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  1. Sadly, I live smack dab in the middle of the US.
  2. I decided to take a break from my racing buggy because of constant issues with stripped screws. Two pages into building the Blackfoot and... The chassis breaks. I'm just so frustrated and defeated. I'm not even getting to run my cars before they break. It is heartbreaking.
  3. Took my RC10 B6.3D to the track for the first time on Friday. First practice lap, one of my shocks popped apart and emptied. I bought more shock oil, rebuilt it, and went to register. I needed a body hole for the transponder and had to ask for help. Regulars took a look at my buggy, only the second kit I've ever bought, and were mildly bemused. They reassembled a few things, added screws to places I'd missed them, and got me on the track. I made it one lap before I broke my servo. That ended my first night of racing. I marshalled the next race, learned to fear 1/8 scale buggies, and went home. Not sure when I'll be able to replace the servo, so racing is on hold for the moment.
  4. Friday: Soldering the electronics on my RC10 B6.3D in my friend's garage. Saturday: Participating in my first club race. Sunday: Laundry
  5. Got the wheels on the Pizzabuggy. Team Associated RC10 b6.3d. It has been a struggle but I just need to adjust the turnbuckles and do a little soldering, then she's ready for club racing. I've waited so long for this.
  6. Built and mounted the shocks on the Associated RC10 B6.3D and it looks like a real proper buggy now. Mounting the tires tonight, soldering the electronics Friday or Saturday. It feels really close to finished. I should be able to race next Friday and live out my childhood dream of coming in third in a race full of children. My partner works in education and I write technical instructions as part of my IT job. I have to say that I'm strongly tempted to rewrite Associated's manual and make it twice as comprehensive. The gulf between their instructions and Tamiya's is surprisingly deep and wide.
  7. I wrecked my fingertips building turnbuckles last night. Ouch.
  8. If you aren't the fastest, be the loudest.
  9. Painted my first buggy body for the Pizzabuggy (Associated RC10 B6.3D). Spent a couple of hours building the transmission and diff. Learned to hate ball differentials. Nothing in my TT-02 prepared me for building an Associated kit. The instructions are more vague, the steps are less granular, and the screws cam out way easier. It'll be worth it to get to race 2wd Buggy on Friday nights, but man is it frustrating.
  10. Went to the Carper races last night and it was great fun to watch. I am going to try my hand at racing for the first time next week.
  11. I really appreciate it @Frog Jumper! Measurements will help tremendously. We have until August to gather projects. I've found a few on Thingiverse and she is working on a lesson plan.
  12. As a follow-up to my previous Blackfoot post, I have decided to focus on 2wd Buggy racing since my local track is doing the Associated Summer Series. This fall, my partner will begin teaching STEM classes at an elementary school and she is planning on using the Blackfoot for lessons on various engineering projects. She is also using it to teach about 3-D printing. Are there any recommended mods and parts for her to 3-D print with the kids?
  13. Prepped my TT-02 for Wednesday Night Carpet Racing. Installed an oil differential in the front, packed the rear differential with grease, installed front and rear universals, adjustable upper arms, aluminum rear uprights (2.5 degrees), Mini CVAs, and Aluminum Hubs with 6mm offset. It took a very long time, but my first car is now fully upgraded for the track and I'll be racing now. My partner needs to assemble her TT-02R so we can really dig into racing.
  14. Went to the Family Night Off-Road Race Night at my local track. Left with an Assocoiated RC10 B6.3, receiver, motor, ESC, ESC programming board, battery, tires, wheels, tools, and a new addiction. Got home and stripped a screw on the second page of the manual. Went back for screws Saturday morning. I'm going to have a fun Tuesday night. (Monday night is reserved for Mario Kart with my son.)
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