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  1. I will take it apart maybe this weekend and let you know. Any ideas if other engines would fit this tamiya? I have a trx15 from a traxxess but the output shaft is short. Unable to transfer the flywheel, clutch, and gear.
  2. Measuring using a fluke infrared thermometer. Red dot the center by glow plug. I know 200 to 210 is not hot at all. Its just the temp I see It gets to before it dies and won't start. As for cleaning I soaked it in rubbing alcohol then I heated it up to get the oil to be more gooey. Sad to hear it's the liner and piston. Car didn't even see 1 gallon of nitro through it.
  3. I decided to pull out of storage after 15+ years my tamiya tg10 mk1 with fs12 engine. It's the 1/8 scale 2000 Subaru wrc Engine was siezed from old nitro oil goop. I cleaned it up. Freed it. Cleaned carb. Got it to work just fine...everything works fine but after about 3min of driving once it gets hot it instantly shuts off and won't restart until it's cooled. Tried leaning and richen mix. Carb has 1 screw and 1 idle opening screw. I replaced lines and clamps. I replaced glow plugs and tried different heat types. The engine doesn't sputter down it just turns off as if I put my finger on carb opening. Temp gun shows 200f to 220f everytime it shuts off. Engine hasn't seen a full gallon since I buy it 15+ years ago and played recently. Any ideas? Thanks
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