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    Original Wild Willy, M-chassis specifically with Tamiya Mini Cooper bodies, off-road legendary buggies from Tamiya and Kyosho.

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  1. Ooops..? Update.. Update.. made some progress
  2. Oh yeah, check this out too. haha!
  3. For me, been playing with my Mini-Z's today, even tried my old RWD..only to get glitches all over the place. It doesn't help that the router for the house sits only a few feet from my driving space. Decided I want a RWD Mini-Z EVO as well to run off my 7PXR so ordered the special red one that comes with oil dampers, ball diffs, front caster adjustment.. plus a couple of bodies. I already have a NIB receiver module so will use that. These things cost as much as the 1:10's... $200 for chassis, $50 for receiver, $55 for body with wheels/tires.. then you still need good 4 AAA nimh and a 7PXR. Hope to have them in my hands in a few days. Tomorrow I plan to work on the M06 Beetle.. I think.
  4. Haha! Been playing with my Mini-Z's lately. actually ordered another one today... the EVO red SP RWD version. These AWD with 8500KV motors go insane speeds..
  5. One of my vendors for musical instruments includes candy in the cartons and I told them to stop. I don't want sweet smelling boxes on my porch, in my house where it's not supposed to be, and in the recycle bin in my garage as it will attract ants. They started packaging them into small pouches so I guess that is better.. (?). I forgot to tell them not to include on my last order as it had been a while since prior purchase.
  6. It’s like a wish or pray plaque (called ema) you write your wish and hang at a shrine/temple. So mine is has “hope injected” and hung on my little computer table thingie in my pretend RC shop. So far everything I hoped for has been realized!! Hope yours work too.
  7. Thanks, I bought a spare body as it looks so good. So far no breaks so should last me a while.
  8. Installed the one way today. It works as it should, but in real life made really no difference in the driving response.. in fact maybe worse as it pushes under coming out of turn a bit more. lol. Instead of spending money on this mod, I recommend spending $0 and mod the preload on the servo saver and just drive stock.
  9. Yes, that’s the one!! I was a bit too late.
  10. I forget which one it was, but the sporty looking one. I missed getting one at the time.
  11. I hope so! I will only be running a kit included 1060 and silver can, so I hope the wiring portion isn’t too bad. I don’t care to go crazy fast on the Beetle, more a cruising car to show off its good looks.
  12. Luckily my wife bought me a classic Beetle on M06 recently so I will enjoy building that perhaps over the weekend.
  13. I like the MB01 idea.. like the M01/02 just better. But more than anything I would like them to do the Abarth 500 in m-chassis size.
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