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    Original Wild Willy, M-chassis specifically with Tamiya Mini Cooper bodies, off-road legendary buggies from Tamiya and Kyosho.
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  1. Excellent coloration on the skin, @Yoshimitsu For me, I aligned the cambers on all four corners and finished the custom body posts and trimmed the bumper to fit the Mini Cooper body on my XM1S. I have to say, even without the horizontal roll center adjustment the front tires clear the body no problem at my usual low riding height. The fitment is absolutely perfect.. well it is kind of expected as I have the ability to do minor adjustments while the cement dries when making custom body posts. I will keep the parts, however, just in case I end up getting another one + 1000 TCR body. I uploaded a few shots on instagram Stories if interested. You can see how badly the MB01 chewed up the inner fender arch on the closeup as I am repurposing the body originally intended for the MB01 on my XM1S. Even with the 4mm (thinner) 12mm hex hub, the front still rubs on occasion. I did not mention that in my Story because some of my comments appears to be a sensitive matter to some Japanese folks.. they're giving me too much credit man.. I'm just a no body from nowhereland. The body just needs minor touch up so no issue. Once the electronics arrive I will finish the car.. but the receiver has still not shipped so it might be a few days.. unless I steal the receiver off my MB01..
  2. That is very true. Especially on a limited edition.. But again, everyone is different and have different priorities, so it's all good. 👍
  3. Yeah, I mean it's really up to you, I drive my cars so there is potential my electronics could go haywire and crash..then body or decal could get damaged, etc something minor but annoying. I have been having some interferrence issues on my FHSS protocol at times, but only on receivers with wire antennas.. always good to have a back up for me.. Its like each time I only buy one kit, something unexpected happens to the car... including liking the chassis more than I originally expected, but no more available years from now.. some cars go unbuilt for years.
  4. Those are some awesome pictures you took there @Mad Ax!! I got bit worried where there were water everywhere. Like I wasn't too worried about the truck, but worried if you had your super deep water boots on ya. Haha.
  5. Thanks, I use the Ultra Fine Point Sharpie available almost everywhere... office supply stores, art stores, even pharmacies and big name super markets. The trick is to have motor spray so that you can wipe off any unintential lines or mistakes.. and the fine point swabs (Tamiya) is great to have as well. The swabs is really up to you, I usually buy the fine and super fine tips, but really depends which one I use based on the issues at hand.
  6. @TurboRSR Your Porsche looks good! The color combo with the wheels look excellent. Have you thought about drawing or taping the parting lines (ex door line)? That can add definition to your body. I know black is a popular choice for parting lines, but unless the line is a wide gap or pronounced, it's actually better to use a gunmetal or very dark gray vinyl. I just make my own using a ruler and sharp knife. The front bumper to facia line was made using 3M 2080, and the rest was with a water based permanent Sharpie. Sharpie is dark but not too dark (which is good) with only one pass, you can make it darker with additional passes until you get the right color. You can redo the lines as many times as you want if you have motor spray. What I do is draw the line, then take those precision q-tips by Tamiya and wipe off imperfections. Once you get the hang of things it goes very fast. GL with whatever you decide!
  7. For me, finished the XM1S for the most part less electronics as they are still on the way to me. I swapped stators on my 17.5 BL to 21,.5 as I do not need so much power in my tiny driving space. The can was seized so it took a while to separate the gut.. but was able to do it without scratches. I finished the front custom body mount and making the rear tonight.. I hope to finish so that I can paint it black before heading to the office for my money making gig tomorrow. Pictures in my Stories on Instagram if interested.
  8. I agree completely. Some cars are best performers in their basic forms as they are wallet friendly and big bang for the buck. I would say this about the MB01 as well.. they share similar parts with the TT02 and best kept as bare as possible.. well, for me at least.
  9. I think a decent car to get from Tamiya in 2023 for veteran RC folks is the XV02-Pro... you can setup as on-road or rally no issue..extremely versatile for bashing. But this is just me. If one is more a beginner or just a casual RC person, I am sure the TT02 variants are an excellent choice. My TT02B continues to be one of my favorite bashers in front of my house.
  10. Have you tried MySpace? just kidding. I'm new here, but just wanted to say 'hi' since it appears you also share the love for M03's.
  11. Everyone seems to be happy with the M08 so it sounds like a good choice. I have a feeling Tamiya Japan is ignoring me now as I pointed out about fitment issue on the MB01 on instagram. haha. Hey I'm not sponsored in any way... everything I have is paid out of my pocket so if I'm not happy people will hear about it. That said, my next m-chassis will probably be Xpress's shaft driven Arrow AM1 Competition, but it is 225mm wheelbase. I will not make the mistake of not buying two next time for sure.. I think I want to do another ND body.. those cars look so good. You should see Kogawa-san's daughter's car.. I think she tracks the car (seriously).
  12. It's.a great color, it looks great. I suppose it's cooler than a pearl white but warmer than silver. Is the M08's front track width adjustable? I found that the XM1S is not in stock form (XM1 Competition has vertical and horizontal roll center adjustment for both front and rear) but was able to find the last of the hopups needed to make the front adjustable on my XM1S. wheeww.. I had to buy from 2 different sources to make the set and they are basically all out of stock (discontinued) now..
  13. For me started the XM1S chassis and got most of the chassis done. I will be doing dampers tomorrow and hopefully the ESC and receiver will arrive early next week. While I wait for the electronics, I plan to make the body mounts as the Xpress mounts do not line up with the pre-drilled holes of the Mini Cooper body. The XM1S is a super watered down version of the XM1 Competition.. at like less than 1/3 of the price what do you expect. I realized while building the kit it did not include the critical feature (roll center adjustment found on the Competition) so I ordered the hopups. Maybe the Mini Cooper body will cleanly fit without it (I have 4mm hex hubs), but just in case. Pictures in my Stories on instagram. Please check it out if interested.
  14. Not much. Tuning and Eventuri intake. Everything else is basically stock. The car is quite under spec'ed from the factory aden's very eager to go fast.
  15. That sounds like the questions I frequently get on my Supra. 3.5sec and 11’s.
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