 and I'm looking for some suggestions. I'm thinking of painting it gunmetal grey (see image attached) and I'm looking for the following suggestions: Does this kit need ball bearings? Do you have a suggestion for a driver figure? Is there a machine screw kit for this model? I searched on RC-Schrauben but couldn't find any. From the images it looks like the rear wheels sit a little too much inside the body. Is there a spacer kit? Are there any suggested hop ups that you think should be added? I'm thinking of pairing it with a basic brushless setup. Thank for the time. This will be the first kit I assemble so I'm thinking of using it a test base to learn how to do everything correctly. After it I have some classic re re's to follow! Thank you very much once again!
  7. Thank you for the suggestion @87lc2! When I get the paint cans, I'll order the PS Matte Clear and do some testing before I proceed with the full body painting. Thank you very much for the suggestion!
  8. Hello everyone, I've recently got an Avante rere and my idea is to paint it like the box art car. I'm still fairly recent to the hobby (although I've been DIY'ing things for a while now) and although I'm not too worried about the building, I'm trying to find as much information as I can about the painting of the bodyshell since that is what worries me the most. My goal is to make this car a shelf queen (with the ocasional driving on smooth surfaces) so I want to make it look as good as I possibly can. I found this channel online where he builds and paints the Avante with incredible skill and I loved the result: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXdh3atjIN4 My goal is to make something similar: for that intent, I found MCI Racing and I ordered some reverse decals to apply from the inside of the body. My main question is about painting and painting techniques/stickers: On the video we can see him applying a clear coat on top of the stickers before proceeding with the main paint application (to prevent paint bleed I guess). I've searched online for Lexan clear coating but couldn't find anything special. The paint he uses has been discontinued. Tamiya has some clear coatings for Lexan but they're either Pearl of Matte and, while I'm sure I don't want the Matte finish, I don't know about the Pearl effect with the Mettalic blue next... Also, I talked with Nathaneal (from MCI Racing) and he told be that I cold just apply the stickers and paint on top, it should be fine. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of application? Any tips you can give me? Thank you very much for your attention, and sorry for long post!
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