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  1. They have arrived! Managed to get one fully chassis with some old electronics and a rolling chassis for spares. Body is in great condition and someone even went to the effort of keeping the windows clear. I could probably get it all working with all the parts I have knocking about but I really want to modernise these chassis. Here is the rolling chassis. I might start working on this one first as it has already been stripped down. I might need some additional screws. Considering a pack from eBay which has all the relevant sizes for this chassis. First job is a good clean. I am going to remove the wheels and see what is going on underneath.
  2. So it seems the 85mm is going to be too big for the rear and the 55mm might be too short for the front! 😂 Lesson learnt that it is better to measure, check and measure again! I do have a spare set of Raider shocks which could be used in the meantime until I can order some more. Anyone got any advice on oil shocks that will work on the chassis?
  3. Package two arrived today thanks to a great service from Neil at Time Tunnel Models. Simple Carson motor. I have used mostly Tamiya Torque and Sport tuned motors so far but decided to try something different on the Raider (to start with!!). After an evening of research on the net I settled on some Fastrax 55mm front shocks and some 85mm rears both oil filled and adjustable. They seem to be pre filled with oil and I’ll have to see how they are set up as we get going. Just awaiting the chassis now (out for delivery apparently!) and I can start stripping them down and rebuilding them back up!
  4. Hi everyone, I am a very proud owner of a original 1980s Raider which other than a new set of rear tyres this year is just a she was back in the day! After a recent blast round my garden track a few weeks back I have decided not to risk trashing the car as it has too many memories for me. Raider Highlights I have purchased a Raider from eBay with the intention of cleaning it up and bringing the Raider up to date for some back yard racing. I have built a few RC cars over the last few months after rediscovering the hobby during the pandemic and feel ready to take on a restoration/tune up project. I am going to document as much of the build as possible over the next few months seeking helpful advice as needed from this great forum but also to act as a reference for any other Raider restoration projects in the future. First parts came this week thanks to RC Bearings. Some rubber bearings to replace any metal bushings and some red body clips for a little bling. The purchased Raider is in red like my original above. I have no idea what condition the body shell will be in but hope it at least useable to start with. I am waiting on some oil filled shocks and a Carson brushed motor from Time Tunnel Models then I am going to replace the MSC, servo, radio gear etc with modern electronics. I run everything on a 7.2v Nimh pack to keep things simple. I am considering changing the wheels on this Raider for Scorpion wheels and tyres but I am unsure if they will fit on the chassis. Any advice before I order from Kyosho Spares? Thanks for reading and I welcome any support and guidance along the way. Cheers
  5. Weather has got in the way of further track progress this last two weeks. I ran the Kyosho Raider through my low tech timing system and it posted a 6.9s. Most of the laps were over 7.5s and the last two dipped to 6.9 as I was warming up! The new dip in the track means I will need to have a new set of times moving forward. I am picking up some land pipe to edge off the circuit which will be taking up most of my free time on dry days. For rainy days I have picked up another Kyosho Raider to rebuild with modern electronics saving my original 80s car as stock for nostalgia. I am going to try and document the project as I feel I know enough to be dangerous now! Below are the first parts to arrive from RC Bearings. Some rubber bearings and some red body clips. There will be a few more parts arriving this week along with the car.
  6. So after the M-05 hit quite a big stone causing it to jump onto two wheels the other day (see M-05 video towards the end) I decided to check for surface stones. Turns out there were loads and what looked like an old shed foundation under cherry tree corner which is likely going to cause ongoing maintenance issues! My daughter enjoyed sifting the soil extracting all the stones. After about an hour we had cleared a small section but had created quite a mess. The roller has been out and we have the forming of a new feature on the bend with another small ramp. Little one has asked if we can test it after lunch…. Most excellent idea! 🙌🏻
  7. Sounds perfect for me! This is how I started on the main lawn but after a few weeks in April you could already see the racing line starting to appear! I was told not to ruin the lawn so retreated into the safety of the allotment!! Draw backs are the local cat has started leaving me deposits in the jump landing zone and I got bitten by a spider last night! 😂
  8. Kyosho Raider I know it is not a Tamiya but it was my first RC and deserved some time on the track and a video! I have posted a lap time but it will be the slowest on the board I am sure.... who cares as it was a pure joy to drive and film. I love how the old MSC allows the transition from acceleration to reverse with no pause. Is there anyway to set up the Tamiya ESC or Hobbywing 1060 to respond like this? Thanks for watching.
  9. M-05ra run Just the action footage!! I had so much run making this video in the sunshine! The car is awesome and I am so happy from the upgrade to a rally spec. Skid plates do something to stop the dirt getting in and I wouldn’t dream of running one without CVA dampers. Car felt like it had more in her but I hit a huge stone (towards the end of the video) which pulled the tyre off the wheel and I think it needs gluing now. Handling was great considering it is only fwd. I have some adjustable turnbuckles for the car which might help shave some tenths off the lap time! Next out on the track will be my Kyosho Raider. While not Tamiya it is an original from the late 80s so should be fun for a casual run. Once that is done my DT-03 is getting stripped down ready for an official track time. It is my most hopped up car and should set the bench mark for the others to beat!
  10. Lunchbox Run Here we go! So many smiles while blasting this round the track. It loved the jump and could easily handle a bigger ramp in the future. It seemed faster than I expected but it only managed a 7.8s round the track and the average was a lot higher than that given my poor drifting and two wheel cornering (although tall part of the lunchie charm!) M-05ra up next!
  11. Out getting a bit of sunshine at lunch today and couldn’t resist a quick blast with my recently finished M-05ra round the track. Video to be edited later but I was practicing on some new angles for the action. Accidentally knocked my iPhone into Slow-mo capture and unlocked a world of opportunity for awesome action shots! I think the rally conversion project was a success!
  12. @Dakratfink I wish I had more space. Sounds like you have an understanding wife! Using the space I have even for a tiny track means I can run a car most nights when I have a spare 20 mins. It will now be a deal breaker when we move on that there is enough garden space for a track!
  13. @Wooders28 I am just south of Birmingham and would love to get out to some tracks at some point. I hope plenty of practice in the garden first will mean I won’t look like a complete novice! We had a track near us as kids at the local youth centre and we were there at the weekends. It is a car park these days! I have not thought about the Astro. It might make the maintenance a little easier in the future, but I get a kick out of all the mud and dirt flying out the back of the cars as I sling them round the corners. We were never allowed to race them on the lawn as kids as the cars just cut it to pieces. I am reliving those memories now in the comfort of my back garden with my own lawn to destroy!!
  14. This thread was recommended to me as I started my own mini track this weekend. Great inspiration and some really great driving! Having something in the back yard will give a space for me and my daughter to enjoy our rc cars together. If it looks half as good as yours in 2 years I will be over the moon! Cheers!
  15. @Re-Bugged man that is an awesome thread! Thanks for posting up. If I am still modding my track like that in 2 years time I will be over the moon. @78Triumph your track is a joy and thanks for your awesome posts. I am already on the quest for more space and see my track as a buggy/rally hybrid. I have plans to do something similar with the boarders of the track as time goes on. I had not considered the rain aspect (living in the UK it should have been my first thought!) Cheers chaps!
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