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  1. From Tamiya, my M03 is my favorite and run 21.5. I run 17.5 on my Sabre Mini's. But depending on traction and how coarse the driving surface is, sometimes I just run silver can and use the Tamiya's taller sidewall tires.
  2. LED’s to go with the aux switch above for my Hakosuka GTR.
  3. Yeah, I am sure the Flyski works just fine! The only reason why I run Spektrum is because decades ago I was a JRPropo user during my racing days and Spektrum was a sister company in the USA for JR. Awesome for the guy with the M38! Willy rocks! Hope he joins Tamiya Club. So, in other news, I brush painted the broom and long handle pan. After my wife threads a string loop, I will post a picture or two in the gallery thread in Willy’s shop. I want to thank @Gebbly for the idea, and I hope I make him proud!
  4. @moffman Congrats on your new radio! Just FYI, the receivers that worked on your DX4S are compatible with the DX5PRO-2021. I have a DX4S (the pre-firmware update version that work with even older Spektrum receivers) and the receivers work fine off my DX5PRO. Okay for me, I painted the broom and long handle pan.. will give it a few hours and will brush paint the rest. My wife said she is going to thread a small loop at the top of the handle for me. I'm currently waiting for the LED set to arrive soon.. to wire up the Hakosuka GTR..
  5. @nicherotors Great to see your new creations! Very cool. I still haven't made the exterior side mirrors for my M38's.. I need to get back to that.
  6. Something like this..? I still need to shape it some more, and make a broom for it.. Update.. will give it some color tomorrow.
  7. Aux switch for LED’s.. Will install on my Hakosuka GTR.
  8. Yeah, me too, just want something fancy to decorate my pretend RC shop. I don't care to race any more. I will drive it from time to time though as I drive all my cars. I also plan to get a pan car too down the road (RWD and 4WD), for the sake of variety..
  9. I had some wait time between my meetings today so watched the "Akira Kogawa RC Story" Pt1 and Pt2 on YouTube (gaga hashi channel). I've not seen him for over 20 years.. time flies! I feel a bit ashamed at myself for not completely understanding all his achievements and dedication to RC while I use to hang out with him when I lived in LA. He's a real easy down to earth guy and you just forget you're talking to a legend. I hope to make an 'Akira corner' in my pretend RC shop when I expand it next year.. I already have the Blizzard, RS4, CupRacer, MicroRS4, TurboScorpion, OptimaMID, Fazer Mk2 (Hakosuka GTR).. and maybe add a EXT (EP Fantom) later on. I hope to meet Tamiya's Paisen next time I'm in Japan..
  10. Yeah, before you know it, you'll be making all sorts of custom parts for your car! So I got the 3ch receiver just now, started working on the electronics. While I would prefer to run Dean type connector on this car, I don’t see myself running any of my LiPo nor outdoors so decided to swap to my usual Tamiya connector.. and of course nothing goes to waste. Made an adapter while I was at it. Update.. now in business. Will take the car out for a quick test drive. I should be getting the aux on/off switch later today and the LED’s early next week. You guys can tell I don’t know anything about this chassis , but this came with a 3 ch receiver with VCC.. gyro input(?) not sure what that is but seems to be a pretty quality receiver.. Final update for today.. car drives real well. Even on my tiny makeshift track I have decent turn radius where I can drive this thing pretty much all out without feeling loss of any control. Very pleased. Man, this is exactly the kind of casual dress up touring car I wanted next to my more serious 420X for the sake of variety. Hakone GTR’s fantastic looks, good driving behavior.. bearings, oil dampers, etc etc and effortless to add my final flavors since RTR. Yabai kono kuruma!
  11. Thanks, the rubbing is fixed. @Nick-W Sounds like fun!! I suppose you can get some thin generic polycarbonate sheets from Amazon, drill holes to match your chassis screws, heat gun to contour to your chassis, paint the top side (inside) black and mount it on your car. I’d make a few so you can swap them out when needed. GL!!
  12. So for today, I am going to see if I can figure out this rubbing problem on my Hakosuka GTR.. more than half a turn ends up with tire contacting the fender . I thought maybe I can lessen the wheel offset, but the car is already running the thinner (thinnest?) brake rotor/hex hub so I will have to work with what I have... height adjustment did not improve. I also checked online if others were having the issue, but I think they’re just adjusting EPA (probably using dual rate if ready set transmitter).. But such a beautiful classic. Thank you Kogawa-san! Update, the rubbing is fixed. You can see the lines I eyeball drew noting the resulting endpoint angle changes in steps to ensure I’m going in the right direction cause I sometimes loose my bearing and start going the wrong way.. After fiddling around with the body posts heights I decided whoever drilled the body post holes was off by 1.5mm too far forward, resulting in the body to sit too far aft vs the chassis. And with my precision EWH technologies , I eyeball pushed the body posts forward bending it slightly and slightly eyeball elongating the rear body post holes to allow the body to sit about 1.5mm forward. I also adjusted the rear body height by using the half increment adjustment at the base.. The rear quarter panel arch sits fine in real life (picture is skewed) with the rear tires so I think this is a go. Awesome! Now waiting for my SR315 to arrive so that I can swap receivers. The ECU is a 1060 they used.
  13. Thanks for the idea! I think I am going to make a broom and pan for Willy’s shop. I have a nice one with a long handle in my 1:1 garage but completely forgot about it as I have a faux iRobot dusting the space routinely every week.
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