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  1. Besides M38 Willy's I also love Mini's! Chassis includes M01, M03, M05, M-Four, TopRacing Sabre's, CupRacer, BSR, etc..
  2. Very clean mod, Cynan! Got everything painted today including making the stand and chocks. Will assemble tomorrow.
  3. 4WD is usually easiest to drive on most surfaces. FWD has issues accelerating from a standstill, but once it gets going it can be a fast machine. I'm not sure if there are any FWD off roaders that were more capable than RWD.. RWD is fun to drive and with some skill drifting is also fun in those more so than 4WD on or off road..especially pan cars are fun on high traction. RWD can get stuck in slick surfaces if you're thinking off road.
  4. This morning I found a little me time so painted the interior and spare tire. Someone (sorry forgot who..) asked me how I was masking the body to paint the interior so here it is. Hope it helps.. First layer is Tamiya masking tape. Then random packing paper and 3M masking tape on top. Here's a bonus why the spare needs some putty. I hate that parting line.. Just standard Tamiya putty in a tube. #220 to #800 sanding block and sponge. No parting line. Paint is TS46.
  5. It's possible. But gears themselves did not wear any faster as I've had M-chassis with no grease on the gears (ball diff was greased) and no issue.
  6. I got the latest Willy chassis back together. The resistors are just for show to cover up the enlarged slot the previous owner made. I ended up running a 1060 as the TBLE02 I prepared would not set to brushed mode and kept flashing red/green (error). Also painted the drab body today. Tomorrow will do the spare tire and blacken the interior..and some brush paint. This is where I started. Rusted dirty bucket of of mess..
  7. +1 I think it's the drive axles / diff cup / joints too. This reminds me of my Frog days near 40 yrs ago.
  8. I've been driving my X-Rider Flamingo the last few days with my M38 Willy-themed Billy onboard and it is just a blast to drive the thing. Honestly for $150 (RTR) and maybe a day to paint the thing to your flavor (since the factory theme is real cheap looking and tacky), I'd get the Flamingo over the Dual Racer/Dancing Rider if you're not planning on buying both like me. The chassis imho is far superior.. not that I'm bashing Tamiya. I am a Tamiya fan.
  9. I hear some folks build their gear boxes dry.. I suppose it's okay considering open gear box do not use any grease either between the spur and pinion.., but on the Willy's the gear box uses brass bushings so those areas must be oiled for sure. I also like to use grease on the diffs as it's metal shafts and plastic bevels.
  10. Got more paint and cement fot my Willy rebuilds. Finally arrived from Japan..
  11. A bit behind Wez-li, but got this far today. Unfortunately the previous owner cut out the slots a little larger, etc for no reason on the lid so now it has to be a runner as it dropped in value. I will have to buy an unaltered lid. Atleast the body came unpainted. And unlike the previous one I did a few weeks ago, he gear box was not over greased. Willy is excited.
  12. I have the Tamiya pink TT02B Sand Scorcher (was it?) and DF02 AeroAvante both just bashers. They are both very capable buggies for screwing around, but the ground clearance is short so more a rally buggy than off road. The DF02 turns better but TT02B has stability. Whichever is a good choice, I think. I'm more into the comical cars so a GF01 with a WildWilly2 body would be more my style if modern AWD funny cars. I also have a Comical Avante I do not plan to build..a shelf decoration along with others NIB.
  13. My work became a tidal wave yesterday so could not get much RC stuff done. However this morning I finished the new Willy figure. I hope to have some time to inspect and disassemble the used LWB Willy later today that has been standing by..
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