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  1. The lady has now found the battery cover for the Robbe Jeep and also the transmitter. Since I have noticed that the front bumper looks to be damaged but maybe this could be repaired?! Is it still worth getting at 50 euros? Any help welcome )
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294114643472?hash=item447a994e10:g:WWsAAOSwBiFgchd~https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294114643472?hash=item447a994e10:g:WWsAAOSwBiFgchd~
  3. Wow maybe more!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184853130057?hash=item2b0a1aeb49:g:~M8AAOSwYY1gq4Fv
  4. Very rare! I've seen ones go for over 400 pounds and yours looks in great condition! A Beatties bag went for around 50 pounds the other week!
  5. Another two popped up in The Netherlands! Current offer is 100 euros, not sure whether they are going to accept it! The other one has been upgraded quite a bit and he wants 250 euros!
  6. One on the German ebay: https://www.ebay.de/itm/174783766302?hash=item28b1ec9f1e:g:BBkAAOSwIiFglD-p
  7. In regards to the front tyres, if they need replacing is there an alternative sponge tyre as from what I understand these tyres are like gold dust!
  8. Wasn't on here mate it was in The Netherlands.
  9. I got it! Hopefully arrives in the next few days! I feel like a child again, wanted one of these 30 years ago whilst looking through the Tamiya Buyers Guides!!
  10. One just sold here in The Netherlands! Theres been a few for sale in the past months!
  11. That is the idea if I can get the sellers to sell them! lol
  12. I cannot believe it a 2nd Lamborghini Countach CS has appeared! Ive made him an offer but I don't know what to do as theres now two! What do you guys think, the other needs new front tyres, indicators, exhaust, speed controller etc. This ones missing; front bumper, air vent, wipers etc but the chassis is more together minus a broken servo bracket. Maybe I should get both and make one good one?! lol
  13. Lots of Tamiya's!! He sent me a picture of two lambo chassis in perspex cases! I asked him about the glass fibre chassis, he said it was lighter and less flexible than the aluminium one.
  14. Also is it normal for the Lamborghini to have a plastic chassis fitted? Normally they have an aluminium chassis fitted as standard.
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