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  1. Swapped the ESC on the XR311 to 1060.. so much better than the TBLE04. Stole a switch from an old TBLE02S. And updated more pictures in the photos-only thread.
  2. @berman Sorry to hear about your loss, my condolences. And sorry to hear about your torn rotator cuff. ouch.. ! Hope you recover soon. My wife's been complaining of shoulder pain for almost a year now.. it was initially her left shoulder, now it's her right shoulder.. in her case just getting old like me. Enjoy your RC and GL with your 1:1 truck!! BTW, your CRX looks nice! I remember the days when those cars (1:1) were new. Such a blast to drive.
  3. Friday.. dang, today's already almost over, but this morning after my routine house chores early morning, I worked on finishing my XR311 before heading over to my hair stylist for my hair cut. When I got home enjoyed driving the XR311 a couple battery cycles. Drives great, excellent realism. This afternoon back to work, had several meetings, got a bunch of stuff done. During my break played some electric piano and now in my music room relaxing waiting for a few replies from my clients via email. After hours I plan to swap a few Deans connector 7.2v NiMH to Tamiya connectors so that I can run them in my XR311. My wife is treating me to an early BDay dinner (sushi take out.. the real stuff, not the extension of American California rolls some folks call 'sushi' aka 'gas station sushi' I call ). Saturday.. Besides my usual house chores in the early mornings, I'm going to be driving my various Willy's around and going to spend most of the afternoon in my music room. I still need to break down 2 more huge boxes (from my musical keyboard) in prep for recycling next week. Sunday.. Continuation of my maintenance caulking on my house, I'm going to spot caulk a few windows in our lounge and music room. That should complete all caulking for this year. Then spend the rest of the day relaxing in my music room, maybe paint a HotWheels Beetle or two if I feel like it.. Have a nice weekend, every one!
  4. Nice~! I think you’re going to like this car. I’m going to put a few boxes in the interior to close up that empty space
  5. I finished the car this morning and been driving it a few times. It’s everything I hoped for, very happy with how well it runs, nice turn radius too. The suspension is set just hard enough to prevent bounce and it just drives so realistically it’s kind of like a CC01 feel. Top speed is slow as I like it, comes with 2 lower gear sets, but I think the car drives fine at the lowest speed gear setting. The ESC can use a bit more modulation when going over larger bumps realistically. I will take more pictures later on in the evening for the picture-only thread.
  6. I got the electronics installed, took for a short test drive to set up, and it all works. TBLE04S is just as bad as TBLE02S for modulation. I also noticed the motor wires are reversed.. meaning yellow goes to green on the motor on this car. (Yes, I also tired reverse on the TX side). I may swap it out for a 1060 later. I’m going to try to finish it later today.
  7. Mr.SuperClear is acrylic based and appears to leave pores for outgassing which means I can spray over TS and enamel paints that have not fully cured without causing flaking/cracking issues later. (I only use the matte finish so can not speak for their clear gloss). As a test I sprayed over enamel that was only dry to the touch and it cured fine under Mr.SuperClear. I am not certain whether this can be said with the TS flat clear. I tried the same with Tamiya’s acrylic matte clear and got similar results. I finished the chassis today. Will install electronics tomorrow. Tamiya has come a long way. This car is weird in every good way.
  8. Sorry to hear. I hope my office extends WFH until the next fiscal year at least.. Hope you feel better soon. GL with the restoration!!
  9. How far “back” are you talking? I was thinking 40 years ago. 1990’s to me is not really vintage (?).. I know it’s all relative.
  10. This morning I sprayed Mr.SuperClear on Willy and the XR311 exterior body to flatten everything down. Hope to finish the rest of the body today and start the chassis build tomorrow.. and complete the car by Sunday. My thought is that work is going to start calling us back into the office 2 times a week (perhaps) next month and so I’m not going to have much flexibility before and after hours.. well, just preparing for the worst. Update.. Got most of the pieces cemented.. drying now and will install the mud flaps and assemble the wheels later today… now heading to a meeting..
  11. Tool box I use this. For small parts I use string spool organizers and plastic shoe boxes that are stackable. I don’t own any Tamiya branded boxes that I know of..
  12. I should look into that. I've not trusted eye surgery including Lasik as my older brother did that 30 years ago and he has very poor vision now.. to the point he can't drive any more. I trust that laser surgery has exponentially improved over the decades. Maybe in my case they can do an entire head replacement with a better brain and good looks.
  13. Depending on how curved it is, I’d just use vinyl or just an excess area of your decals. Some heat gun to assist in the contouring.
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