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  1. You’ve tried assigning it to another channel like gear? Try assigning it on flight mode.
  2. Think the issue is the receiver i think if you can’t assign a channel to the lights. I have a dx for my helis. Do you have a standard receiver? Also I have the tuned motor and get plenty of wheelies with that and it’s cheap
  3. Looking good guys. You reminded me I haven’t show mine finished.
  4. Thank you Kev. I’ll do a strip down and as you mention. Can’t get shorter so your way would work. thabjs for the help
  5. Can’t get the tamiya 50520 cva kit till a good few months away
  6. Kev, thanks. Ok it came with other pieces too as below which may help? Failing that do the part you mention.
  7. Hi Kev. The new shocks are 85mm eye to eye. The standard shocks I could do that but with these they’re different unless I’m missing something?
  8. Hi guys. Have installed some new abisma shocks all round. Issue I now have is the camber is well off due to height of shocks on the front. Also the steering rack now hits on the wishbone. Hs anyone here a resolution to these issues please? Thanks
  9. I get that. Been thinking about a buggy myself for land speed stuff. I fly helis too as they’re quite complicated but recent weather makes it difficult. Thing is it’s a bug, you start tinkering and can’t stop but I will. Suspension failed again today so that’s a bad point of the truck. However it still wheelies and goes mental. Won’t be changing that appeal too much
  10. Haha I agree on the money. Think you’re right, I’ll upgrade as and when something breaks. Just ordered motor 🤣
  11. Hi Lukas thanks for that. As I’ve built it noticed how many plastic parts make it weak but easily sortable. I bought the bearings pack so all wheel bearings and gearbox have been replaced. Maybe look at gearbox parts being metal too. Ive got some new oil filled shocks coming to replace the standard as they are bad but also weak point. I’ve done the 3rd strut mod and stops the slapping. Almost finished it but I keep telling myself it’s for the kids but secretly I want it 🤣
  12. Kev you’re a star. Been looking for all with lunchbox and tamiy but not that. Thanks very much man
  13. Thinking about it what upgrades motors did you guys use with a standard battery and the Tamiya 45057 TBLE-02 Brushed and Brushless ESC?
  14. Just won this and almost finished building. Just got to finish paintwork and decals then add the windows. Possibly look at a lighting kit but want to sort servo centering too and have new suspension to fit (standard is bad)
  15. Hi all new and just signed up. won a lunchbox on Facebook and just built it. Been looking through loads and can’t find what I’m after so hopefully someone can help here I’m wanting to centre the servo yet I cannot find any threaded rod so I can have it centred Has anyone resolved this or done something else that works? Thank you
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