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  1. I have over 30 as well. But it's not about how many cars one has; it's about the effort and detail put into each of them and ultimately how much enjoyment one gets out of the hobby. I'm completely out of display space so my last kits are on order which will carry me for a while..
  2. Driving an RC car well is like learning to play a musical instrument. There is a lot of practice needed to get to where you can control the car naturally. Practice practice practice and practice some more! Have fun, @museguy!
  3. I am still waiting for my Egress to come in, but once I do, will do.
  4. Ahh, looks like you have your RC journey ready to go. Good luck with the builds.
  5. @alvinlwh Wow, that's a radiator, not a heat sink! jk. That thing is huge. Which motor do you run again? I don't remember which motor is in mine, but it gets hot but not to the point I worry. My brushless one runs fairly cool on this chassis.
  6. Good job. The M05 is a very straight forward chassis so should be fixed by now, hopefully. Any chance you would go into 4WD m-chassis? They are so cool.
  7. Nice! Me too actually. Special thanks to netsmithUK. For me, had to work most of the day and only had about an hour to sand and reputty the Beetle body. Going to drill body mount holes next and another round or two of putty.
  8. Window smoke/tint lexan paint I have, yes. Mine was by Pactra but there are others out there. Tamiya has PS31.
  9. I would use a heat gun for repairs like that..but I've been doing such repairs and real car metal and plastic paintless dent removal for many years so it helps how to manipulate dents. I actually went to school for PDR so that I can fix my own cars after getting dinged by not only doors but apples falling onto hoods and roofs while driving, golf ball hits, hail, etc etc. I am currently working on a Beetle hard shell and it required a lot of heat to manipulate the roof line since I cut out about 70mm off the length to make a comical version.. Quenching in water sounds good, @acprc!
  10. I use a thread locker stick where needed on metals only.. it's in a chapstick like container. Quite convenient as it does not run like regular thread lock. I've yet to see if it has any long term side effect where very very tiny amounts of excess got on the plastic. I love the smell off Tamiya's thread lock.. maybe TMI..
  11. Another nice video, @shenlonco! Good angle. That last jump was close (to the camera)! Speaking of Blitzer Beetle, I cut up a new body I recently bought to place on my GF01. Still have a ways to go..
  12. People are stupid here in the USA as well. I learned early on when I started my car hobby to always have a daily driver. It's not worth risking my pristine cars I like to drive on the weekends only to get damaged or vandalized while parked at work or during daily tasks. I've had my cars keyed, dented, glass broken, kicked (with foot prints remaining), bumped by another car, even backed into by a truck while parked causing all sorts of damage. I've even got nailed by a blob of yellow aircraft grease that fell from the sky near an airport. big bird crap..
  13. Huh, I thought I replied to this thread.. Just use a dab of kit grease especially on the bushings. Gears I just very lightly coat them because the instructions say so, I've raced cars with no grease on the gears with no issue.
  14. The safest grease to use are the ones that come in the kit. I was never good at chemistry, but what I do know is some liquids change the plastic's chemistry so I keep within my knowledge as I intend to keep my RC for decades, not a just a few years. When I run out, I just buy another tube of Tamiya grease. You really don't need to use a lot anyway, just enough to coat the surface is plenty. I use WD40 in my 1:1 garage.. to clean tools after use, and for RC, to clean bearings. I do not keep any in my RC shop.
  15. @Ramann I see.. I use fiber tape all the time on my M38 and 5844 Pajero which have no slots nor were designed to use tape. The battery stays in place no problem without making contact to the underside of the body. I'm going to be driving mine casually, no crazy high jumps or anything like that.
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