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  1. Final build part! I made it to the end and there is some footage of both this build and my 1980 original. Just want to get a proper running video now but it has been great fun building this Kyosho. Thanks for all the advice and support!
  2. Here we have part 4. Finished building up the rear of the car. Gearbox is finished and I have mounted the servo. Just need to get the wheels finished then we can run it round the track!
  3. Catching up on things last night. Here is part 3 of the Raider Project. I have build everything up to mounting the motor. Next video will complete the Chassis then hopefully I can get some footage of it running before the bad weather gets here!
  4. Getting these onto the Raider chassis has been a right pain! They are finally set correctly although I am not sure on the front hex nut as I think it is slightly too big and comes loose too easily. Final tidy up of the cables this weekend and a quick mow of the track and we should be able to show the finished car! I have really enjoyed this build and have already started wondering if the next one should be brushless…. 😁
  5. Hi everyone! Raider build has been progressing and I am hoping to post some updates this weekend. I have hit a huge stumbling block and waiting on some parts. However, I am looking for some advice for Raider build number 2!! I need a pinion but cannot navigate through the various options out there. https://www.rcbearings.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=198 I need to order a few more bearings (long story) but would any of these at RC Bearing be suitable for the Raider? Cheers community
  6. Used some of the spare tubing this evening to protect the bug house and keep any cars out of the bottom flower bed near the grape vine. Next project for the track is clean up and some more dirt between the cherry tree and the kicker. I want to try and get as many stones out of the track and then whack the dirt down to compress as much as possible. During rainy days I need to finish the tyre chicane although I am not sure where that is going now!
  7. @Busdriver I am lucky we only have one dog and she is banned from the track area. First time up she started digging 😂! The track is extremely tricky to drive fast. The pipe has helped with the confidence as there is less risk of hitting the trees now. I am also trying to protect the big house further up the track as there are bricks in there which will be rather unforgiving to novice drivers! Thanks for the positive encouragement and I have plenty of ideas for next season! First job is to finish my chicane.
  8. Had some friends round at the weekend and we got out on the track. My buddy has a 12yo lad who preferred the stick controller (like the PlayStation 😂) and we spent a good half an hour racing. I ended up in a lunchbox hunting them down best I could but it was a great afternoon and exactly what I built the track for!
  9. Video is finished! Very short but just good Sunday fun! Cheers
  10. Been a busy weekend but I found some time to finish painting these tyres and I managed to get some time up on the track fitting the land pipe. I am pleased with how it has turned out. I need to finish some of the edges and I am going to fill the centre with wild flowers for next season. Practice laps when well with the DT-03. I’ll post a video once finished editing!
  11. I have a cunning plan…. If it works!! Hopefully easier on the dirt track.
  12. Homebrew spray booth is out today! Found a primer can in the workshop so that is going on first. Hopefully it helps the next coat stick!
  13. Made these this evening. Going to build some moveable tyre wall chicanes out of them. I need to find a way of tying the together and I want to paint the stacks red and white. I have some white paint left over from previous builds but I need to get some red over the weekend. If this works I’ll be needed many more knackered tyres for the outside of the turns!
  14. @silvertripleI hear you with the garden maintenance dude! That comes first before track!
  15. @silvertriple I would love to have that sort of space but don’t envy the maintenance on a track that size! My track had to work in the small space available but also needed to be easy enough to turn back to garden should the time come to sell up and move on. I am considering a project to extend the track as I have about 2x3m of waste in front of my shed. I am considering some moveable jumps which can be put out ready for racing. Check out this YouTube channel for more ideas as Vintage Backyard R/C has been my inspiration so far!
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