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  1. NIB Wheeler body set from Shizuoka, Japan.
  2. Not sure if this even counts as doing anything for the day, but one of my used M38 for restoration came with a full working Futaba radio so decided to clean it up for display..mainly because these were actually still made in Japan back then. My JR R1’s are the last radios that I still have that were still made in Japan. My 4PKS-R.. made in China.
  3. Probably most may not notice the difference, but fixed Willy’s eyes this morning. Yesterday my right hand had a shaking problem due to drumming the previous day too much. I play cajon besides keyboards and I think I over did my practice the night before. While I had him on my decal-painting booth I made him a new necklace/tag as well.
  4. I'm sorry to hear this Ferruz! Hang in there!!
  5. Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there! Spent my morning taking my real car out for a nice drive, then worked on making a weekend-bolt-on-guy Willy for the City Turbo. Or an RC-ing Willy?
  6. I use to run my GF01 a lot and dialed out the initial braking using expo. I've not had it do an endo so bad that it would tumble itself over.. But I only run black can on mine so that might be the reason. I love that it has 4 wheel braking..
  7. Re-did a Willy I painted a while back today. The red on the helmet was originally 3M 2080 automotive vinyl, but now Tamiya's Italian Red laquer and redid his eyeballs while I had him off his M38 as well.
  8. As KEV mentioned above, I would also try the resistor plate mounting location idea. I don't know about you guys, but I don't like wires dangling from the body when swapping batteries so I'd prefer to keep the switch on the chassis side. My CC01 has wires for the lights and honestly it is a pain tucking everything in.
  9. Nothing exciting but just parts for my parts bin.
  10. @GmcTyphoon Good to hear the brace is coming off soon. Thanks, for the photo. That's cool, Kyosho driver, huh? Nice customization indeed!
  11. Nice, I got one of these today.. will paint the tails over the weekend
  12. That’s right! Summer is cold there. Keep warm!
  13. Good job especially with a broken thumb. Hope your hand is back soon. Did you paint the driver figure's face? If so, can you show us a couple more shots? Thanks.
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