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  1. ROUND 1 MATCH 1 Rising Fighter vs DT03 Neo Fighter Let’s enjoy the opening time trial action on the Orchard Raceway 2023
  2. @Gebbly many thanks dude! Project H.A.M was a super custom build supported by an awesome forum member! The drive is incredible and it is one for me to tune and tinker over the future too! Thanks for checking it out 👍🏻
  3. For those that are interested here is the link to the Madcap restore project: My favourite project to date and the final model is sublime to drive.
  4. So in what feels like an age since posting last years updates I will try and do a better job this season. You can see last years finale in the video below: This year is a slightly different format with all the cars going into a pot and being drawn out FA Cup style! We have a few new runners this year including a DF03, Cougar Classic, Thunder Dragon, Madcap/Astute hybrid and Kyosho Ultima. It really is a RC fleet my 10 year old self would be proud of!! See the draw for round 1 below: Then for those that are interested here is the track layout for 2023. The jump has gone (too many wrecks and repairs) and the track is close to the original loop now with some more technical chicanes through the middle section. Lots of bumps and undulations to unseat the cars like back in the day! Hope you enjoy following along with the action this year and I will attempt to keep everything posted here as we go. Who is your money on for 2023? My heart says Cougar or Madcap but my head says the TT02B will be hard to beat!
  5. Modelsport just mailed me. Delayed until April 28th! Shame but in time for the summer 👍🏻
  6. @Muso31 do you have any diff cases left? I would love ti get some.
  7. They look amazing! Sounds like they run sweet too! I should probably get some for this rebuild now!!
  8. Amazing work dude! Having stripped down my Madcap restore and seen the mess underneath this is all well timed 😎
  9. Now that would make my day! Always gutted is missed out getting one of these.
  10. Amazing work! I am always blown away by how smart people are. I wouldn’t know where to start with this stuff and greatful that people are out there doing this for the hobby 🙌🏻
  11. Pre order is down and this video has whet my appetite for this RC. Never owned a RB5 so I am looking forward to see what this chassis it like. I am a complete nutter for 2WD buggies so this is right in my zone. Roll on March!
  12. Anybody found anywhere to preorder in the UK yet? I think it looks amazing and if the BBX is heading in this direction it is going to be a cool year for us RC fans!
  13. I think that BB-01 is going to be a buggy by the looks of the parts lists. Nice to see a different rally body coming too. Going to be interesting…
  14. I am all over this! Currently starting a Madcap rebuild project for the channel and will be super interested in anything that helps resolve the issues I am likely to find during the rebuild 😁 @Kol__ thanks for the tip dude!
  15. @Tomason let me know about the track you have.
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