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    Original Wild Willy, M-chassis specifically with Tamiya Mini Cooper bodies, off-road legendary buggies from Tamiya and Kyosho.
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  1. Yeah, I just thought the dramatic segregation between subscriber and non-subscriber was pretty funny, that is all.. I mean I visit here every day pretty much and was completely unaware of such contest, basically the site telling non-subscribers like me we don't matter because we're outsiders. Pretty dumb if you asked me especially when there are other more prominent platforms out there.. Instagram for example where big players are at..
  2. That makes sense.. I was figuring maybe it was that.. somewhere in the menu I can adjust that if needed I suppose.. not there yet. But I got my JJ WC Ultima #2 and one of my MID's wired up.
  3. On the M17's top screen next to LiPo, there is a "7:3" displayed.. what is that and what does it mean? TIA.. It's not in the printed owner's manual either.. Doesn't help that Sanwa does not offer a download link to a pdf version of the manual .. (?)
  4. I see. I am not an elite subscriber (just a junk pretend RC enthusiast wannabe) so I guess that is why I did not see it. Thanks for the info! 👍 So this morning I binded 5 receivers on my M17 and overall it's a pretty seamless easy to use (sort of) system. Even a dumb older guy (me) could figure it out.. I got the count down timer setup as well. However, I used a TBLE02S to power the receiver and a junk servo to test, and I was trying to calibrate the TBLE02S's throttle neutral/full/brake to my M17 and messed up the ESC.. I must have gone into the wrong mode or something and it wont work any more. How the heck do you all remember all the blinkages and its meanings? geez man, I was ready to toss it in the trash. I have like 10+ of them too.. Anyway, pulled out my 1060 with auto ch2 calibration and walla. Everything checked out, so going to install the first 2 receivers on my JJ WC Ultima #2 and white MID later today. 👍
  5. Awesome @nockiboo!! Welcome back. Yeah, this year when my wife goes to Japan (she usually goes every year) I was going to ask her to pick up a bunch of receivers for my Sanwa radio, but noticed on the box it said 16000.. meaning JPY16000.. which only translates to $106 even at JPY150/USD... I was able to get them MUCH cheaper in the USA.. what the heck.
  6. Where is he located? Hopefully in the USA. Honestly I'm okay with Kyosho's tires they include in the rere's but nice to have other options.
  7. For me, going to decal my white MID body and try learning how to use the M17. I found an old MicroSD card so will first see whether I need to update the firmware, and then if not, try to figure out what I'm doing.. I learned that the M17 has 250 model memory and microSD backup just like my DX5Pro-2021. This is a very welcome surprise. As for the feel, it's on par with my 7PX-R, so that's good. Honestly I think the Futaba feels better, but that is just personal preference. They say the M17's suppose to be their light weight radio.. feels about the same as my Futaba with NiMH pack inside.. but that's good because when the radio is too light, it starts to feel cheap. Anyway, going to take a break in the afternoon and shoot some Kyosho Beetle footage for my reel on Friday. Same shot sequence as before.
  8. Were you using it mostly for brushless application? The modulation in brushed mode was subpar so for me, the 1060 was a welcome change.. but yeah, if one wants to try BL, then they would need to buy a whole new ESC. I can't remember which car I used the TBLE04S for brushless, but as with the TBLE02S, the programming part became a huge irritation quickly for an older dumb guy like me.. especially knowing how simple it is on my HW LCD programmer to program my HW BL ESC's. In other news, was there some photo competition going on here? I visit here pretty much every day and I had no idea, not that I would win anything anyway. I saw the winner on instagram mention he won the competition with is SandScorcher. 👍 Congrats!
  9. I bought parts to play dress up on my box art JJ WC Ultima #1. I will be doing an exact duplicate of the blue one I made and display it in my pretend_RC_shop + indoor driving. JJ WC Ultima #2 (blue one pictured) is my outdoor car.. just casual spirited driving in front of my house no racing or anything for me, but once I bring a car outside, it never comes back inside, so making a duplicate.
  10. For me, got home.. so tired.. but I did get a new company computer laptop today, so that was kind of cool. Still need to finish setting it up tomorrow.. Speaking of setup, I got my receivers (RX493i) for my M17 today, so going to try setting up my JJ WC Ultima #2 (blue one) with the M17 tomorrow.. followed by my outdoor MID.. and the others. I only have 5 receivers at the moment so will need to get a couple more down the road. My wife mentioned she's going to Japan again this year so perhaps I can ask her to grab me some while she's down there. I should be getting the M17 hard case and neck strap tomorow, so looking forward to that. Basically I'm going to be storing this radio in my mudroom away from the heat and cold of my garage so the case should come in handy.
  11. No problem! For me I usually leave them unpainted because majority of the cars that run trays are CF deck, but if there is a section visible from the side (with body on), then I paint just that section black. One other thing is I use velcro on the sides where the tray and body meet.
  12. For me, ordered all the pieces required to make another JJ WC Ultima in blue (the one I posted earlier, but for display and indoor driving). I think instead of adding more cars, I'm just going to dress up the one I have in box art and change it out from time to time knowing I will be able to revert it back to box art at any time. I just don't have enough display space at the moment to dedicate another spot.. especially when I'm pulling a MID off display to my outdoor car line up it wouldn't be fair to the other cars. I'm going to spray the box art MID body this morning before heading to the office for my money making gig.. I am so tired* I don't feel like being around people today.. Hope today goes by real quick. *I'm moving stuff around in my music room to accommodate the new Korg Nautilus AT and my gear is pretty heavy and bulky.. I haven't even had the chance to fire it up just yet.
  13. After installing one of those trays on my MID making screws holes and all, I quickly realized that (besides cutting all the necessary openings and accessibility for your car) you can just tape mount it. So, my suggestion is to first see if you can find good locations to use mounting tape. GL! If you use 3M VHB tape, you can spray motor spray (also CRC MAF cleaner) onto the tape and it will release the adhesive without making a mess.
  14. You will need patience, tolerance, an accepting heart.. and M06.
  15. @_Ben_ Nice on the Tomahawk! Did you decide not to use the black decal centers for the wheels? I just suck at placing them on (seems they are slightly too big for the wheels) so each time I just paint mine matte black. For me, received my Korg Nautilus AT today so unpacked it, waiting for my stand to arrive. Meanwhile, finished cutting and masking the outdoor MID body. I plan to paint tomorrow after visiting the office for my money making gig..
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